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Hasselhoff's Ex -- I Wanna Carry Zsa Zsa's Baby

5/4/2011 12:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David Hasselhoff's ex-wife Pamela Bach is aching to put her uterus on the line for Zsa Zsa Gabor -- at least according to Zsa Zsa's husband ... who's standing by to give Pamela a fertilized egg injection.

Prince Von Ahole and Bach met for lunch in L.A. Monday -- and the Prince tells TMZ they talked about his and Zsa Zsa's quest for a child.

Prince says Bach was so pumped about the potential baby news -- she offered up her oven for the future bun ... that is, if Von Ahole ever manages to find one of Zsa Zsa's still-viable eggs.

Prince hasn't accepted Bach's offer -- but he tells us, he hasn't turned her down either ... yet.

UPDATE: Apparently, Pam and the Prince weren't on the same wavelength ... a rep for Bach tells us, "We refuse to acknowledge the delusional ramblings of this man who clearly has done nothing more than plant a fictional tale in a desperate attempt for attention."

The rep adds, "Our sympathy to Ms. Gabor who is an innocent victim of his shenanigans."


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Retards, the both of em.

1270 days ago


Prince Von A-hole is a disgusting piece of filth! Zsa Zsa needs to turf his sorry a.s.s. out the door.

1270 days ago

bring back recent posts    

Only in America, no wonder the rest of the world laughs at u! geez

1270 days ago

Sin D    

It's times like THIS that those of us in fly over country go " Do what now" ? And then, we just sit back and wonder WTF? And Oh yea...when IS THAT movie ***min out? Pun intended.

1270 days ago


What a **** and what a ho....Jeeezzzzzzzz!...I wonder what Zsa Zsa's Children are thinking about all this stupid ****.

1270 days ago


Doubtful that Zsa Zsa is even aware of what this guy is planning. The poor woman is slowly dying of gangrene from the leg she chose not to have amputated. Tragic situation... only in Hollywood.

1270 days ago


I have just one word to describe this awful situation...EWWW!!!!

1270 days ago

Fidel's niece    

Both are disgusting fame whores!

1270 days ago


Surrogates are usually in their 20's not late 40's.

1270 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

(sigh) These Hollywood type's brains just get fried after a few years in the business, eh? All this nuttiness for what? WHo will take care of that baby? The baby will think the nanny is the mother because von ahole won't want to get his hands dirty after Ms Gabor dies. Idiots. What's next, David Crosby offers sperm for two lesbian mother hopefuls?

1270 days ago


Didn't she just pulled over for a DUI or something? How old is she anyway? Please say this is a joke. That idiot Prince Von A-hole is so messed up. Don't give that guy any publicity. That's all he's after and $$$$

1270 days ago


Where is Octomom when you really need her??

1270 days ago


Um excuse me but isn't she an ALCOHOLIC? Why in heaven's name would he choose this over the hill skank with bad genetics? The hair bleach must have warped her brain by now.

He's been on this mission since he failed to claim Dani Lynn as his kid for the money. Now he's trying to usurp Zsa Zsa's will by claiming it's her egg? You have GOT to be kidding me!

1270 days ago


At their ages and with her health problems they want a child? How selfish!! No child should be brought into the world under those cir***stances.

What is Hasselhoff's ex thinking? Oh wait, she's thinking of the $$$$$$$ in her bank acct for doing this!

1270 days ago


There really should be a law against idiot, d-bag, fame wh@res having children. This is the stupidest idea. It is just disgusting.

1270 days ago
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