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Lindsay: Early Release IS Available -- 14 Days Likely

5/10/2011 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... The L.A. County Sheriff's Department now says Lindsay Lohan is eligible for early release, even with home detention instead of jail -- which means she will probably end up locked up at home for only around 2 weeks.

Lindsay Lohan Jail Time

TMZ posted a story yesterday ... quoting an L.A. County Sheriff's official ... stating that she may not get early release based on jail overcrowding, and therefore she would likely serve roughly 84 days of the 120 day sentence.

But now we're told ... the Sheriff's position is that Lindsay CAN get early release ... short story -- around 14 days will do it.

So Wednesday, after Lindsay pleads no contest to misdemeanor theft, it's likely Lindsay will end up with electronic monitoring at home, and she's at the beach for cryin' out loud.

We'll be live streaming Wednesday's court hearing.


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Who Farted    

Really does not matter what time she gets...She is a THIEF and a lying JUNKIE. Forever who will forever be known as a thief too. She is gonna $tarve regardless.

1260 days ago


The girl will be dead in a year!

1260 days ago


Nicole she might be considered a non violent offender but she is still a OFFENDER She still breaks the law where are you still seeing that she is innocent? You are blind.....

1260 days ago


I agree with Donna, nicole. She's a repeat offender. That will weigh against her as well.

1260 days ago


Regardless of what the judge decides, Lohan will always be a known thief, her reputation is shot to hell.

Worse of all, after tomorrow, another concreate carpet walk, the paps will move on.

Yet, I don't doubt that Lohan will make sure the paps knows her every move, just like always. She has them on speed dial.

1260 days ago


@janet. She doesn't have to turn up for this and the tabs are reporting that Holley will just do the plea for her.

1260 days ago

Hot Farts    

Enough with the fvcking speculation. They got her azz for the next year case closed. House arrest schmouse arrest. Regardless of whether its 14 days or 40 she is at home and can do everything she needs to do including work conducting business from home.

I am glad this is over tomkorrow. This will be a first if she gets 10% on a house arrest ...

but, TMZ are highly irresponsible reporting without knowledge like they did when they said she'd go home after violation hearing. I knew she would not cuz no one lese would without being arrested and booked.

I happen to think the sheriffs are screwing with TMZ cuz they can and they think its funny or TMZ are hacks

1260 days ago


I happen to think the sheriffs are screwing with TMZ cuz they can and they think its funny or TMZ are hacks

@90291.....good point. :)

1260 days ago


I'm no Lindsay fan but let's remember: Martha Stewart said home detention was worse than prison and Lindsay has hundreds of community hours to fulfill.

That's enough, given this is a misdemeanor conviction.

What do you want? Blood?

1260 days ago


i told u lindsay is star and nothign hapen 2 her and if u dont no that now feal sory 4 u

1260 days ago


when does the sheriffs department become the da and judge. you have to be off your rocker to think they that they determine the case. their job is to uphold the law that has been passed down to them. opinions are like butt holes. everyone has one and they all stink

1260 days ago


Are you "Lohan is a trainwreck" in disguise?

Yeah Lindsay has another year of probation but if she violated and got sentenced to the full time for the theft she would do 7 weeks or less. She isn't a felon and won't serve much time if she meeses up the community service. It is win win .

1260 days ago

john smith    

Haters go take a walk at the beach, I just did 12 miles, it clears the head.......

1260 days ago


there has been a crime commited the person has been caught. we have to call barney fife up to determine the punishment. nope does not work that way Nicole

1260 days ago


If she violated, she would get an additional sentence for violating, again. I think the "chances" to get it together would be over and she would be unemployable as an actress.

1260 days ago
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