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Oksana DROPS Domestic Violence Claim Against Mel!

5/4/2011 9:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In a shocking move in court today ... Oksana Grigorieva just dropped her domestic violence claim against Mel Gibson.


Oksana's lawyer, Dan Horowitz, announced to Judge Scott Gordon ... they would no longer be pursuing the claim that Mel's alleged violence against her is grounds to change the custody order.

Mel's lawyer, Stephen Kolodny and the judge were visibly shocked.

Sources tell us ... Oksana dropped the domestic violence claim as a gesture -- extending an olive branch in an attempt to settle the custody case.

And the DV protective order Oksana obtained -- prohibiting Mel from contacting or harassing her -- has also been terminated.  Sources connected with Oksana say she would like to be able to communicate directly with Mel, rather than using intermediaries.  No word on whether Mel feels the same way -- though we're guessing not.
Horowitz did not say if Oksana is still pursuing a civil lawsuit against Mel.


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LOL Ketjo isn't that the truth. Anyone with a wallet should be running from this woman.

1267 days ago


just another sign that they are negotiating a settlement

1267 days ago


Skank run back to Tim Dalton, maybe he can put up with your BS lies!
If Mel does talk to you I hope he tapes you and pushes your buttons like you did to him.....Skank!

1267 days ago

Fidel's niece    

God help me, on my knees
betrayed by lust...

(Trust lyrics by Megadeth)

Mel, Mel,
like the saying goes -
Fool me once, shame on you,
fool me twice, shame on me...

***Team Mel***

1267 days ago


WTF? In most places the woman cannot drop charges of domestic violence, it is up to the police to press the charges. This is because so many victims end up staying with the guy and the cycle continues. I hate that this crazy woman who clearly got pregnant on purpose is making him look like the good guy.

1267 days ago


Well, let's see...the other day OG was mad that Mel said the tapes were edited, hence the post from her audio forensic expert. Now, she's dropping her domestic violence claim to gain custody...hmmm. West Plea means that the DV claim the LASD was pursuing cannot be used against Mel. If OG sues Mel in a civil court, then Mel has said he will sue OG. I posted the article from The Enquirere where Mel and OG were spotted together. Now, Mel was clubbing with some SYT and left with her. Cannes is coming up. I can only imagine that Kolodny and Gordon were shocked! Olive Branch? BS! She wants to go to Cannes and she wants her hooks back in Mel. That 20k per month is going as far as she thought it would shen she is paying for so much herself out of it. Mel would be stupid to even consider letting his guard down this this woman.

1267 days ago




TMZgossip 5 minutes ago
just another sign that they are negotiating a settlement

1267 days ago


Interesting, i thought the police laid charges, and the D.A. decides if there`s enough evidence to follow through with them. Here the victim has no say in dropping charges, especially in D.V. cases.

1267 days ago


TMZgossip -- they are not negotiating a settlment. If they were, Kolodny would not have had the reaction he did.

1267 days ago


Jim and Spyke,

This is a civil case, not a criminal one. And yes, elements of one's civil case can always be dropped at will.

1267 days ago


I agree, after what she pulled on Gibson (she had to get pregnant to do it) her finding a new sugar daddy is going to be next to impossible.

Funny how the civil was not mentioned. That just says it's still going on. I don't no why Gibson would destroy her.

The saving grace is that the bulk of the money goes to the baby not to Ox.

1267 days ago


There is NO WAY that she is extending an olive branch!! She will set him up again!! If Mel has any contact with this woman himself then he deserves everything he gets. I truly hope he is not this silly and sees through her charade!!

1267 days ago

Made it Past 27    


1267 days ago


Is this to clear the path so that Robyn and Mel can finalize their divorce and horkhisbitz will no how much money Mel is worth afterwards and then run to the courts based on that for more child support?

I hope Robyn and Mel never finalize their divorce (Not saying get back together) just don't finalize everything. HAAAAA.

1267 days ago

Loving Monterey    

This woman doesn't do anything without a plan. She probably dropped the case so she can remain in his life and possibly bilk him for more money. She is already going to get millions of dollars and then hundreds of thousands of dollars a month in child support.

I'm betting she spends the millions and turns to Mel for help.....after all.....she wants to be amicable now. Hmmmmmm?

She has motives. Most whores who get pregnant on purpose do. Good luck finding another fool after what she has done.

1267 days ago
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