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Murray's MJ Manslaughter Trial Pushed to September

5/2/2011 9:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray can chill til September -- his trial for Michael Jackson's death just got pushed back.


Judge Michael Pastor
announced the postponement this morning in the manslaughter trial -- opening statements were set to begin next week.

Murray's attorneys asked for the delay so they could prepare for new witnesses the prosecution plans to call.


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Hi sofi, :-) I don't worry about silly stuff like that. I know who I am so it doesn't matter to me what others think.

How have you been?

1216 days ago


The general was blunt with Jackson. "I told him, 'Get rid of the weird persona. You look like the weird pedophile. I'm talking about the hair, lipstick, eyebrows. Just be yourself, and say why you're doing it. Say that's your show-biz personality. It's just what you do to sell LPs.' He said, 'No. I just want to be me.'" The general also told him to find a female lover. "He didn't want to go with girls, do the romance thing either. He didn't want to come to Jesus; he thinks he's already religious. I said, 'Why didn't you stop fooling around with kids?' He said, 'I didn't want to.'" Novel told me that he was ready to go public with this information and sell it to the highest bidder, because Jackson had stiffed him on his $5,000 consultant's fee. I told him that Vanity Fair does not pay for information, but he nevertheless related in detail a conference call he had had with Michael, Jermaine, and the Reverend Jesse Jackson. Many of the things he said they had discussed were echoed in an interview Michael gave Jesse Jackson on Keep Hope Alive with Reverend Jesse Jackson the following Easter Sunday.

Michael said on the phone that what was happening to him was the result of racism. He told Jesse Jackson in the radio interview, "I'm totally innocent, and it's just very painful. This has been kind of a pattern among black luminaries in this country." He told him he got strength from the examples of Nelson Mandela, Jack Johnson, Muhammad Ali, and Jesse Owens. Novel told me he had said to Michael, "You can either be a victim or a warrior." In his interview, Michael told Jesse Jackson, "I'm a warrior."

On the phone, Novel told me, Michael and Jesse had decided that telling the press they spoke with each other frequently was a good way to give a positive spin to Michael's predicament. Sure enough, Raymone Bain, Jackson's attractive spokeswoman, promptly told reporters that Michael woke up before dawn every day and spoke with Jesse for 15 or 20 minutes. She said, "They talk together and pray together." In the interview Michael said, "I gained strength from God. I believe in Jehovah God very much."

Novel told me they had discussed the conspiracy at length on the phone. In the interview, Jesse Jackson asked Michael point-blank about the catalogue and what was in it. Michael said that "it's a huge catalogue. It's very valuable, it's worth a lot of money, and there is a big fight going on right now as we speak about that." He added, "I can't comment on it. There's a lot of conspiracy. I'll say that much." The trial has provided a bird's-eye view of how celebrity and wealth enable Jackson to live according to his every freakish whim. The unspoken excuse that justifies everything from mothers' allowing their boys to sleep in his bed to employees' ignoring alleged felonies at Neverland is always the same: Because he's Michael Jackson! The defendant started out treating the trial as he had so many court appearances in the past—determined to set the agenda. In mid-February, jury selection was interrupted for a week when he went to the emergency room of the local hospital with the flu.

1216 days ago


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on his second day in court, which everyone assumed would be the biggest day of the trial for the prosecution, Jackson failed to show up. Judge Rodney Melville, a mild-mannered man but a stickler for rules, said, "The defendant's not here?" Mesereau replied, "No, Your Honor, Mr. Jackson is at Cottage Hospital in Santa Ynez with a serious back problem.… He does plan to come." The judge snapped, "I'm going to issue a warrant for his arrest. I'm forfeiting his bail.… I'm going to hold that order for an hour." Then he swept out as jaws dropped all over the courtroom.

Outside, I was near enough to Mesereau to overhear him repeat agitatedly on his cell phone, "Michael, you've got to get here now!" This was the kind of drama the media encampment—hot from the Laci Peterson trial and set up in white tents and satellite trucks all around the courthouse—had been praying for. When Jackson's black S.U.V., with a police escort, pulled up eight minutes past the deadline, his small crowd of fans yelled, "We love you, Michael!" It was clear that Jackson had not planned to leave the hospital, because he emerged wearing bright-blue pajama bottoms. His hair was disheveled, and he appeared to be heavily sedated.

1216 days ago


Michael Jackson could not have swallowed anesthetic, doctor says

A medical expert for the prosecution in Dr. Conrad Murray’s involuntary manslaughter case says it would have been impossible for Michael Jackson to have swallowed the fatal dose of the powerful anesthetic propofol, attorneys said on Friday.

The physician’s defense team has contended that Jackson, desperate for sleep so that he could be ready for rehearsals for his comeback tour, drank or injected himself with the drug while Murray was out of the room. At a preliminary hearing, they zeroed in on levels of the drug found in Jackson’s stomach at the time of his autopsy.

The prosecution expert “says categorically it’s not possible Michael Jackson orally ingested propofol, based on the science,” Deputy Dist. Atty. David Walgren told Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor at a hearing Friday. But attorneys during the hearing did not go into detail about why the expert reached that conclusion or what the science behind the opinion was.

Defense attorneys asked the judge to exclude the testimony of at least two of the prosecution’s new medical experts, saying they were being “sandbagged” with brand-new theories on the eve of trial, set to begin with jury selection next week. They argued that prosecutors had violated rules on turning over materials prior to trial.

“I think the only remedy in this case is not allow these two experts to testify,” said attorney Michael Flanagan, saying they could not be ready to respond to the experts’ opinions by the time of trial.

Pastor declined to bar the witnesses from testifying, saying “there are sophisticated forensic issues involved.”

Attorneys are expected back in court Friday afternoon to discuss a possible delay in starting the trial.



1216 days ago


All is clear. I wanted for a long time that they have found such expert who would reject the theory of oral ingesting . It is impossible to poison with propofol only for two minutes, because it is not fast-acting oral poison. But propofol was found in all fabrics at above the allowable doses as if it could penetrate into a blood channel at fatal dose and spread all over the organism, causing the stop of breath and the heart !

1216 days ago


Trial of Michael Jackson Doctor Delayed Until Sept

The long-awaited trial of the doctor charged in Michael Jackson's drug death was delayed Monday for four months, with a judge saying defense lawyers needed additional preparation time to effectively represent their client.

Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor said he was more concerned with justice for Dr. Conrad Murray than with the speed of the proceedings.

Murray, who had insisted on a speedy trial, waived that right and agreed to start jury selection anew on Sept. 8. Lawyers estimated opening statements would begin Sept. 20.

Attorneys for Murray filed a motion Sunday complaining about the last-minute addition of expert witnesses to the prosecution case and saying they needed at least two weeks to find experts of their own and have them prepare reports.

They also are trying to get raw footage from Jackson's posthumous concert movie, "This Is It." Prosecutors plan to use clips to show Jackson was in good health just before he died.

Pastor said he did not think two weeks was sufficient for the defense to accomplish its goals.

Prospective jurors who filled out questionnaires and were to return to court Tuesday will be thanked and told their services are no longer needed, the judge said.

"The court is very mindful of judicial efficiency and the expense that has occurred in this case," Pastor said. "But first and foremost is justice ... The continuance in this case is absolutely essential."

Pastor said he didn't like the idea of picking a new jury but said it was "preferable to having this continuing drama."

Deputy District Attorney David Walgren said he had no objection to a delay. He had been urging a later start date all along.

Murray has pleaded not guilty to involuntary manslaughter. He is accused of negligence in administering the hospital anesthetic propofol to Jackson in his home. The superstar singer died June 25, 2009, of an overdose of propofol coupled with other sedatives.

The Murray defense has posed the theory that Jackson, who was desperate for sleep, swallowed more propofol than the doctor gave him. The drug normally is administered intravenously.

The prosecution presented new reports last week from two experts who say it's impossible to overdose by taking the drug orally because it would not be absorbed into the intestines.

Murray, who had been adamant about wanting a trial within 60 days of his preliminary hearing, was asked by the judge if he was giving up that right to allow his lawyers to effectively represent him.

"Yes," Murray said. "I believe it's in the best interest of all parties."

"But do you feel it is in your best interest?" asked the judge.

"Yes," said the defendant.

Pastor said he planned to keep the case "on a short leash" and set a progress hearing on June 3.

1216 days ago



1216 days ago



"The court is very mindful of judicial efficiency and the expense that has occurred in this case," Pastor said. "But first and foremost is justice ... The continuance in this case is absolutely essential."




1216 days ago





1216 days ago


I wonder, if the suspect permanently says lies, by testifying in the court, is it punished by the law or all means are good as "to be" and to look like " an innocent man"?

1216 days ago


Jesus Salas, a former house manager at Neverland, testified that he had seen Jackson exhibit the effects of drinking "on a pretty much regular basis," Mesereau asked him, "And were you aware that there were times when he had a prescription-drug problem … and he had gotten a lot of injections from various physicians?" Mesereau was trying to suggest that Jackson's "appearing intoxicated" could actually be the result of taking medication for his health. However, Jackson checked into drug rehab when he was charged with molestation by Jordie Chandler in 1993, and I observed his bizarre performance on the stand when he was in Santa Maria in 2002 to testify in the civil trial he lost. A medical worker who treated Jackson that year told me recently that Jackson's bodyguards were worried about him, and that Jackson himself acknowledged how easy it was for him to obtain drugs from doctor friends. He said that Jackson traveled with a huge black suitcase containing an array of powerful prescription drugs, pre-loaded syringes, and IV bags and a collapsible IV pole, and that he spent whole days watching a video of Disney's Fantasia over and over again. He said Jackson's children got bored watching the film so many times, and he added that Prince Michael had several teeth rotting from eating too much candy. Jackson's drug use made it nearly impossible to fall asleep, and at one point he had to check into a nearby hospital and be given a powerful anesthetic in order to get rest. Once again, the medical worker said, Jackson's celebrity protected him. Stacy Brown told me, "In December of 2001, Janet, Tito, Rebbie, and Randy flew to New York for an intervention with him. He told them to leave him alone. He said, 'Look, I'll be dead in a year anyway.'"

Last November, Marc Schaffel said in the suit he filed against Jackson for repayment of cash loans, "Jackson's need to borrow cash from Plaintiffs greatly accelerated when Jackson's increasingly more frequent excessive use of drugs and alcohol impelled him into irrational demands for large amounts of money and extravagant possessions."

The most affecting witnesses for the prosecution were those permitted to testify under 1108. June Chandler, Jordie's mother, admitted that she had allowed Jackson to sleep over at her house in the same bed with her son more than 30 times. Jackson would leave by limo in the morning when it was time for Jordie to go to school, she said, and would return after school. Slim and striking, part Asian and part black, she recounted how the star, then 34, seduced her son with trips to Toys "R" Us and Disneyland while he kept her happy with a $7,000 Fred Segal gift certificate, jewelry, and several handbags. She recalled a night in Las Vegas when she answered a knock on her door around 11:30 to find her son and a "sobbing" Michael: "He was crying, shaking, trembling." He said to her, "'You don't trust me? We're a family. Why are you doing this? Why are you not allowing Jordie to be with me?' And I said, 'He is with you.' He said, 'But my bedroom. Why not in my bedroom?'" After his tantrum had gone on for half an hour, June Chandler testified, she relented. And by turning her son over to Jackson she lost him.

At the beginning of the trial, the defense announced that it would call dozens of celebrities as character witnesses, including Elizabeth Taylor, Stevie Wonder, and Diana Ross. On May 6, as the defense got its case under way, Sneddon said that he planned to impeach the character witnesses. A motion by the prosecution listed relevant impeachment topics, including: "Statement of Latoya Jackson, defendant's sister, said on national television that she saw a payment of $1m check to [Michael's early special friend] Jimmy Safechuck's family for purposes of buying silence; Evidence that Defendant has taken numerous children into his room and bed while heavily addicted to Demerol and other controlled substances; Evidence that Defendant has given alcohol to children." After that the defense decided not to call any character witnesses or to put Michael Jackson on the stand, although Mesereau had promised the jury in his opening statement that they would hear Jackson defend himself.

1216 days ago


gayforliztaylor -- first of all what's with your screen name???

In any event, are you seriously copying Maureen Orth's garbage and printing it as fact on this site? I mean the one sentence that stood out to me is that Novel wanted to sell his story because he had been supposedly stiffed by Jackson. This story in addition to the other stories put out by Orth are fiction. It has been proven that she didn't fact check her sources but rather printed anything salacious that she was told.

1216 days ago


jm50 less than a minute ago
gayforliztaylor -- first of all what's with your screen name???

In any event, are you seriously copying Maureen Orth's garbage and printing it as fact on this site? I mean the one sentence that stood out to me is that Novel wanted to sell his story because he had been supposedly stiffed by Jackson. This story in addition to the other stories put out by Orth are fiction. It has been proven that she didn't fact check her sources but rather printed anything salacious that she was told.


I don´t think this odd creature, gayfor, gives a hoot. It will post anything t discredit Michael.
The bit about Prince Michael´s teeth rotting is one example of easily refutable garbage. Michael was very much involved in the nutrition of his children - and he made sure that all of his children got a very healthy diet. You can tell from pictures of them.... they always looked healthy.
There are notes from flight attendants with instructions from Michael about what the children could be fed and what not. Among other things those notes said, NO SUGAR under any cir***stances, and if the kids were begging for sugar to not give in.
Teeth rotting? BAH, I say, sensationalist garbage.

1216 days ago


Michael was slandered (told a lie) in the court in 2005, destroying him morally... Now a lie is being said about the death's reason , after having destroyed his physically. Why are slanderers and liars getting away with it? What with the law?

1216 days ago
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