TMZ Live: LiLo's Leno Chat - Sincere or Good Acting?

4/27/2011 11:30 AM PDT

TMZ Live: LiLo's Leno Chat - Sincere or Good Acting?

Was Lindsay Lohan just stretching her acting chops during that contrite talk with Leno ... And, why President Obama may have played right into The Donald's filthy rich hands ...

17 answers to your questions on today's TMZ Live!!

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(0:00) We're back outside! And we start off talking about President Obama finally unveiling his birth certificate ... and how the conspiracy theories about it are ridiculous.
(1:30) Obama's BC ... why now?
(2:32) Was Lindsay Lohan full of it on "The Tonight Show"?
(4:41) Is Donald Trump awesome ... or just an ass?
(7:40) If you're gonna quit meat ... don't go cold turkey.
(9:45) Harvey says he gets made fun of by "everyone" ... then Charles plays the victim.
(12:30) Twitter time ... if Trump runs for president, will "The Apprentice" go off the air? Who would Harvey let pull the plug?
(14:40) Emmet has all the latest on the Atlanta Braves coach who allegedly hurled gay slurs at baseball fans.
(16:30) Emmet and Gary re-enact Gloria Allred's re-enactment of simulated sex ... using a baseball bat. Yes, you read that right.
(18:55) Does Charles hate British people?
(21:30) The TMZ Hollywood Bus Tour ... the greater-est show on wheels.
(22:20) It's "too hot" for Harvey outside ... so he wraps it up.