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Kim Kardashian

The Great Altered Butt Debate

5/5/2011 12:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The great Kim Kardashian butt debate rages on ... all natural or altered? Should it be worshiped or reviled? Thanks to new photos one thing is 100% clear -- we need a closer look ... much closer.050411_TV_kim_still

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WHY... do they continue to put this talentless, shameless, porno making, celebrity wanna be, boyfriend hoppin, photo shopped pig in the "news"?

I mean, I don't have anything personally against her, and kudo's for making $$ (except for ripping off credit card no talent celeb whore's)yet because she had some dude pound her on tape, she's ALL OVER THE PLACE AND I'M SIIIIIIICK of her! And that AZZ of her's.... SHE and IT are Sooooooo heavily photo shopped in everything she appears in. SUCH A FAKE! Yet the media keeps her fake AZZ self in print. PuhLEEEEZ.... get her the hell outta our lives already! UGH!

1277 days ago


And here come the haters again. You are either jealous because you look like you've been taking no-ass-at-all pills or you're just plain fat. It's funny you are the same ones who complain because they show all of the skinny women and say it gives women an unsafe goal to try to acquire. But when a real woman is shown, she's fat. What a double standard. You know that your man would throw you out for one night with her. Just to be clear, and I speak for the straight guys in the crowd, fake or not, we don't care. We just want it!

1277 days ago


Sam, if you're a fatty chaser that's your deal, but to the rest of us she's just flabby, full of cellulite, and gross.

As for the person who said it was a big butt for a small girl, she's built like a linebacker- her butt isn't any fatter than any other part of her, she's a giant piece of lard and doesn't even have a pretty face to "make up" for it.

1277 days ago


She always looks like she is wearing a diaper. It's a weird shape, like it's all on her back and nothing near her legs.

Her sister's have big butts and so does J Lo but none of them look like they have a diaper on when they are dressed.

1277 days ago


I think she's pretty when she's got her make-up on and whatever.. her 'ppl' do a nice job. I think it's ridiculous to call her horrible names though just because she has a big butt. :/

1277 days ago


I agree with the diaper comment 100%. I've always had a large ass (and before you call me fat, I'm a member of the US military), but it never looked like that! That thing is completely misshapen! But Bayonce's looks the EXACT SAME WAY! They both look they're wearing diapers!

1277 days ago


That is truly disgusting. I am stunned that anyone could find that thing attractive. If I had a butt like that I'd live in shame & try to camoflage it at all times. Shudder.

1277 days ago


Hey give her some credit that butt made her who she is! At least she's not twig thin. :D

1277 days ago


Lets not forget how much hair was removed from that greasy lard ass. She is known for her ass hair, her sideburns and her hair line that runs from her bush to her navel.
Nasty gross and smelly.

1277 days ago


She's disgusting. Claim to fame: guys pissing on her!

1277 days ago


I guess it wouldn't be so bad it it was real but those are obviously big fat butt implants and it looks ridiculous!!! If she wanted a better ass she should just stop being lazy and do some freaking exercises like some squats. She is just so fake and she has made herself nothing more than a talentless cartoon character..without a brain!!

1277 days ago


Sam wrote:
You know that your man would throw you out for one night with her
You do a disservice to hetero men everywhere. Not all are complete douche bags willing to throw their loved ones to the side for one night with a floozy. Apparently though you are. You're not a man, you're a boy.

Oh and BTW I think Kardashian looks fine. Don't know if it's fake or not but her ass certainly adds to her curves. She'll need to keep her weight down and keep working out though cause that thing is going to spread and droop as she gets older.

1277 days ago

Wishbone're not jealous. That is the worst looking ass I've ever seen (it IS an ass, right?). I'll give her credit for releasing the kraken for all the world to see..girl has guts. It's hard to believe she thinks that looks good. It's hideous!

1277 days ago

Butt Lovin Bear 401    

I think this picture shows her real ass. All of the pictures that get published from photo shoots, etc, are touched up to make it look smaller. Same for her sister Khloe who also has a monster ass.

1277 days ago


OMG, it looks like a tumor. If I was her I would have a butt reduction. Big is good, but OMG!

1277 days ago
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