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'16 & Preggo' Couple -- SO MANY ARRESTS!

5/8/2011 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The newest couple to be introduced on MTV's "16 & Pregnant" has been arrested a combined FOUR TIMES in the past year -- with charges ranging from coke possession to assault on a female ... TMZ has learned.


The most recent arrest involves 17-year-old Jamie McKay -- who was popped for simple assault back in January for an incident involving a female classmate. According to court documents, McKay punched the girl in the back of the head -- TWICE -- but the case was eventually dismissed.

As for her baby daddy -- 18-year-old Ryan McElrath -- he was arrested for cocaine and weed possession back in July ... followed by an underage drinking bust in August.

But the most shocking part -- Ryan was busted for "assault on a female" and resisting police officers back in November. TMZ has learned McElrath's alleged victim was NOT his baby mama.

McElrath is due back in a North Carolina courtroom later this month.

TMZ spoke with McElrath who told us, "All of these are false accusations."

Attempts to reach McKay were unsuccessful.


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...and somewhere an MTV executive said, "I've got a great idea!!! Let's take these losers and give them a TV show so they'll become celebrities and other teens will emulate them in hopes of getting TV shows of their own!!!"

1271 days ago


staple gun their genitals shut

1271 days ago


MTV should be ashamed of themseleves for putting this **** on TV, as a matter of fact the best thing MTV ever did was play the Dire Straights "Money aint for nothin'" video!!
Yeah I said it
Play some music Mtv!!!!!

1271 days ago


Why America wants to showcase the worst of the worst for the world to see is beyond me! Is this really what they want people to see and relate to the USA? A bunch of unfit teens with babies? They're exploiting dysfunctional families! If they really want to help, don't throw money at them and put them on a reality show, help them by paying for some parenting courses and some life skills courses. I refuse to watch this garbage, MTV does nothing but make the problems worse!

1271 days ago


Who does he think he is? Charlie Sheen?

1271 days ago


It's nice to see that the McElrath tradition hasn't changed that much since I left Asheville!

1271 days ago


I can't BELIEVE we put these rotten, druggie, delinquent BRATS on TV, paying them because they managed to get pregnant. If my kids were that effed up, they would be in reform school and the baby would be up for adoption, period and end of story.

1271 days ago


They should change the name of the show to "Pathetic Teenage Losers who live off the system."

1271 days ago


Clearly he is an idiot. And also has been arrested. But come on....these pictures are soooooooo fake!

1271 days ago


Just like most of these"characters" chosen to be highlighted on this show--Gutter Trash!

1271 days ago


Did anyone else notice that he's wearing what looks to be the same black shirt in all of his mugshots?

1271 days ago


Look at these schmucks! Its amazing that these kids have made it thru life this far?? Why would'nt sum 1 beat the piss outta both these train wrecks and TRY to kick sum sense into them, i know if i had the oppurtunity i would!!!!

1271 days ago


Why are they allowed to be on a show? MTV is making it seemed that it's okay to have a criminal past...and appear on a show, making money so he/she could get more drugs or what ever while regular folks struggle day from day...look at the Twister damages in the Southern States. donate the money to those people who really need them!! shame on you MTV and shame on us for watching that show and add to the ratings!

1271 days ago

Crazy Head    

Have a baby, get arrested, get on MTV - love America

1271 days ago


Yep its always with the false allegations, but booking pictures say something different

Its wrong of MTV to glorify teenage pregnancies, they give them money to exploit a mistake, it shows that teenagers are not emotionally able to be parents

According to Gretchen Rossi on RHOC, you can have a baby but that doesn't make you a parent!

1271 days ago
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