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'CSI' Star

Justin Bieber Was a Brat

5/8/2011 10:16 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber had a memorable performance on "CSI" recently -- but the only thing "CSI" star Marg Helgenberger remembers ... is that he "was kind of a brat."

Justin Bieber, "un sale gosse" chez Les Experts
by Europe1fr

Helgenberger appeared on French radio show "Le Grand Direct des Médias" on Friday where she prefaced the slight with "I shouldn't be saying this, but ..." Always a good sign!

She also said the Biebs locked a producer in a closet and put his fist through a cake.

Good thing she never had to work with Charlie Sheen.

(Thanks to Gawker for the head's up on the interview)


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he's a good christian boy. he loves his mother. and this wicked witch of the west - the evil skank temptress who secretly wanted to have sex with justin (pedo btch) is now trying to drag his name through the mud because he rejected her advances.

1263 days ago


some 1 needs a spanky. come here justy BOY!

1263 days ago


Marg is awesome! She's just joking I'm sure but it's hilarious how easy it is to wind-up all of the Beiber fans.

1263 days ago


Marg said it like it is. Good for her.
Little Beaver is a spoiled conceited brat and nothing more.

1263 days ago


Bieber is a punk. In every interview he comes across as arrogant. He lacks talent. Last year on the MTV Awards, he had a drum solo and messed it up by losing the beat. Prince said that Bieber needs to learn an instrument if he wants to have longevity. Shortly after that comment, Bieber lost the best new artist grammy to what? An instrumentalist - Esparanza Spalding. So, the industry sees him for what he is. I know he plays guitar. He should focus on that more. If he aspires to be like his idol Michael Jackson, he needs to understand music and polish his performance. MJ was great because he learned from his father that you don't get onstage until your act is perfect. Every performance of Bieber's that I've seen has a flubbed dance move or instrumental solo. I'll be glad when his 15 minutes are over.

1263 days ago

Studley Buck    

Helgenberger is kind of an ugly hag, too. In fact, she ruins what could be a good CSI show.

1263 days ago


Bieber fans are obviously prime targets for "Hitler like" leaders. Stupid. Really.

1263 days ago


justin was doing her and that whole cast of has-beens a favor by slumming down to TV land. they should be thanking him, and not talking smack.

what a bunch of no-talent ass-clowns.

1263 days ago


How long until she gets death threats from a few delirious teenagers?

1263 days ago


I highly doubt Marg was "joking around". I totally believe her since it's not the first time its ever been reported that Bieber's a brat.

1263 days ago


Marg said that Justin was kind with her but he did stupid things like putting his hand in a cake, locking a producer in a closet, ...

1263 days ago


He's a kid being a kid. What's the big deal?

1263 days ago


If only there was a way to auto-tune a douchebaggy teenagers personality and attitude.


1263 days ago


He's a rich 16 year old that sees what girl riots can do just for him. He can do whatever he wants. I don't listen to his music, but reality is... 20 year old men act worse than him. Hence, the Jackass crew and they were in their 30s.... Boys will be boys.

1263 days ago


Justin better enjoy it all now as he will be known as "former child star" or "former teen idol" within a year or two. I'm seeing Leif Garret as the template for his future.

1263 days ago
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