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Kelly Preston -- Charlie Sheen DID NOT Shoot Me!

5/6/2011 5:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kelly Preston is backing up her ex-fiance Charlie Sheen -- confirming he DID NOT pull the trigger during the infamous 1990 shooting incident ... and insisting the whole thing was a "complete accident."


Kelly -- who's now married to John Travolta -- was leaving Mr. Chow after a dinner date with Kirstie Alley when she explained what REALLY happened that night ... and it syncs up perfectly with Charlie's explanation.

Earlier this week, Charlie gave his version of the shooting during a performance of his "Torpedoes of Truth" tour in Vancouver ... and told the crowd ... he knew he would be blamed for the shooting.

The real question -- why did Kelly stay quiet for 21 years and let Charlie take a bum wrap!?


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And then maybe Chucky Sleeze is simply a slob that doesn't pick up after himself?

1236 days ago


Muppet 4 hours ago

Ok so he didn't shoot her but he still left a loaded gun in his pants pocket. That shows he was irresponsible and did in fact cause her to be harmed. Who leaves a loaded gun lying around? I'm not saying he shot her, but he did cause her to be hurt through his own negligence. So basically it still is HIS fault.

Muppet...thats right and i agree with you ..she could have been killed through his negligence..he is at fault

1236 days ago


She would have been killed only if she took that gun and pointed it at her head. And still...Negligence is not the same as being accused of attempted murder, which is what Charlie has been accused of by media.

1236 days ago


ksis the bullet could have bounced back off something and hit her, is what i mean by her getting killed...he still shold not have had a loaded gun in his was negligent

1236 days ago


its funny how every news report says she got shot hahaha she got 2 stitches

1236 days ago


In case the point was missed for some: negligence does not equal attempted murder. Nuff said.

1236 days ago



I agree that the focus should be on Charlie. But, I don't know that Kelly left him. From what I've been reading in the interviews that Ginger Lynn Allen has been giving recently, she and Charlie were secretly dating during his engagement to Kelly, he was in love with Ginger and vice versa, and HE ended the engagement to Kelly.


According to Charlie's version that he just told in a show, see the video here at TMZ on that story, the bullet DID ricochet off something. He said it ricocheted off the toilet and that shrapnel - either parts of the bullet or parts of the toilet are what hit Kelly.

So, yeah if that the gun accident story is what actually happened, she is lucky.

1236 days ago



Where did you get the information that she had 2 stitches?

1236 days ago


bbrown 21 minutes ago

its funny how every news report says she got shot hahaha she got 2 stitches


Yep, just 2 stitches.

The mainstream media are "spinmasters".

1236 days ago


It's been a rumor for years and years, it doesn't make sense that she's only talking about it now.

1236 days ago


She has come forward before with the same story. What the confusion is Charlie Sheen is considered responsible for the shooting, not that he shot her. He left a loaded gun, in his pants pocket, left those dirty jeans on the floor, and did not tell anyone about the danger. It was his gun, his pants, his fault. Thank God it was not a kid, or that it did not kill Kelly. It was Charlie's fault, not that he actually shot her.

1236 days ago


How much did he pay you, Kelly? Why did you immediately end the relationship with him afterwards? Doesn't surprise me Kirstie Alley is out eating. Hopefully poor Maksim doesn't break his bones hauling her around the dance floor.

1236 days ago



Yeah, all Kelly "got" was a small flesh wound on her arm from an accidental discharge ****tering the toilet bowl, which required 2 stitches to close.

She has always told the same story about what happened, and so has Charlie, starting right after it happened. Their stories have never changed. It was recognized as an accidental discharge by investigators an no charges were ever filed.

The problem is stupid people don't read the news. They read TMZ and other truthless gossip rags that have been "reporting" how he shot her for 20 years now, and they're stupid enough to believe it.

Charlie Sheen didn't shoot Kelly Preston. Kelly Preston shot a toilet bowl and injured herself in the process.

1236 days ago

Jack DaCarup    

bbrown about an hour ago its funny how every news report says she got shot hahaha she got 2 stitches

Charlie even told the story how Kelly "shot" herself.

1236 days ago


jack dacarup
yeah but the new reports kind of make it seem like she was hit by a bullet.

1236 days ago
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