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Lindsay Necklace Case -- No Contest Plea Tomorrow

5/9/2011 10:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan will officially plead no contest to misdemeanor theft tomorrow -- TMZ has learned -- but Lindsay won't be showing up in court.

Lindsay Lohan Plea

Sources connected with Lindsay tell TMZ ... Lindsay wants to show up for the plea, but the cost and craziness associated with a Lindsay Lohan appearance is just too much -- what with extra Sheriff's deputies, court disruption, etc.

So Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Holley, will appear before Judge Stephanie Sautner to enter the plea.

TMZ broke the story ... Lindsay will plead no contest, and in such cases it's routine a defendant can serve the sentence with an electronic monitoring device at home, rather than doing jail time.

As we first reported ... both Sheriff's Department and the Probation Department sources tell us ... Lindsay would be eligible to serve her 120-day jail sentence with electronic monitoring at home.

Judge Sautner has made it clear ... she's treating Lindsay like any other defendant, so it's likely the judge will allow her the electronic monitoring option.

And, a defendant who serves time at home with an monitoring bracelet gets the same time off for good behavior and jail overcrowding as someone who serves time in the pokey.  And we're told 120 days translates into 14 DAYS.   So 14 days with a bracelet and she'll be off the hook with the necklace!

TMZ will be in court tomorrow.

Stay tuned.


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...and get ready [eyes-rolling] for a tough on crime bullsh*t speech from the judge. "your client is not above the law.. yada yada yada yada"

America and our fine legal system, where you get the verdict you pay for.

1270 days ago


then you must not be "seeking" very well Rocky.

1270 days ago

Made it Past 27    

Lindsay, stop posting comments to defend yourself and go to AA

1270 days ago


Off with her head, off with her head!

1270 days ago

Pony Princess    

the Seeker,
just in case you weren't aware, "mentally challenged" is a politically correct term to encompass all the things that defined someone who would have previously been labled mentally retarded.

In fact, the University of Michigan, under it's fitness for youth webpages, defines "mentally challenged" this way:
"Refers to those whose IQ is below 70-75 and who lack proper adaptive social behavior. Around 3% of the population has some form of mental retardation. As a group, mentally retarded children walk and talk later, are slightly shorter and are usually more susceptible to physical problems and illnesses than other children. They also generally score lower on tests of motor ability and physical fitness, although this is more due to neglect and lack of opportunity to improve than their disability."

I think it would be difficult, if not impossible, to lable LL as mentally challenged. Seems her grades belie that IQ restriction and she's been able to adapt to a number of different situations. (Except when it comes to being a law-abiding citizen and complying with probation requirements as set by a court of law).

So, do you still think she is a mentally challenged victim, or is she something else?

1270 days ago


Yeah okay but you can't blame Lindsay for the madness that surrounds her appearances in court anymore than you can Britney in the days when the paps chased her all over the place.

1270 days ago

the Seeker    

I agree she is at a crossroads again in her young(24 yrs.) life and needs a little help getting over her past trauma and troubled abusive family memories from youth, so ,I choose to be constructive with my comments and be helpful and supportive and not tear down and continue to victimize Lindsay as she slowly but surely gets back in Americas good graces and movie theaters.
I say amen to that Ernie and Rocky

1270 days ago


that was a great wedding. lindsay looked like a terrible bride. but she went a head and married the court system anyway. and now they are unseperatable. and looks like she will be married for a long time

1270 days ago


there is a picture of sam ronson at the top of the TMZ home page bit damn she gained about 400 lbs

1270 days ago


TO: "WhatTheHellDoesTMZStandFor?"


THAT is something I've always wanted to know. They're probably initials of some hebrew words that when translated mean:
"Hey ya'll look, now I'm REALLY super rich," spoken by Harvey Levin.

You go Harvey!

And, um, what does "TMZ" stand for?

1270 days ago


One year probation for the theft and to finish the CS and she completely avoids jail.
This isn't Florida.


Hollywood startlet Lindsay Lohan is not expected to serve any time in jail after she pleads no contest to a theft charge Tuesday!

Information leaked exclusively to RadarOnline indicate that Lohan's high-powered attorney, Shawn Holley, and the new prosecutor on the case, Melanie Chavira, just met with the judge presiding over all things Lindsay.

And the group decided Lohan would remain on the right side of the prison bars!

When Lohan pleads, Judge Stephanie Sautner told the lawyers she would sentence the star of Mean Girls and Freaky Friday to another year's probation.

It's a stunning victory for Lohan, whose rap sheet is getting longer than her movie credits.

"Lindsay knows she dodged a major bullet," a source close to the situation said. "She doesn't like the fact she'll be on probation for another year, but it beats being in state prison."

1270 days ago


She doesn't look young anymore she's lost her looks by trying to be sexy. She's not "fresh" like other young women her age. She should have waited years before she manipulated her hair and face. It's aged her.

1270 days ago


Harvey said on TMZ live that Lindsay has found religion. I hope so, I have prayed for her as well as ernie. Maybe I should stop doing tarot readings If she can stay focused with that she will be fine. I wish her well.

1270 days ago


Nicole you said she would be off probation months ago. well damn bat man she is still there but with worse circu mstances. she has done 2 hours of CS in 2 weeks. what a great start. why did she not go over the weekend or today. because she is taking it seriously now

1270 days ago


TO: Nicole who wrote:

"...Hollywood startlet Lindsay Lohan is not expected to serve any time in jail after she pleads no contest to a theft charge Tuesday!..."


You DO realize that a "no contest" plea is the same as pleading "guilty" don't you Nicole? So your long winded denials and statements that Lindsay was "innocent" were all completely wrong.

But then, you really don't care how many crimes she commits, how much drugs she does, or how drunk she gets, so long as she keeps getting off the hook, that's all you need.

I bet Lindsay's next step to get attention aka "help" will be to do something even MORE outrageous than all of this has been.

1270 days ago
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