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Hasselhoff's Ex -- I Wanna Carry Zsa Zsa's Baby

5/4/2011 12:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David Hasselhoff's ex-wife Pamela Bach is aching to put her uterus on the line for Zsa Zsa Gabor -- at least according to Zsa Zsa's husband ... who's standing by to give Pamela a fertilized egg injection.

Prince Von Ahole and Bach met for lunch in L.A. Monday -- and the Prince tells TMZ they talked about his and Zsa Zsa's quest for a child.

Prince says Bach was so pumped about the potential baby news -- she offered up her oven for the future bun ... that is, if Von Ahole ever manages to find one of Zsa Zsa's still-viable eggs.

Prince hasn't accepted Bach's offer -- but he tells us, he hasn't turned her down either ... yet.

UPDATE: Apparently, Pam and the Prince weren't on the same wavelength ... a rep for Bach tells us, "We refuse to acknowledge the delusional ramblings of this man who clearly has done nothing more than plant a fictional tale in a desperate attempt for attention."

The rep adds, "Our sympathy to Ms. Gabor who is an innocent victim of his shenanigans."


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If she doesn't like him, then why is she eating lunch with him and holding his hand?

1235 days ago


She can't be a surrogate she's a drunk and drug user.

Von Ahole just wants to disrupt Zsa Zsa's will by having a child "with" her. Total BS and it shouldn't be allowed.

1235 days ago


TMZ quit embarassing your selves. I'M done. You make me really sick....

1235 days ago


What the hell is wrong with these people? Totally selfish! If by some miracle this were to ever really happen, how completely cruel and horrible would it be for an innocent child. Zsa Zsa for sure wouldn't see the child graduate from kindergarten let alone high school. I can't imagine a man at 67 is very likely to be around for a high school graduation either. Have a child so you can have an orphan - good think there. Disgusting!

1235 days ago


WTF did all that bleach get to her brain or is she a total wack job.

1235 days ago


I thought when women reach menopause their bodies stop producing eggs and this is the reason for the halt in the menstrual cycle.

How could a 90 year old woman have eggs unless they are on ice somewhere? Does TMZ have any middle aged women working at with them or are their only 20 sometimes with no idea on how a woman's body works?

How did this story start and when is someone going to marginalize Ahole?

1235 days ago

richard pierce    

This silly POS is living proof that humans can have coitus with another species and produce offspring! VonAhole's mother had relations with a senile Germman Shepard who ran off when he saw what their coupling had produced!

1235 days ago


Why do you do that know the old man is eccentric and probably lonely and his statements are not true, yet you continue to print them. Oh well.

1235 days ago


Great! Now we have to decide who the bigger liar is! Thanks TMZ!!

1234 days ago


if there is even an ounce of truth in this--it's sick and disgsuting
and that can be said for him and whoever is willing to donate their body to this
and it can also be said to any Dr who agrees to harvest whatever is left of her eggs- if they even are viable

this CAN NOT be done without a WILLING DOCTOR

and any doctor who agrees to do it should lose their medila license immediately and permanently!!


1234 days ago



Zsa Zsa's daughter should check with a lawyer to see if she can legally prevent it - because obviously he doesn't have his wife's best interests in mind

1234 days ago

Gloria Unread    

In TMZ's defense: They have to keep this story up despite it now likely being false in order to show everyone it's not true. If they just removed it, people might still believe. They printed Bach's side of the story - That's good enough.

But TMZ might want to change the title of the story, since people here still aren't noticing the update.
Maybe something like "I (DON'T) Wanna Carry Zsa Zsa's Baby!" Just so there's no confusion.

1234 days ago


This is crazy! Zsa Zsa Gabor is in no shape whatsoever to care for a child at her age! She was in a car accident eight years ago, she was partially paralyzed, and now she's in a wheelchair. She's had a broken hip, blood clots, gangrene, her leg was amputated, and now she's back in the hospital again with pneumonia. Both she and her husband will be dead by the time that poor kid turns 18.

Her husband should have broke the news on the Jerry Springer show instead of TMZ and the other media outlets. Do the right thing and give the baby to a much younger and healthier couple; a couple who will live to see that child grow up.

1233 days ago


He is obviously hoping to have a kid before Zsa Zsa dies and Zsa Zsa's real children get most of her assets. He is doing this to get child support, or so he hopes. What a pig!! What did Zsa Zsa see in this creep??? He probably knows he will be homeless once Zsa Zsa dies...without a kid...ugh!!

1230 days ago


Ummm...her 94 yr old eggs are probably baby chicks by now...long expired. This should be called "elder" abuse...what next...will he contact Steve Hirsch and Vivid Entertainment and offer a sex tape of Zsa Zsa and him?? GAWD!!!

1230 days ago
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