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Lindsay to Plead No Contest to Theft

4/30/2011 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan will plead no contest to the misdemeanor theft charge she faces over that pesky necklace ... sources connected with the case tell TMZ.

We're told Lindsay is committed to what she told Jay Leno this week -- that she wants to accept responsibility and move on with her life.

So Lindsay and her lawyer, Shawn Holley, will go back to Judge Stephanie Sautner as early as next week to enter the plea. 

Lindsay has already been sentenced to 120 days in jail for the probation violation, along with 480 hours of community service. Sources tell us Lindsay and her lawyer are banking on Judge Sautner not adding additional time on the theft charge. In other words, when Lindsay serves her 120-day sentence, that would be the end of it.  And sources familiar with the case say that would be a routine disposition.

L.A. County Sheriff's spokesperson Steve Whitmore tells TMZ his rough calculation is that Lindsay would serve three weeks, although there are variables to that.

We're also told the L.A. County District Attorney is inclined to give the case to the L.A. City Attorney, since the D.A. typically prosecutes felonies and the case is now a misdemeanor.  But now that Lindsay will plead no contest, it doesn't make a lot of sense for the D.A. to kick the case to the City Attorney.

Holley could not be reached for comment.


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The Enablers are the True Haters. If they truly loved Lindsay, they would not want her to sell her soul to dishonesty and thievery. They would want her to be the best person she can be. Instead they enable her dishonesty and thievery. This is not how a true friend is all about, but is what a moocher is - someone who literally sucks the life out of someone else. Don't enable her, love her enough to tell her what she's doing is wrong and save her life in the process.

I don't hate Lindsay at all, but I do hate the acts she does, and what she is becoming while her so called "friends" encourage the acts. I guess Lindsay doesn't believe in karma at all.

1241 days ago


Pepe, Foghorn, et al...

Whomever you are, I enjoy your posts immensly! They are so clever! Love your sense of humor!!! Please keep it up, because we can all use a good laugh...

1241 days ago

Pepe Le Pew    

ilovegossip, I pierce you with the ack-ack of love, flowerpot.

1241 days ago

the Seeker    

Awww how sweet the smell of *victory*
da cute widdle haters are mad dares nobwuddie two hate on........

@Klepto your crinkled fingers must be killin you bro, you have been buggin out all over tmz fighting with everybody bat**** crazy,u mad you can't HATE on lindsay lohan and her family today??

FYI "i love the smell of napalm in the morning" , it reminds me of something...

1241 days ago


Well said Casey, very well said.

Seeker what in the sweet name of Finn are you on about now? I swear, reading hieroglyphics is easier than reading your comments.

1241 days ago

Foghorn Leghorn    

Lookey here, the Seeker's posts are so illegible he must think a pig pen is somethin to write with!

1241 days ago


ketjo on p. 40: "Harvey get a clue man Obama didn't do a dam thing to bring Ben Liden down...The US military and the Navy Seals did. He was safe behind his steel plated doors why our boys were out there doing the job...."

Um, when has the Prez at any time in the history of the Republic been the one to carry out military actions himself? The civilian Commander in Chief by definition is always safely behind closed doors... Maybe if it were otherwise, and the Prez and all the politicans voting for war were forced onto the front lines, we wouldn't get involved in one war after another and would have plenty of money left for other things (instead of spending at least half our federal tax money on war, war, more war, and preparations for even more war).

I would like to say that maybe now Americans will realize bin Laden was rather inconsequential and just a political distraction from our real problems (who are we supposed to hate now? so many choices, so hard to decide), and that people around the world dislike us not for what he said about us but rather for what we do (such as killing more innocent people in Afghanistan within the first two months after 9/11 than were killed by all the hijackers combined and continuing to up the unarmed body counts in Afghanistan, Iraq, and elsewhere ever since for nearly ten years). But I think Lindsay Lohan has a much better chance of totally reforming and devoting her life to charity...

1241 days ago

the Seeker    

YO Adrienne,

me and Rambo and took care of business today hello from the flight deck.....where is iceman and maverick?

1241 days ago


Haters are a lot like bogeys, they've all been accounted for and shot down. Unfortunately, many perished when they realized they were "anchors" even though they had on life jackets. RIP Losers.

1241 days ago


"Um, when has the Prez at any time in the history of the Republic been the one to carry out military actions himself?"
I'm sorry did you find it surprising that we did not hand a gun to our president and say "off you go"? Would you rather the american people sit back and do nothing when people are being slaughtered all over our world. Whats the bleeding hearts perspective. Save a tree but let a Libyan die? I too am a liberal but those rosey glasses paint a fantastical painting. Sit back and do nothing, the world complains. Do something the world complains. We vote in our officials and they make policy which our military men and women carry out to the best of their ability with the equipment given. Bin Laden inconsequential, your joking right.The consequences of his death run the gambit from disabling alqaeda to more attacks on our home land. A bit consequential if you ask me and the special force expats that i deal with daily. But the most disturbing thing that you said, and i discussed this with the special forces guys as well was your statement about lindsay.It really hurt their feelings because they feel "The Linds", (there name for here,quite touching really) can reform. Have to go now as they are getting emotional. Peace out from this side of the globe!

1240 days ago


chefadam on p. 41: "Would you rather the american people sit back and do nothing when people are being slaughtered all over our world."

The problem is that we are doing too many somethings that increase the slaughter. In addition to the literally millions of innocent people killed directly and indirectly by our government's actions over my lifetime (euphemistically called "collateral damage" from our bombs or just killed by proxy by foreigners we pay), our government has supported dictators all over the world. Our tax money has supported the worst of the worst. Saddaam Hussein? Our boy for a long time. Osama bin Laden? Our boy also for a long time, on our payroll along with many of his colleagues. We hardly know how to solve our own problems, but think we can meddle in everyone else's affairs, deciding for them who will win and who will lose based not on reducing the slaughter - but on maintaining whatever situation is most profitable for a few companies. Saddaam was fine with our government, no matter what he did, until he gave oil contracts to others and talked about converting from petrodollars to petroeuros. Follow the money to understand the real motivation for war. No matter what the motivation of the individual soldiers - at the top, I can guarantee that it never has to do with reducing the slaughter or bringing "freedom" or "democracy". And the soldiers paid to carry out the orders at risk of life and limb (and increasingly brain) and their families are forgotten immediately by our government once they are no longer useful, like disposable kleenex, I can guarantee that also. We've been through all of this many times before.

There is a very simple way to decide the morality of an action. Just ask yourself if you would accept it as right and good if it were happening to you. Who among us would accept bombing of our neighborhoods and the death of our families as proper, just because a criminal might possibly at some time have lived in our midst? Or would we say that other ways must be found?

If you want to help other people in this world - take in the refugees, feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, refuse to give your hard-earn cash and weapons to the aggressors and the dictators. When you drop bombs, you are inevitably killing the innocent. When you destroy clean water supplies, you are condemning babies to a miserable death from water-borne disease in what is truly biological warfare. You cannot sit back and not take responsibility for such actions, claiming that someone one else "made you do it". Hmm, somehow we are coming back to Lindsay's basic problem ....

1240 days ago


eu te amo lindsay ♥

1240 days ago


I hope She be ok, Aww I love Lyndsay.

1240 days ago



"Too many somethings but not enough nothings". Yodlelodllehee hoo! Yet i digress. The somethings to which you tell must be Afghanistan and Iraq I and or the sequel. When UN weapons inspectors were yet again denied inspections and our intel tells us he's close to a nuke. We must take action! It is the Presidents mandate no matter what. Kind of his thing. But our buddies in the CIA screwed the pooch and we went with crap info and yes went into Iraq .Oh yeah then there is that little Kuwait situation. Had to help those fellows out even though they are certainly no democracy but the lessor of 2 evils. But back to Saddam, he has himself ordered the death of upwards a million people including his own people and did not hesitate to whip out the nerve gas! Over a million people in the Iran Iraq war alone. Kind of a monster dont you think? Suppose we just used our Diplomatic Corp. How do you reason with someone whos thoughts on genocide are do***ented through his prior actions. Some one who raped and pillaged a whole country and left it in smoke. Well good ol USA took the lead and took him down,...... finally. Then there is Afghanistan, the hider of all things Osama. We asked and they said no, so we came hunting for the man who master minded the killing of thousands of American innocents. I think we were trying to send a message as well,"Justice without borders"!(I made that up, but sounds kind of catchy)Remember Al Qaeda did not attack our military men and women he attacked unarmed civilians and for a country to harbor this mass terrorist, again we did use diplomacy and see where it got us, Pakistan who receives hundreds of millions of dollars in aide had him stashed in a crib 35 miles from the capitol next to their rendition of West Point Academy. Holy Crap! They continue to refuse responsibility, just Like "The Linds". Therefore there should be sanctions. Yes, sanctions because that will teach em. Kind of like a short incarceration then slowly relax it like a probation. But who will that really hurt? The militant men in the country? Absolutely not. They are the first to take the clean water that you spoke of,then their animals, then the women and children. Sanctions only ever hurt the poor and the defenseless but i'm sure the politicians and the diplomats never mention these tidbits of the real world. You must also understand that the global political landscape is not static. It is ever changing, so yes inevitably we will back one and his political ideals may change over time or again he may be the lessor of two evils. Policies must change accordingly.

("There is a very simple way to decide the morality of an action. Just ask yourself if you would accept it as right and good if it were happening to you")
Yes you are correct 100% you are finally starting to understand. I absolutely would not want a fully loaded 747 jumbo jet airplane hurtled into my person.I have seen the carnage that was shown all over the world of the people jumping out of the buildings. No sir, not me! Wouldn't want to be on that Lockerbie plane as well. Or hundreds of other terrorist attacks for that matter, no way wouldn't want to be a part in those either. BUT OUR VICTIMS DID NOT HAVE A CHOICE!
You also seem to think that the American armed forces target civilians. You are incorrect! When these things do happen people are imprisoned and careers lost. You bet your bottom dollar.We spend billions for technologies so as to not harm the innocents. Smart bombs, lasers and many other things are used to insure that the civilian casualty rate is the lowest possible . That is why there are risk assessments for each and every mission to minimize civilian losses. As for the American tax money supporting the worst of the worst,I addressed the ever changing political landscape previously but wanted to point out that America gives more money in humanitarian aid than all other countries combined.We have a history of helping. Where as "The Linds" has a history of probation violations and "misunderstandings" and the judge just gave her 120 days. Lets see there. I think we were supposed to be out of Iraq in the same time period. Now its been ten years correct? As you can see the global issues are huge, but as long as she can finish her probation all on this side of the world will be joyous and peace shall rule the kingdom that i reside in.

1239 days ago
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