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Murray's MJ Manslaughter Trial Pushed to September

5/2/2011 9:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray can chill til September -- his trial for Michael Jackson's death just got pushed back.


Judge Michael Pastor
announced the postponement this morning in the manslaughter trial -- opening statements were set to begin next week.

Murray's attorneys asked for the delay so they could prepare for new witnesses the prosecution plans to call.


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Barb.A. 3 minutes ago janalal4,

Very well written and I have to say I agree.

Thank you & Hi Barb:) I didn't proofread & my grammar is always just awful when I don't do that but I guess the grammar isn't all that important. The message is there & I guess that's all that mattered. Just in one of those 'reflective' moods & 'free-flowing' with the thoughts-lol. How are you doing? Haven't seen/'heard' you lately:) However, not because YOU haven't been here but rather I haven't so much lately. I log on & scan thru almost every day but I just get tired of the 'poo-poo faces'. Same old 'tired' stuff they continue laying down on these threads; just waiting to leap out from their hole in the sand & attack like some evil little scorpion-hehe:)I'm saving my 'energy' for the trial but looks like I'll be 'saving up' for a while longer-lol. This article rather surprised me. That's quite a 'delay', right? Must be SOME WITNESSES they're preparing for, huh? Sounds pretty ominous doesn't it. Wonder whoooooooo it could be?

I really do, like I said, thin k the delay will only benefit MJ's case. Just too much else obviously happening. Incidentally, I'm still in shock that OBL has really been killed & I really meant what I said about MJ's 'story' outlasting these recent developments even as important as these current events are & I'm not trying to minimize them in any way because this really is absolutely the biggest thing to happen in America, well since 9/11 itself I guess you could say. It's just 'a different kind of big story' but it DID sort of blow me away when I thought about how as huge an event as it is, MJ in the long haul, will eventually eclipse it; probably BECAUSE OF this delay but perhaps not. Here we are almost 2 full years later( & it's not just a 'few' folks still coming here, googling MJ info, FB'ing & Twittering about him,etc.); I mean clearly many are STILL very much interested in all things MJ & not just a handful of us 'nutters' either:) I was on youtube & sort of taking note of the dates & times of the comments on his videos & MANY are still logging comments on an ongoing & daily basis, google his name under 'Google news' & there's still hundreds of daily news stories, many totally unrelated to just the trial either. Point is, the interest is very much STILL THERE; made me feel all warm & fuzzy inside to see that. The haters really WILL eventually tire & move on. Many of them I see blogging under the OBL articles I noticed. Then again, any source of NEGATIVITY OR NASTINESS & they of course are the 1st ones there! No surprise, right? :) Yeah, I think that definitely he'll be warmly & lovingly remembered because I really think there's just something about 'MJ fans', think we're definitely a LOYAL group. Fiercely loyal! We certainly do just keep showing up here don't we; when I'm sure that most of us have other things we could & should be doing but we all think its just that important & worth the effort. I think MJ would feel so touched that he truly is VERY MUCH ALIVE thru all of us & our efforts to make sure he gets his justice & could never be forgotten. A very good man, lving father, brother, son who's more than earned the place he has in the hearts of so many people all over the world.

I had noticed, under the comments section of a snippet of the new MJ video, there were so many negative comments stating that they'd "rather see no MJ videos at all than any more made by Sony" They made it clear they believed these videos, as well as any 'new MJ music' produced by sony to be nothing but driven by 'greed' & "nothing more than a means of making Sony richer". That they'd rather see "no more new MJ videos", nor "hear anymore new music". As controversial as the whole Sony issue is, which I can certainly see both sides of that argument of course; IMO that we have only 2 choices here really. Sony owns the rights to the music & from what I understand, there really is no getting around that fact.We're basically STUCK WITH SONY, right? I mean if ANYTHING GETS RECORDED, unfortunately it will Sony doing the producing, recording, & distributing under their label, right? Therefore, we as fans either 1)accept the fact that if we as fans choose to have anything MORE, ever, from MJ in the form of 'new music' or videos then we must accept the fact that Sony's name will be attached to it whether we like it or not-BUT IF WE ACCEPT THIS AS IS, WE GET NEW MJ MUSIC & GET TO HEAR H9IS MUSIC ON A VIDEO WITH EITHER LOVINGLY DONE CELEBRITY/FAN DANCE TRIBUTES....OR....2)We choose to END MJ's legacy for ourselves with TII, or if we feel that strongly or committed to keeping MJ's legacy pure or 'strictly MJ' the we choose not to purchase or to 'view' anything recorded after his death.This of course also means that it ALL ENDS, that MJ 'is nor more' for all intents & purposes. We choose to celebrate only the music that HE himself was actively involved in recording & producing with the artistry that only MJ himself could bring to a project.

See, we're NOT 'powerless' over Sony. The fans essentially CAN make or break them. For me, the idea that 'it's over' frankly is more than this girl really can bear-lol. I DO want to hear more of what MJ had tucked away in those vaults. IMO he saved that music for a reason. Can it truly 'benefit' his children if it sits in a vault, other than the fact the kids can pull it out & listen to it privately; a part of their father that they can keep private & just between he & themselves? I certainly think the kids should have had some say in that decision. Somehow, I'd bet they did NOT which is rather sad. That music belonged to THEM & they alone to do with what they chose to. Perhaps it would have been easier had MJ designated specifically what he wanted done. Whatever, point is: I WANT more MJ & would feel incredibly sad if I thought he left behind music that would simply lay in some cold, dark steel vault, unable to see the sunlight, to be appreciated by anyone, to be 'shared with the world'. IMO, MJ's music was a living, breathing thing; not simply words on paper with random notes bouncing around in his head or unheard on some tape; music sitting in the dark waiting 'to live'!His music was meant to be 'heard & to be interpreted'. Whether it was MJ dancing to the beat, bringing a 'story' & 'a life' to the lyrics. I would prefer to see MJ's interpretation, however they ARE HIS WORDS, HIS RHYTHMS & I'd bet my life he'd want them to be shared with those he loved & I don't doubt for a single minute that when MJ said..."LOVE YOU MORE...." Although he said it to a sea of nameless faces, people he would never meet or lay eyes on again, I've NO DOUBT HE TRULY DID LOVE US BECAUSE WE GAVE HIS MUSIC 'LIFE'. MJ dearly LOVED watching dance tributes to himself. All you need do is watch his reaction at many, MANY events where he would sit in the audience watching some random child giving a performance, or one of the many impersonator performances? HE LOVED THEM! I think he loved them because, although nobody could ever 'spot-on' impersonate HIM(and he knew it & LOVED THAT! lol), he really seemed like, whether good or bad performance, that person was paying homage to his artistry. He valued 'creativity' for creativity's SAKE, not as a means to an end; & although MJ enjoyed 'having money', that certainly WAS NOT THE REASON HE PERFORMED. HE DANCED BECAUSE HE COULDN'T 'NOT' DANCE:) He truly loved what he did & he loved to watch others do it as well. I think wherever he is at now, he's certainly no longer the 'tortured artist', a 'prisoner of perfection'. I believe that finally in the place he is in today, he can finally enjoy & be at peace with his 'talent', no longer a prisoner to financial concerns? He is FREE. Free to see the beauty in every note he sings & every step he takes when he dances. I believe he would simply LOVE THE FACT THAT HE 'LIVES ON' IN THE DANCING OF OTHERS & CAN ENJOY THE FACT THAT, WHETHER YOU MAY BELIEVE SONY HAS 'GOOD INTENTIONS' OR NOT, THAT SONY TRULY IS TRYING TO PRODUCE SOMETHING THEY BELIEVE TO BE 'WORTHY' OF THE MAN WHO WAS THE MASTER.

So I say 'bring it on':) I want to hear everything he had in that vault & I want my children & my grandchildren to hear it as well & I want them to KNOW who Michael Jackson was because we will NEVER HAVE ANY ARTIST WHO COULD POSSIBLY CREATE THE 'MAGIC' THAT HE DID. I am so sad for my children & my future grandchildren because unless something on the music horizon changes, they are being horribly CHEATED. That they will never be able to say to their own children that THEY had a 'Michael Jackson' of their own; an artist who took such pains in making sure that what he gave his fans was nothing less than the very best. You just can't FAKE that kind of commitment & I've seen absolutely NOTHING in my daughters generation; no artist that has the slightest idea of how to even come close to that. My daughter is 17 & she knows it as well. All I had to do is look at her face as she watched TII in the theater with me in October of '09. Since she walked out of that theater, she now knows MJ's music & his videos better than I do & I would never have thought that was possible. Not only that but she can sit down with my 83 yr old mom & 'talk Michael Jackson'. An artist who touched & who was able to cross EVERY LINE & BOUNDARY THERE HAS EVER BEEN-cultural, generational, racial. I believe he would be completely honored & overwhelmed with just how much people still want him to be a part of their lives. This poor man had nearly come to believe that perhaps nobody wanted what he lived to share with the world. The gift of his music & his dancing. To think he nearly allowed a bunch of aholes to convince him that he was undesirable & 'irrelevant'.There couldn't be anything further from the truth.

I know there are many who believe that MJ was 'too much of a perfectionist' to ever allow his music to be produced & recorded without his artistic & creative input but I really believe he is far beyond those sorts of concerns. I really believe he would feel the exact opposite. I think for him now the pressure's 'off' & he can sit back, take it all in, & be simply 'honored'-lol. I just hope wherever he is, he is able to fully understand & to appreciate how very much he was able to accomplish, to contribute, & just how much he literally changed the face of modern music. Everything that has come after Michael Jackson has been some form of 'Michael Jackson' & it wasn't ENOUGH for him to share his creativity & entertain us for decades & for generations to come; he tried to show us how important it was for us to love one another & to care for those who were unable to care for themselves.

I thought it was interesting, what I read posted under the little snippet I viewed on youtube of MJ's newest video that would soon be coming out. The comment was something to the effect of..."I don't think they should be making any more videos. It's not Michael dancing so what's the point? It's just a bunch of 'fans' dancing like Michael Jackso n danced so why would we want to see that"?

I couldn't help but think that THIS PERSON, to have made such a statment, obviously didn't have the slightest idea who Michael Jackson was AT ALL! -LOL

1270 days ago


oh god blanket will be an aduly before this trial starts, they keep pushing it back, next month will be 2 YEARS since michael passed and what progress has been made?

1270 days ago



Your welcome, I could the feel passion in your words. I wish I could get my thoughts to flow as smoothly as you just did. The grammar isn't important to me unless it's so off the wall I can't read it, but that only seems to happen with some of the people who's first language isn't English, so with them I just re-read it until it makes sense.

I get tired of some of the not so pleasant people too.

I believe one of the special witnesses is an anesthesiologist who wrote a paper that had 160... pages explaining why it was impossible to drink propofol. Not sure who the other ones are.

I believe you about MJ's story being around for a long time. And people are still looking up all things MJ even after all this time.

I can't believe OBL has been sitting right our noses. Guess that ole saying about hiding right under peoples noses is true :-)

NEGATIVITY OR NASTINESS is everywhere. Sometimes I think some people seek things out just so they can get their jolly's

Yea the whole Sony thing is a two way door, and like you said we only have a few choices. I understand both sides but I prefer to have more new stuff released. Plus I believe MJ came to terms with them after they supposedly fired the guy that MJ said was very devilish, can't think of his name right off.

I don't have a problem with other singers on his new music & the reason I don't is because MJ was always helping new singers get into the business. He would write music for them or be on a recording with him. To me he shared his talents and I think he would not mind some of the people on his new music.

I believe he truly loved us too. He said several times that his fans are who help him to get where he was. And in one video he said he was married to his fans. I don't doubt that he loved and respected his fans. And I would have to agree with you on your last sentence.

Again you have wrote a lot of very interesting things that I agree with.

1270 days ago


I believe he truly loved us too. He said several times that his fans are who help him to get where he was. And in one video he said he was married to his fans. I don't doubt that he loved and respected his fans



1270 days ago


WHAT???? At this rate, Conny will have died of old age before he even sets foot in the courtroom. The judge was wrong. This matter needs to be dealt with NOW. It's been nearly 2 years since Conny killed Michael. The evidence against Conny is massive so stop all the delaying tactics and deal with it!

1270 days ago


This is another Big TIME JOKE!!!!!

With this LONG 4mos. delay of Murray Murder Trial,"Judge Michael Pastor" is turning this TRIAL into a BIG MOCKERY of the JUDICIAL SYSTEMS that exist here in the USA!! (IMO)

1270 days ago


Judging by the comments here, this case is going to be so fizzled out by September, nobody is going to care anymore, just like the case with Anna Nicole Smith.


1270 days ago


When a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound?

When shareurwoodie sizzles on her own does it sound more like fizzle?

When MJ called himself king, did he really make himself a king?

1270 days ago


Murray's attorneys asked for the delay so they could prepare for new witnesses the prosecution plans to call.

They asked for the delay so they can come up with new theories,since the medical expert stated that there is NO WAY that Michael could have caused his OWN DEATH by swallowing the propofol because the anesthetic can't be absorbed through the intestines.

I wonder if there will be trial,every time something new comes up causing further delay.

1270 days ago


Elizabeth Taylor cast aside all thoughts of mortality and hosted a fabulous party in Las Vegas to celebrate her 75th birthday. Despite past sessions in rehab and a fondness for alcohol, she claimed her secret for surviving until such a good age was 'just living a very healthy, clean life'. Liz has long been close to Klein, who is a major contributor to the Aids charity she set up in 1991 after losing many of her actor friends to the disease. But the doctor is also legendary for his collagen injections and the exorbitant prices he charges.

Intriguingly, Dame Elizabeth also invited her two sons by second husband Michael Wilding, and daughters Maria Burton and Liza Todd, with whom she has not always had the cosiest of relationships. The only notable absence from the party was Liz's erstwhile close friend Michael Jackson, with whom she used to spend three hours a day on the telephone. for the past few years, Liz's daily routine has been dictated by her failing health. Every morning, her doctor would arrive at her Beverly Hills mansion ? though he was often kept waiting in her living room for up to eight hours with little to do but admire the freshly delivered flowers and the 5ft-deep aquarium.

Meanwhile, the double Oscarwinning actress would be sleeping in her lavish first-floor boudoir, surrounded by pictures of herself in her beautiful younger days and attended by a retinue of staff consisting mainly of gay men. the increasingly eccentric actress insisted on being visited by a psychic who put her in touch with the spirits of her favourite pets, as well as with Burton.

She is even said to have consulted a witchdoctor when she decided she was being visited by the ghost of her second husband, Michael Wilding.

1270 days ago


Hi Barb.A

You are just as smart as Daftne or Sofi!

We don't have to worry about our IQ's since duilama is the smartest one of all.

1270 days ago


KING: All right, what about the nose? Did he consult you when he was doing his plastic surgery?

KLEIN: No. I mean I came onto the scene long after he’d begun plastic surgery. In fact, what I wanted to do is, you know, stop it, because I felt that, you know, we were losing body parts in the situation… The nose was a very special thing, because his father and his brothers supposedly, from what I’ve read, made fun of his nose all the time. So he was very sensitive to the nose. And…

KING: What was wrong with his nose?

KLEIN: I originally didn’t think there was much wrong with his nose.

KING: Yes.

KLEIN: I thought he had a nice-looking nose. But in the beginning, it was never able to come off his body. But it got to the point where it was far too thin. It didn’t look natural to me.
Using fillers. I used Rezulin. I used hydronic acids because — and they worked very well. And it’s not — it’s an arduous procedure, because you don’t want to put too much in. And you have to do it exactly, so you can flow the material so it’s perfectly smooth.

So we rebuilt them. And I’m telling you that he was beginning to look like the nose was normal again. And that’s all I wanted — and regain the breathing, you know, passages of his nose, because there was a total collapse of the cartilage.

KING: In the last photos that we’ve seen, his nose has been built up, right?

He’s looking better?


KING: Was he still working at that?

KLEIN: No, because I think we got to the point where he was very happy with the way he looked and he filled in the cheeks a little bit and did a lot of little things.

But I mean what I do to an individual patient is what I do. And what I do is just restoration work, because I don’t think people should look, again, like anything has been altered.

KING: Well, you’re — you’re not a plastic surgeon.

KLEIN: No, but…

KING: So are you extending yourself when you’re doing a nose like that?

KLEIN: No, I invented all this. I mean it’s — I’m not a — I invented injectable esthetics, I mean, for better or for worse, it’s what I’ve been doing since 1979. So I’m not extending myself whatsoever.

KING: Did he have hair?

KLEIN: He had lost a great deal of it. You forget this first fire…

KING: That was the Pepsi fire, right?

KLEIN: Yes. But then what happened is he used a great deal of what are called tissue expanders in his scalp, which are balloons that grow up — blow up the scalp. And then what they do is they try to cut out the scar.

Well, because he had lupus, what happened is every time they would do it, the bald spot would keep enlarging.

So, I mean, he went through a lot of painful procedures with these tissue expanders until I put a stop to it. I said no more tissue expanders, because he had to wear a hat all the time and it was really painful for him.

KING: So what would his — without the hat, what would he look like?

KLEIN: Well, he had a big raised ball on the top of his head because of this device. It would expand the tissue, which you cut out.

But (INAUDIBLE) would you — (INAUDIBLE) too much stretch back in the scar, you understand?

KING: Did you see him one other time?

KLEIN: Of course I did. But he would have a stretch back on the scar. I mean the scar would get worse after they removed it. And I had to put a stop to it. So I told Michael, we have to stop this. And that’s when I fired this plastic surgeon altogether. And I said I can’t deal with this anymore. We’re going to deal with me as your doctor or you’re going to have to find another doctor if you want to work with him.


When Jackson came to Dr. Klein, he said that “he had done a decent bit of surgery by then,” and that it wasn’t “done poorly, but I think that there’s a time — the magic is not knowing when to begin the big game. The secret is knowing when to end it.” He also said the surgery was at Michael’s request but the plastic surgeon didn’t know when to stop.

Jackson went to excess in just about every facet of his life. He was a phenomenal performer and entertainer because he gave everything for his fans and didn’t let up. He couldn’t turn off that tendency though, and he sadly went way overboard with his spending and with the drug use that took his life. Regular sleeping pills weren’t good enough for Jackson - he had to have the best anesthesia drugs. Klein says he wasn’t involved with any of that, though, and that he knew that Jackson was using Diprivan (the drug which is thought to have killed him) “when he was on tour in Germany… with an anesthesiologist, to go to sleep at night. And I told him he was absolutely insane. I said you have to understand that this drug, you can’t repeatedly take. Because what happens with narcotics, no matter what you do, you build a tolerance to them.”

Then you need more, I guess, and eventually your body can’t take it.

1270 days ago


Take General Maximo Overkill, for instance. That's his soldier of fortune's nom de guerre. His real name is Gordon Novel, and he moves in those spooky circles which he calls "high strange," where conspiracies flourish and cloak-and-dagger investigations overlap. He cut his teeth working for former New Orleans district attorney Jim Garrison on the J.F.K. assassination, and he boasts that he served as former attorney general Ramsey Clark's "Doberman" at Waco. Several weeks before the trial began, I was put in touch with him through Steven Saltzman—the son of a James Bond–film producer—in Monaco, who told me that Michael Jackson's brother Jermaine had been seeking Novel's advice on how to stop the trial. According to Novel, the Jacksons believed that it was all a grand conspiracy, that the accuser's mother was being paid by Jackson's enemies, who wanted to take control of his major economic asset, the Sony/ATV Music catalogue, which holds publishing rights to 251 Beatles songs and works by scores of other pop artists. Jackson claimed that the main conspirators were Sony Records; its former president, Tommy Mottola; and Santa Barbara County district attorney Tom Sneddon, the prosecutor, who also investigated Jackson in 1993. The catalogue is held jointly by Jackson and Sony, and Jackson's share is mortgaged for more than $200 million. If Jackson defaults, Sony has first chance to buy his half as early as this coming December. (A Sony spokesperson said, "We are not going to comment on any aspect of this.")

Jackson explained to Novel that the conspirators had introduced him to Al Malnik, a wealthy Miami attorney who had once represented Meyer Lansky. Malnik later helped Jackson refinance his loans. That was not what Jackson told Novel, however. According to Novel, Jackson said he was lured to Malnik's house in Miami Beach by film director Brett Ratner to see a house so beautiful it would make him catatonic. He said that once he was there, however, Malnik, who Jackson claimed had Mafia ties, wanted to put his fingers in the singer's business. Jackson also said he received a call from Tommy Mottola while he was there, which aroused his suspicion, but he did not tell Novel that he later put Malnik on the board of the Sony/ATV Music partnership. (Reached by telephone, Malnik scoffed at the idea of a conspiracy or of his having any Mafia ties. He said, "It does not make any sense." Ratner confirmed that he took Jackson to Malnik's house and that he considers Malnik a father figure.)

Jackson and Mottola have been at odds for years. In New York in July 2002, Jackson staged a public protest against Mottola with the Reverend Al Sharpton, calling him a racist and "very, very devilish." He called for a boycott of Sony, which is believed to have contributed to Mottola's ouster from the company six months later. Jackson is reportedly so frightened of Mottola that one of the reasons he surrounded himself with Nation of Islam guards in 2003 was that he thought Mottola could put out a hit on him. Jackson wanted Novel to find the links among these characters. Novel told me in March that "Jackson believes he'll get convicted. He believes the judge, the D.A., and the Sony guys are a conspiracy to take over his money."

On March 17, nearly a month into the trial, Novel went to Neverland to strategize. Maximo's first thought was that Michael was in need of "an extreme makeover" of what he calls "imaggio." Jackson drove him around the ranch in an old pickup truck. "He acted like he was scared silly," Novel told me. His fear was "six foot thick. He kept asking me what prison was like. Can he watch TV and movies there? He wanted me to stop the show." When I asked Novel what that meant, he related that Michael said, "'I want this trial stopped.' He said the judge and Sneddon had rigged the game."

== nut job michael jackson insulted almost everyone he met the last 10 years, but he knew he was friendly with real criminals. Psycopathic jackson family fed him vicious lies and wrong ideas.

1270 days ago


Scared of the Future an unknown Time. Things gone wrong so many Times. Friends calling in Fear. Truth was told way before the last Tear. Hoping to wake and all is ok.So many Things gone wrong nothing right. Unknown Times coming we all are in Fear. Friends are flipping, Bosses Tripping. Unknown Times.......Nightmares every night..............

1270 days ago
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