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Oksana DROPS Domestic Violence Claim Against Mel!

5/4/2011 9:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In a shocking move in court today ... Oksana Grigorieva just dropped her domestic violence claim against Mel Gibson.


Oksana's lawyer, Dan Horowitz, announced to Judge Scott Gordon ... they would no longer be pursuing the claim that Mel's alleged violence against her is grounds to change the custody order.

Mel's lawyer, Stephen Kolodny and the judge were visibly shocked.

Sources tell us ... Oksana dropped the domestic violence claim as a gesture -- extending an olive branch in an attempt to settle the custody case.

And the DV protective order Oksana obtained -- prohibiting Mel from contacting or harassing her -- has also been terminated.  Sources connected with Oksana say she would like to be able to communicate directly with Mel, rather than using intermediaries.  No word on whether Mel feels the same way -- though we're guessing not.
Horowitz did not say if Oksana is still pursuing a civil lawsuit against Mel.


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"And the DV protective order Oksana obtained -- prohibiting Mel from contacting or harassing her -- has also been terminated. Sources connected with Oksana say she would like to be able to communicate directly with Mel, rather than using intermediaries."

This bothers me big time! All of us on Team Mel/Team Truth know that Oksana is a master manipulator. I really think she's trying to reconcile with him and using the baby to push his buttons to soften him up. This is a recipe for disaster. Miss Famewhore wants to return to the spotlight and celebrity life style, and Mel is probably being eaten up with Catholic guilt and the desire to make amends and do the right thing (maybe he also thinks he sinned, so doesn't deserve a good woman, but rather a piece of garbage like Oksana). I really hope his family and true friends like Jodie Foster keep him focused so he doesn't make the fatal mistake of getting back together with O-the-Ho.


Hi ya all

Great advice from Uzi. Print this out and post it where you can see it man!
She wants to communicate with you because she is not finished with you. Dont fall for this crap and stay away man.

Oh yeah, for the sake of the kid, what BS. If she gave a damn for the kid, she wouldnt have unleashed this vendetta of destruction against you, your family and the kid.

Buy hey man, its your choice. The planet knows she a nutter and cant be trusted, sure hope you do.

1206 days ago


Majestik, Child support is based on the income of the parties. Once established, it can only be reduced or increased upon a showing of "changed cir***stances".

1206 days ago


Realist, wouldn't that include his net worth also, though?

You explanation would make sense for why she's putting out that Olive branch, she wants him back working so he makes more money and puts more in her pocket. If the judge okayed 20k a month we know darn well the older that child gets the more she is going to ask for.

Meh, I'm like everyone else here, she's up to something.

1206 days ago

Fidel's niece    

New text -

Mel, I vont to come to Malibu
to geeev you a BJ, I lernd some new
treeeks, I vont to shou you,
you are a vonderfool man,
I am an arteeeeeeeeeeeeest
and da biuty...

For da sake of my meal-ticket babee,
let me geev you a BJ.

O$kanky ,da looovwe of your liffe.

Glum C*nt!

***Team Mel***

1206 days ago


I just got an email from KH and he asked me to post this. (Kris Herzog). the following is from him: He also sent it to harvey and a few others so this could get deleted. copied and pasted.

Famous Celebrity Bodyguard Kristian Herzog calls BULL **** on Oksana "extending an olive branch to Mel Gibson" by dropping her claim of Domestic Violence against Mel Gibson.

Oksana has NEVER even disputed the media reports that Bodyguard Kristian Herzog was in fact in 99% of all meetings with ALL 42 of her Attornerys in her case against Mel Gibson.

Kristian Herzog knows more than any person in the world about what REALLY went on behind closed doors in the Oksana ~ Mel Gibson case.

ROL EXCLUSIVE, Kristian Herzog tells ROL :

"The ONLY reason Oksana dropped her Domestic Violence claim is one of my Bodyguards who feels sorry for her, sent Oksana a copy of a part of my book, including text messages & emails to me, where she admitted she made false Domestic Violence claims against Mel Gibson, to get paid "Tiger Woods" money."

Oksana knows Kristian Herzog is in Meetings all this week & for the first time ever, I'm leaving FULL copies of my book for publishers, producers, directors & screen writers to evaluate for the purchase of the book & movie rights to my life story.

Oksana knows her texts & emails are going to leak, so she is trying to get out ahead of my book to seem like she is a good person, to appear as if she is extending an olive branch to Mel. Oksana & her Attorney Good People ? BULL **** !

Oksana and her idiot nerd small person attorney are ****ING LIARS that will say anything and do anything to SETTLE THIS CASE BEFORE MY BOOK IS PUBLISHED !

Oksana is being advised by a idiot nerd attorney who broke up The Dream Team I built to help Oksana, when I still believed Oksana was a victim.

Her idiot nerd attorney was once a suspect in the murder of his own wife.

There are entire web sites dedicated to freeing the mentally retarded kid that later confessed to the crime, these web sites believe he was framed by the idiot nerd attorney.

I have been accused of fighting with the Paparazzi, but at least no one has accused me of KILLING MY WIFE !

This move by Oksana and the little person idiot nerd attorney is to get out In Front of the story of my book showing ALL who she really is.

Who is Oksana ?
A Sexual Sorceress with a 27th degree Black Belt in Gold Digging.

Five things that have NOT been reported YET:

1. Oksana told me in person, text and email that Molestation claims will be made in her case with Mel Gibson.

2. Oksana admitted to me in person, text and email she had an affair with a famous celebrity friend of Mel Gibson.

3. ALL of the Dream Team I (Kristian Herzog) built for Oksana QUIT in the same week, most on the same day - WHY ? Because Oksana's little person idiot nerd attorney told Oksana to perjure herself and lie under oath in her case with Mel Gibson, myself (Kristian Herzog) and the entire Dream Team REFUSED to agree to Oksana LIE-ING under oath. We gave Oksana an ultimatum, either the little nerd or US !

4. In my 7+ months being with Oksana 24/7 I PAID FOR EVERYTHING for Oksana, I paid for her security, many $$$$ presents for he son, mom, dad and sister, Oksana and I would dine at The Beverly Hills Hotel & other Rich & Famous hot spots, several times a week and I PAID FOR ALL.

5. Oksana set Mel Gibson up from day 1 and I have the proof, read my book and see for your self. A Preview to my book & movie is here:

My Kristian Herzog Book will detail ALL and include 100% proof of who is telling the truth.

I am NOT writing this book to get rich, I am donating the money from the book to the U.S. Veterans from my company The Bodyguard Group of Beverly Hills.

100% of every word in my book is backed up by over 1000 texts, emails and photos here is a brand new preview of the upcoming book & movie on Kristian Herzog, Mel Gibson and Oksana, The Bodyguard, The Movie Star & The Sexual Sorceress:

1206 days ago


ummm, Kris....please say "mentally handicapped" it is the better way of saying it. I didn't read it before posting just posted it.

1206 days ago

Shanan Li    

Good! Maybe it was due to knowing her past would be brought into it and did not want it out. Maybe she does want to clean up the mess she made--I hope the work as parents now. Mel should not trust her. Never be around her with out a third party--cover your bum!! But for the baby's sake both do the right thing and move on with life!!

1206 days ago


It's a set up. She's going for the kill. Watch out Mel you may not be lucky this time......

1206 days ago


Haha, KH is pissed off!!!

1206 days ago

Loving Monterey    

I have been a Team Mel member from the beginning.


1206 days ago


@Azlee -- WOW. I hope KH really and truly has the goods.

@Majestic - - Net worth might be considered if the person was retired, or something like that. But generally it's the income. On the other hand, they would like to know net worth to know how much to ask for in some kind of settlement.

Unfortunately for her, that's down the drain, and she did it to herself.

1206 days ago


My thoughts: The judge told her that she can record him, right? .... And now, she said, "she would like to be able to communicate directly with Mel, rather than using intermediaries." -- Personally, I would NEVER AGAIN speak to her without at least a witness present or something to protect me only for safety reasons. -- Like a bodyguard for my words! -- Maybe Mel should continue to inforce "intermediaries" to protect himself.

1206 days ago

Fidel's niece    

Faux Tsaritsa - LOL!

a new name for OSkanky
(posted earlier by a poster
Marty from Modesto)

Good one, Marty!

Oskanky, the faux Tsaritsa,

Rasputin's grand daughter!


***Team Mel***

1206 days ago


HumpMeDumpMe still hasnt found a sucker to buy his work of fiction

1206 days ago


Thanks for the clarification, realist.

1206 days ago
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