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Justin Bieber -- I'm Doing Japan No Matter What

5/6/2011 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber is going to Japan this month no matter what ... TMZ has learned -- despite his crew staging an outright mutiny ... and refusing to go with him.


The Biebs is scheduled to perform across the Pacific in two weeks -- once in Osaka and once in Tokyo -- but as we previously reported, many of his crew members are flat out REFUSING to take the trip ... because they're afraid of the cancer risks from the recent nuclear disaster.

We're told the crew is still locked in stalemate over the concerts -- but the Biebs has decided ... he's hitting Japan with or without his crew.

If Bieber doesn't have the manpower for stadium gigs -- we're told he'll take on whatever smaller venues he can ... all the way down to homeless shelters.

See? Good things happen to those who Belieb.


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As a military man I give props to your bravery and your willingness to fulfill your commitments. Your crew, on the other hand, has just shown you who they are. If you ever get in a fight, don't turn your head to look for them. They just ain't gonna be there.

1275 days ago

No, he doesn't need the money. No, not ALL of Japan is suffering and poverty-stricken. No, I'm not a fan, and I don't like his music and it isn't all that good.

BUT...if he wants to go to entertain and lift the Japanese people's spirits (those who chose to go see him anyway) as a distraction, why the heck not?

And he's not putting a gun to his crew's head. He just said he was going. Get over your hatred people.

1275 days ago


Their refusal says more about their education level than their talent onstage. Even in high school, you learn that you get more radiation from a computer screen than there is currently in areas outside 50 km of the quake zone. There are few large (earthquake) falls out side the 50 km, so the earthquake zone is very unlikely to effect his shows. They have more of an earthquake/nuclear accident in Los Angeles or San Francisco.

1275 days ago


classy kid

fire the crew (no severance pay) and hire a crew that is working in japan
and offer to let them stay on for the rest of your tour dates outside of Japan

there you are -- problem solved, everybody is happy

1275 days ago

Politico Pablo    

As an entertainer, the Japanese will respect him for fearlessly going ahead with the show. Call it the "Melt Down Tour".

1275 days ago


you people disgust me. This kid wants to do something special for the people Japan.

1275 days ago


selfish brat

1275 days ago


I'm with his crew. No way I would go to Japan at this point. I feel it's too unhealthy but as you can see Justin is just like any other 16 year old...he won't listen and does not have the wisdom to understand why not. His ego is in the way.

Justin sees it as not wanting to disappoint his fans in Japan and nothing will happen to him. He earns his own money which is in the millions, so his family can no longer tell him no don't go.

All of our hearts go out to the people of Japan, but going there now is not a good idea. Why do you think the US was telling Americans to leave Japan. Their air quality is extremely bad.

Let him go since he's so hell bent on going. Looking 5-10 years in the future, when he develops cancer and is shocked, THEN IT WILL DAWN ON HIM, he should have never made that trip to Japan in 2011.

1275 days ago


Fire the ignorant crew members! And while were at it, fire all you douches who know nothing about radiation!

1275 days ago


I'm not a fan but it's hard to understand all of this animosity towards a 17 year old. Why? Because he made it big? Bigger than the detractors I suspect. Give the kid a break.

1275 days ago


Didn't Gary Coleman try that at one time?

1275 days ago


I hope all of you that bash this kid are under the age of 16 or so, if not bless your hearts...

This kid has a harder work ethic than most 25 yr olds, his kindness and respect of his fans is insane. Leave the kid most would kill to be secretly alone. He's a good kid!

I'm a 34 yr old man that doesnt listin to his teenybop, but I don't get why so much hate on the guy...jmho

1275 days ago

richard pierce    

Good! let the little SOB go and enjoy himself! He'll be able to save money on stage lighting later on because he'll glow in the dark! No talent (hopefully sterile) little putz!

1275 days ago


Somebody smack that baby.
Japan is suffering. No need to add salt to the wound.

1275 days ago


I'll go...
rest of you need to stop sucking on your welfare sacks.

1275 days ago
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