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David Beckham in Car Accident on LA Freeway

5/7/2011 1:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David Beckham was involved in a car accident on one of the busiest freeways in all of Los Angeles ... and the driver of the other car had to be taken to a local hospital ... TMZ has learned.

David Beckham Car Accident
According to law enforcement sources, Beckham was driving a black Cadillac on the 405 Freeway near Torrance, CA yesterday morning ... when he rear-ended a gold Mitsubishi that was broken down in the carpool lane.

We're told the driver of the Mistubishi, who was inside the car and wearing his seatbelt at the time, had to be taken to the hospital -- but Beckham did not require medical attention.

Law enforcement sources tell us Beckham was not arrested or cited on the scene.

A call to Beckham's rep was not returned.

UPDATE: Sources close to Beckham tell us his son Brooklyn was in the car at the time of the accident, but that he and David were both not injured.

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Football Fan    

Okay, just read Twitter's updates here. Turns out Victoria Beckham was in the car too when it happened and David was actually got distracted by his wife when she fell sideways of the seat! OMG, and she is 7 months pregnant for God sake!! If I was David, of course I would get distracted and care more for my wife! If I was the injured man (who I believed just got a minor injury) I wouldn't charge David so much accept for the crash on the car only!

1263 days ago


The LA car pool lanes are a joke. They slow down the rest of the lanes and take away anywhere to go when your car breaks down. And being crammed over against that concrete barrier is quite a feeling. Generally just a BRILLIANT idea.

1263 days ago


Hey The Truth,

Read the whole thing. His son was in the car with him so your quoted Violations 1 &3 are moot points. Number 2 is subject to visibility issues (blind curve), etc.

You're just another "me as victim" ranter. Wanna be celebrity? One of the most famous soccer players, worldwide, of all time.

What's your claim to fame loser?

1263 days ago


Gridlock occurred after attorneys flocked to the scene.

1263 days ago


30 percent of the people driving on that freeway do not have a valid US driver's license.

1263 days ago


He was texting his mistress when he crashed. Plus, he's British so he's not used to driving on the correct (right) side of the road.

1263 days ago

The Truth    


A close source to Beckham said his son was in the car…spin.

All of the photographers are now calling BS saying no one was with Beckham and the police in their statement stated no one was in the car with him.

So unless the photographers and the police are wrong and all the photos lie he was alone in the car. No son, no wife just him.

BS spin

The Truth

1263 days ago


I thought the article said Beckham was with his son Brooklyn in the car! Where the heck are people getting the information that, "Beckham was in the car by himself...!" Did you read everything or are you ignoring his son as another human being? Why do we rush to conclusions before we know the whole story?

1263 days ago


Wow!! Some of you people are really mean. I am glad that he and his son did not get hurt and I am sure that some ambulance chaser deadbeat lawyer is already signing up the other driver.

Be nice, it's free.

1263 days ago

The Truth    

The article says

“Sources close to Beckham tell us” in other words a press agent who was not there and is trying to spin the story.

The Police report is public record and anyone can look at it. An it says Beckham was alone in his car, switched to the car pool lane and rear ended the other car that was broke down.

So the police must be lying then. ..

The Truth

free if you go to the ploice station or $4.95 if you get it through their online system

1263 days ago


I was rear-ended by someone going almost full speed (city driving speed)of approx 30-35 mph. Technically the light I was approaching had turned green but for some reason everyone had stopped. I am sure the guy was just focused on the fact the light was green and just assumed everyone was starting to move or whatever...bottom line: sh*t happens.

People space out while driving. Doesn't require texting to get in an accident. I collected the money for my car from his insurance company and that was that. Did it say the hazard lights were on with regard to the disabled car in Beckham's situation? Hopefully the other guy doesn't have much wrong with him. Perhaps he hit his head and was unconscious. Hopefully he gets reimbursed for his hospital bills, car, etc but I hope he doesn't go crazy suing Beckham for anything other than what he is owed.

1263 days ago


THE TRUTH.....depends on what time of day it was and where he was. Believe sections of the 405 are open for ALL cars between certain hours such as between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

1263 days ago

mike smither    

he has really helped soccer in the us.not

1263 days ago


I'd sue just for an hour alone with his wife. Not to do anything creepy! I just want to find her USB port and download a copy of her operating system.

1263 days ago


Hmm. Inattentive, wreckless driving, probably speeding...CHA-CHING!!

1263 days ago
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