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President Obama Insinuates Trump is a Moonie!

5/1/2011 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

President Barack Obama took the "birther" issue head on, and in hilarious fashion, at last night's White House Correspondents' Dinner ... and he took a few shots at Donald Trump in the process.


Obama came out to wrestler Hulk Hogan's patriotic anthem "Real American" while his birth certificate flashed on the screen. He then released to the public his actual birth video, which turned out to be ... well, we don't want to ruin it for you, but it was pretty damn funny.

As for Trump, he joked that Trump's firing decisions on "Celebrity Apprentice" would keep him up at night and now that the birth certificate debate was over, Trump could focus on more important things ... like "did we fake the moon landing?"

Host Seth Meyers absolutely killed it -- riffing on cable news, birth certificates, and of course, Donald Trump.


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1270 days ago


All he had to do was show that dang birth certificate when first asked, any other president would have done so without hesitation. We had every right as Americans to ask. I guess if you talk about this president, you too can be talked about by the big bad grown up. Most president would have been above 'smacking back', except maybe Nixon. Obama's politics are becoming such a disappointment.

1270 days ago


Obama is *so* cute. I love him.

To quote Garth, "If he were president, he'd be Baberaham Lincoln"

1270 days ago


Obama and Seth Meyers were hysterical. The Donald told a reporter before the event that the President wouldn't mention him - wrong again, dude.

1270 days ago


Obama was hilarious last night, we were cracking up. Trump looked like such a complete tool, just sitting there at the table staring ahead barely smiling with that beaver tail on his head.
And to think, a few months ago you guys were talking about what a great President he'd make lmao. Still think that Max and Harvey?

1270 days ago


Trump is a REAL dumbass! I liked him up until the other day, now I question I his judgement!

1270 days ago


When did TMZ become a political gossip site? This is BS.

1270 days ago


Sad day in America, when the people dog our own President, and praise someone like Donald effin' Trump! I HATE Right-Winged dingbats

1270 days ago


@DK Obama already gave his birth certificate during his campaign. The long form shows no more information then the short form except now we know the name of the doctor who assisted at Barack Obama's birth.

1270 days ago


Would we have even asked for a birth certificate from any other president?

And as already stated by Obama, Presidents usually don't show do***entation such as that to the public. He had already been confirmed by at least 2 government officials in Hawaii that he was born in the US. :-/ It's only because Donald Trump pressed the issue that Obama released the birth certificate.

1270 days ago


I'm glad our president has a sense of humor. I'm also glad he doesn't take people's ****. Trump is ridiculous. There are way more important things to worry about, like i don't know...maybe starving children, maybe the growing homeless population?

1270 days ago


The bashing Trump received last night was well deserved, not for the birth certificate issue but for his arrogance following it. He needed to be knocked off his royal pedestal. But I feel that Obama needs to back off of this issue also, he created this mess years ago. TMZ please do not go political, we need at least one show to watch without that nonsense.

1270 days ago


Sad to see our President stoop to that level. The President of the United States, should lead our country not try and entertain it. We have three wars, Unemployment at almost 10%, gas prices at $4 per gallon, and our yearly deficit nearly 1.5 trillion. Stick to the important issues Mr. President.

Thank you and Please lead our Country
that is what you were elected to do!

1270 days ago


And OMG.. this video is hilarious!!! HAHAHAH Trump got Trumped!!!!

1270 days ago


If Obama wasn't worried about Trump he would not have attacked him that way. Why the personal vicious attacks? Why not get him on policy. Obama is the reason the birth certificaite went on so long. Have you seen any real issues and better stuff he has focused on since the release of the BC? No. He is enjoying this and he is one arrogant S O B. As of now Trump is not a candidate-is it proper to attack a citizen of America for speaking their mind. I hope Trump does not run but keeps getting the truth out there about the real issues. Leave the birther stuff alone and hit him hard on the real issues which he hasn't done anything on.

1270 days ago
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