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Miley Does Nirvana -- Kurt Cobain Spins In Grave

5/3/2011 6:26 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Cyrus is Disney ... Nirvana is grunge -- and never the twain shall meet ... except it happened in Ecuador last week, when Miley decided to perform, "Smells Like Teen Spirit."



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That's not in Ecuador, that's her lastest show in Peru u TMZuckers, give the right info!

1248 days ago


What's the deal with calling her a hillbilly? What the hell does that make the rest of you? Rude asses.

1248 days ago


wait didnt her dad just the last few weeks didnt want her in show biz. since it was making her a train wreck and causing havoc on the family. if i was disney id file a lawsuit breach of contract stating thats the case. since she signed a form all disney employees must sign. if they breach it their held accountable. if memory serves me correctly shes still bound by those terms for at least another 5 years. she may also not steal another person song or likeness without written permission from the person or next of kin sorry miley your going to prison for music piracy.

1248 days ago


that was ****ing sad! way to rape a dead guy miley....

1248 days ago


No no no no no no no no no!!! WTF?!!!! NO NO NO NO NO

1248 days ago


Everyone posting on here loves to constantly insult Miley Cyrus, but she is obviously doing something right. She has already made more money than anyone commenting on here will make in their entire lifetime. She is not going away, so you may as well get used to her. She is also absolutely beautiful. She has the cutest face and her body is AMAZING!!

1248 days ago


Yikes! That was scary! Go away talentless teen hillbilly!

1248 days ago


Is she having a seizure in the beginning? wth?

1248 days ago


That was really, really bad. The only saving grace is that the backing band was pretty tight. Go away you strange little hick.

1248 days ago


She looks like she's having spasms or trying to dance like Elaine on Seinfeld... oh dear god.

1248 days ago


She's trying to be "hardcore" and sh*t, but it isn't working. She needs to hang up the microphone and go home. She's got a sh*tty voice and has no originality in her songs what so ever.

1248 days ago


This is absolutely horrible and as much as I hate Courtney Love, I hope she sues and puts up a permanent injunction to keep this idiot redneck from ever singing this song or any Kurt Cobain masterpiece ever again. If he was alive, he would die from embarrassment.

Was she even alive when this song came out? Didn't think so. Posuer wannabe.

1248 days ago


Is this a Robot Chicken spoof?!

1248 days ago

Stop Bitching    

You all need lives.. SO angry for NO reason. She should be shot for attempting to sing a song out her comfort zone? If you don't like it, don't listen to it. Simple :)

1248 days ago


OMG, it looks like she is having a seizure in the beginning and don't even get me started on her "poor" brother who she claims she "use" to sing this song to... LOL. The reason he isn't there is because he dosen't want anyone to see his face knowing that she "use" to sing it to him. The band had the song down pretty tight, but please... Sorry Miley, your voice sounds like a dead cat after twenty packs of smokes, stick to country sweetie, you have no business doing a Nirvana song... LOL

1248 days ago
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