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Paris Hilton

Takes A SHOT At Lindsay Lohan

5/5/2011 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Someone get Lindsay Lohan some aloe and a cold compress ... 'cause she just got BURNED by Paris Hilton!!!!!!!!!!!!050411_paris_hilton_v2_still

Hilton was taping her Oxygen reality show "The World According to Paris" ... when a homeless woman mistook her for Lindsay Lohan.

At first, Paris seemed to take it in stride ... but then P-FUNK DROPS THE HAMMER!!!

0428_brandon_firecrotch_mini_launchIt ain't the first time Hilton's taken a shot at Lohan ... remember, she egged on and laughed her face off at Brandon Davis during his infamous "Firecrotch" rant back in '06.


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There are so many Lohan personalities swirling around my head right now. Need to remember to "Pay" the "Messenger" for all their Lindsay support.

1275 days ago


Hey gloday!

No one here is talking about Mel or Paris in the context of their "talents" but as celebrities with mixed images. Very different things and a distinction that Lindsay would do well to learn.

Lindsay Lohan's acting talent is an urban myth. She certainly was considered promising 5 years ago or so, but that ship has long sailed.

1275 days ago



Get some help honey, its the voices in your head.

1275 days ago

john smith    

Paris did that classy Carl's jr commercial where she was in a bikini riding a mechanical bull with "special sauce" dripping all over her like come, lot's of come, that was pretty classy!!!

1275 days ago


I think, Lohans and trollhans, your time would be better spent encouraging Lindsay to become a more well rounded person and keeping her rehabilitation private. Pondering the mystery of why Paris is better liked or drying to score points against her doesn't elevate the Lohan camp in the least.

Move on.

1275 days ago



You forgot to add 'IMO' and your opinion means diddly squat.
Anyone who would consider Paris Hilton a celebrity in any shape or form is as deluded as Hilton herself.

1275 days ago


It is good Paris does not steal. She really told the truth yet, she can't just give away earrings every time someone asks her for her earrings. It was really nice of Paris to give away her earrings although they looked like some cheap - o's. Family Dizzle or Wally World earrings.

1275 days ago

john smith    

I don't give a crap about elevating the Lohan camp, I think Lindsay is a nice girl, and I know that she walked out with the necklace by accident. Why do you think everything is some kind of Lohan monster PR scam, not that many people read these comments and It really doesn't effect public opinion of Lindsay so stop the whole big brother propaganda BS.....

1275 days ago


I guess then Paris forgot to return the jewelery worth thousands of dollars she's being sued for?

Paris is the AW trying to attract publicity for her lame reality show by mentioning Lindsay. People here are pointing out its pot, kettle, black.

1275 days ago

LA Native    

Hey Gloday and John, argue amongst yourselves. It's what you do best. Maybe you should have stayed married.
Nobody else cares about your meal ticket anymore but watching you two bicker on TMZ and elsewhere is quite entertaining and you aren't fooling anyone here.

1275 days ago

Porky Pig    

Y-y-you know Lindsay's c-c-career if over when s-s-someone l-l-like Paris calls y-y-you a firecrotch thief.

Ibidy, ibidy, ibidy...that's all folks!

1275 days ago


I love the fact that once again the Lohan fan club can only attack Paris because she's not an actress. Unless I'm mistaken, Lindsay has only had one role that was considered successful in the last 10 years. Also, sueing companies, and people is not really considered working. I don't believe Paris has made any delusional statements that she is going to win an Oscar, or would like to in the next 5 years like Lindsay Low hand. I'm not saying that I love Paris, but Paris at least has some class. And some is a lot more than Lindsay's No-class. Paris can dress herself, and I'd put money on the fact that if Paris took an acting class for a year, she'd be just as good as Lindsay. That's not saying much, but neither was Herbie the Love Bug.

1275 days ago


Paris Hilton is one to talk...Think the crabby**** skank is alot more sluttier than firecrotch Lindsay Lohan.........One braindead piece of *hit calling another loser names......Grow up and take an AIDS TEST PARIS....Aint you the queen of the Penis Posse!

1275 days ago

Michael Jackson's Voice    

Ok just because Mommy and daddy Hilton keep buying YOUR over spoiled butt out of trouble doesn't mean you are better then Lindsey... You sweety are a drug dealer and the reason anyone who hangs out with you gets hooked on drugs!! You are a no good, pampered, spoiled rotten brat who needs to have EVERYTHING taken away from you so you HAVE to learn how to appreciate what you do have... Except your family is so corrupt that they think its OK to let you break the law and they will just pay your way out of everything!! Your day IS coming Sweety when Momma and Daddy CANT buy your way out of trouble no matter what!!

1275 days ago


Nicole cant be happy about that

1275 days ago
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