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Paris Hilton

Takes A SHOT At Lindsay Lohan

5/5/2011 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Someone get Lindsay Lohan some aloe and a cold compress ... 'cause she just got BURNED by Paris Hilton!!!!!!!!!!!!050411_paris_hilton_v2_still

Hilton was taping her Oxygen reality show "The World According to Paris" ... when a homeless woman mistook her for Lindsay Lohan.

At first, Paris seemed to take it in stride ... but then P-FUNK DROPS THE HAMMER!!!

0428_brandon_firecrotch_mini_launchIt ain't the first time Hilton's taken a shot at Lohan ... remember, she egged on and laughed her face off at Brandon Davis during his infamous "Firecrotch" rant back in '06.


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Paris can handle her sh^t.

1164 days ago


@Michael Jackson's Voice - Paris doesn't get money from her parents, she has her own. She's been making her own money for YEARS and that's what she lives off of. Her parents pay for nothing, including the fees associated with her legal troubles. Despite what people think of her, she's a very smart business woman, as is her sister. As for accusing her of being a drug dealer, that's just downright moronic!

1164 days ago


Come on, it was a funny thing for her to say, plus it's true! Paris has always had a sense of humor about everything, even when she's gotten in trouble. She's always accepted responsibility for her actions and has never said anything against someone who makes a comment about her. I wonder how long it will be before Lindsay reacts with her standard "I am so hurt..." blah blah blah comment? To those who are saying Paris is doing it for attention, she doesn't need to do anything for attention or care if she's in the news or not. Also, this was being taped for her show and someone called her Lindsay, she didn't bring her up, she just commented on it. Paris DOES a lot of volunteer work, unlike Lindsay, she doesn't have to be ordered to do it. I've met both of them on several occasions and can tell you that Paris treats everyone she meets with respect and kindness, Lindsay does not. Lindsay treats people like they are there to serve her, like they're beneath her. Kind of funny considering Paris is rich and Lindsay probably has very little money left.

1164 days ago


I'll say it again,two words..OH SNAP!!!

1164 days ago


{"You are talking about Brandon's brother Jason. Brandon was arrested but he is not big and bloated. His brother Jason was also arrested not long ago and he is the one that is big."}

To commenter "ME" who wrote the above in response to my comments about Brandon Davis being bloated and a drug addict, etc., telling me I was mistaking him for his brother, I was not wrong...just google any recent pics of Brandon and also the latest reports on his recent drug bust. I'm speaking of the brother in the video shown here today...

1164 days ago


OMG, The Enablers have now Become the Haters! How dare they Hate? Why is it okay for them to HATE when they're so angry when others give true opinions about the Thief? They've become what they have accused The Haters to be. Shame, shame on you enablers.

Enablers = Hate

A thief is a thief is a thief. Nothing you say will make this not so.

1164 days ago


waiting for the Lyndsy cry babay response about how mean people are and how she thought they were friends blahblahblah Nice one Paris

1164 days ago


john smith about an hour ago
Paris has 13 porno clips for free on type Paris Hilton in the search engine at the top!!

The fact that you know this says a great deal about you.

Paris is a useless human being. She and Lindsay can both pack up and leave the planet. I'd consider it a kindness if they took the Kardashians and the entire cast of Jersey Shore with them. They're all useless.

It was a good burn though.

1164 days ago


Go Paris!!! That was funny

1164 days ago


Is it just me or does anyone else think that many of these posts sound like Lindsay herself. Seriously,I think she has been posting here cause she hates that douche for calling her a fire-crotch. It prolly makes her blood boil to hear that on tmz again. Too funny!!!!

1164 days ago


Too funny!! It's pretty bad when homeless people confuse Paris and Lindsay! At least Paris was kind enough to still give her the earrings lol. Poor Lindsay it's pretty sad when you have Paris Hilton putting you down, since she's not much better. She just hasn't been caught stealing yet, but that's because she has money from Mommy and Daddy. Still not alot of difference between Paris and Lindsay. Well Paris looks better than Lindsay. :P

1164 days ago


I bet if PH was tested for drugs she'd fail. She's a bigger loser than Lindsay will ever be.

1164 days ago

Clone Wars    

gloday1 about an hour ago

You forgot to add 'IMO' and your opinion means diddly squat.
Anyone who would consider Paris Hilton a celebrity in any shape or form is as deluded as Hilton herself.


Only a Blohan can talk crap about people without an 'IMO' in front of their hate speech (i.e. Paris is a skank, w.hore, etc), but if someone talks smack about their precious Lindz (i.e. habitual thief, firecrotch, etc), they start crying NO FAIR!

1164 days ago


bet she got some cocaine after from that homeless woman. Paris is so sad. its ok things will get better....maybe not

1164 days ago


Lol gloday! If my opinion is so inconsequential why do you fell the need to correct it? Obviously, TMZ thinks she a celeb? Maybe send your heartfelt rant to them.

1164 days ago
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