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'Sister Wives' Mother's Day -- To The Buffet!!!

5/8/2011 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Sister Wives" star Kody Brown knows there's only one way to please all 4of his wives on Mother's Day ... and it involves an ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT BUFFET IN VEGAS!!

TMZ spoke with the TLC reality star -- who tells us he's taking Meri, Christine, Janelle, and Robyn to the Red Rock Casino in Las Vegas for their famous Mother's Day Brunch buffet.

Kody says he isn't really a "breakfast guy" -- but his wives are huge fans of the Rock's quiche, eggs, and waffles ... and at $23.99 a pop, it fits in the budget.

Meanwhile, the Duggar family from "19 Kids & Counting" are also having a cost-friendly Mom's Day ... hitting church in the morning ... followed by a family luncheon honoring the women.

In other Mother's Day news -- TMZ also spoke with "Cake Boss" Buddy Valastro ... who told us he's finally gonna take the day off this year and spend it with his wife Lisa ... who gave birth to their 4th kid this year.

Happy Mother's Day people.


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leigh Young    

My, My what bunch of judgmental people. Calling someone fat, white trash, arrogant! I think there are a lot of people who are tipping their hats about their own insecurities. I am with leslie on this. You must be watching it to make the remarks you have made. Did any of your mothers ever teach you "if you don't have anything good to say, don't say anything at all?" Talk about the issue of polygamy if you want, but you don't need to attach the character of the people! As I was reading the above comments, i thought, I didn't know I lived in such a hatful world.

1234 days ago


They are not living on welfare or wic and keep having kids. Im sure they made some good money from the show for all of them to make job changes in VEGAS. I dont believe in the morman faith or their life style but enjoy watching the show. When they firgure out the cost of privacy and moving etc. I dont know if the show was worth the drama

1234 days ago


OMG How can you guys report about these people. NOBODY CARES. Please stop wasting resources and report on real celebritities.

1234 days ago

joseph smith    

at lest these flds people stick to their faith..the main stream mormons change their faith more times then a teen changes clothes..they change just to please people to draw in more money and to one day become president of this country...

1234 days ago


L Yooung

" "if you don't have anything good to say, don't say anything at all?""


How about if you dont have anything good to put on TV, dont put anything on TV at all?

No one wants to see these sick creeps - we all read the news about this fupped lifestyle and what it does to women and children and all the men going to prison.

And Joes Myth, you are a fupping laugh! Yeah Joe was a loser child molester too, look where it got him, he took the same medicine as that polygamist Osama bin laden.

1234 days ago


Wow! God bless all the mean people on this site. A little compassion would do you good.

1234 days ago


Ummm Happy Mothers Day to all of them. I don't agree with their lifestyle and it kind of makes me sick but I'm not the one that has to live it. To each their own, I'm just way too selfish to want to share that much lol.

1234 days ago

just wittle ole me    

they are making a bunch of money for being married to the same sex starved man. Give me a break.

1234 days ago


Kod makes me ill. The man is a pig. Plain and simple. All of these women are missing something within themselves to put up with and glorify this lifestyle. 4 of them including him (makes 5) for a buffett at $24.00 a pop. I can' afford that for a family of three. I wonder what the tv channel is paying them. How can they afford this plus what, 13 or 14 kids? He rolls around in his sports car yet he has 14 kids with one on the way. I'd like to put some salt peter in his eggs and see how many more kids he has. Help out the taxpayers of, I guess, now, Las Vegas. He had to run. A*****le.

1234 days ago


This family is Great, in my opinon, they have alot of love in their family.Which most familys dont have.Who are we to past judgement on them.I for one think the goverment and small minded people should stay out of it.We should worry about all the childern who are living with parents that use drugs and abuse thier children.Not this family that clearly love their children and eachother.I love you guys. Hang in there and trust your hearts.

1234 days ago


Sounds like fun! we have to like what he liked by the people we love

1234 days ago


Sounds like fun! we have to like what he liked by the people we love

1234 days ago


"Careful, the fat one will clear out the buffet. That woman's a fat tub of goo. What a big, fat, fattie."

That sort of comment is uncalled for. Just think how much it would hurt you to have someone say that about you or your mom. That is the sort of thing I would expect a 7 to 10 year old to say not a grown adult. Please keep criticism constructive and realize that the kids may read what you post.

1234 days ago

Michael McDonald    

I could not imagine having 4 wives....Some guys' fantasy can be other guys' nightmare!

Michael McDonald
"Trading Information @ Your Fingertips!"

1234 days ago


Give TLC, Kody, and family for presenting this show that seems so contradictory to societal norms. Don't think this show will fly for very long. It dosen't seem real; Kody wearing this mask that everyone is fine, we are struggling(when they are getting money for the show), and the wives seeming the sisterhood is the best thing since sliced toast, please. Now this will not sit well with a lot of you but hats of to the boy, if he can balance all the bedroom action and keep them all smiling!!! And that is what it would be about for most of us men! Now ladies, you are watching the show and calling this wrong etc, what a contradiction on your part.
Now I don't get all this about possible charges. If Kody only married one legally, violated no other law, them what??? Kids seem ok and appear to be well taken of.

1234 days ago
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