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Contemplated Divorce

for Nearly 2 Years

5/10/2011 8:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Maria Shriver has been deciding whether to DIVORCE Arnold Schwarzenegger since 2009 ... but sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ, she's been "extremely conflicted."

Maria Shriver

We're told Maria has been unhappy with Arnold for years ... and first planned to split with him back in 2009 ... but her mother passed away and Maria decided to hold off.

Then, we're told, Maria wanted to try to break it off again in January 2011 ... but her father died ... once again putting the split on hold.

Our source tells us Maria is fed up with Arnold's infidelities ... coupled with the fact he's been "impossible" to live with. We're told Maria's kids acknowledge the issues -- and have pushed their mother to call off the marriage.

People who have spoken with Maria tell us ... despite her STRONG public persona, Maria has become a "shell of the woman" she appears to be because she is "terrified" of Arnold ... but in an emotional, not a  physical way.

However, once Maria finally decided to separate from Arnold  -- and moved into a fancy Beverly Hills hotel -- we're told Arnold pulled a 180 ... and he's been "working extremely hard" to win her back.  As one source says, "He could not be sweeter now that she's left him."

To make things even more complicated, Arnold and Maria have been spending LOTS of time together lately ... hanging out during Easter, Mother's Day and even their 25th anniversary ... which they celebrated together at an expensive hotel.

A source close to the couple tells us ... despite their differences, Arnold and Maria have "serious chemistry between them" ... which is why she has such ambivalence about the break-up.

But ambivalence aside, Maria has been "miserable" in the marriage and has taken a big step to end the relationship.



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She should have followed her instincts and divorced him then. Coming from a political family, she probably considered what it might do for his political career. Big mistake. He just went ahead and ruined the state of California anyway. He should have stuck with his day job, Our country just loves those violent movies.

1264 days ago


Gasp ! No D;

1264 days ago


I have seen Maria in action. Besides doing nothing but talking about herself and Oprah she closes doors on people (literally), could give a krap about people despite her public persona, is hated but shopkeepers and is in general a witch in a wig. Truth. I have seen it all with my own eyes. If I was Arnold I would have dumped this hag a long time ago!

1264 days ago


... hey maria - get out of that california smog - heavy traffic and polluted air for the summer - go up to alaska and help rescue a polar bear - bring the kids and shoot a video for youtube ...

1264 days ago



1264 days ago



1264 days ago

TMZ dont like me    

Guess not matter how abusive a dude is to a woman, whether it be physical, emotional, or psychological, she just can't help but stay with him. This stuff is universal and crosses all racial, socio-economic barriers...

1264 days ago


have you seen her mass plea to the world for advice, like some poor little rich girl now with wearing the badge of victimhood?

she's a Fing KENNEDY! grow a pair, lady. it's not like you got married thinking you'd never get divorced.

poor poor, little rich girl.

1264 days ago


When the death of a parent happens it really changes your perspective on life..If u are not happy then it's time to move on.

1264 days ago


this what women dream about - the divorce fantasy. all the hens come out to console the poor angel. they eat this stuff up. it's like they get a year of intense sympathy and victimhood status from the sisterhood.

and when the divorce settlement comes in, well - the little lady has fully recovered and is off to spend her millions.

NEVER get married men. these chicks are Fing crazy.

1264 days ago


If it gets to the point that your own children can see your suffering, then the time has come to put yourself first and get out of the marriage. It may be hard, but if the other person doesn't value you as they should, then there is no point to continue suffering. I have always liked Maria and wondered what she saw in him, but to each his own. I can only hope that she will continue to be strong and will begin the healing process by continuing her path to divorce.

1264 days ago


No Lady - 25 years isn't long enough? Lol...that comment was lame in reference to these two.

who dey - she not a republican for christ's sake! She's a hard core Democrat and always will be! And who the hell needs to have a politcal view on a marriage? Yeah, that makes a hell of a lot of sense!

lander - i doubt that she is that concerned about how many millions her settlement will be. she was rich before arnold and she will be so after him. you sound like an angry, bitter man who hates any woman so i take your advice with a grain of salt.

1264 days ago


Just another self centered, hormone driven bag of resentments making life miserable for everyone... Maybe try at a conscious level work on being lovable rather than coughing up rapid fire hairballs for him to juggle?

1264 days ago


Divorce isn't always the answer. Talking and working through the problems to come out stronger in the end is the better way to go if it's at all possible. I'm guessing she spent alot more time with the children because of Arnold's jobs, how hard would it be to sway their opinions in her favour? Way to mess with the children! She's at the age where a midlife crisis is possible. She's feeling like she's missed out now. Go see a doctor and get some counselling!

1264 days ago

Winston Smith    

Most Americans think of Arnold Schwarzenegger as a charismatic bodybuilder who became a famous Hollywood actor and then married into the Kennedy clan, ultimately became Gov. of California. Just beneath the surface of Arnold's façade lies an intricate web of evil including Nazi war criminals, occult rituals, a Rothschild rendezvous, a friendship with once head of the UN and known Nazi, Kurt Waldheim, Warren Buffett (the oracle of Omaha) and many others.

1264 days ago
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