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Mike Epps

SERVED at Comedy Show


5/10/2011 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Hangover" star Mike Epps went BALLISTIC on a woman who served him with a lawsuit during a comedy performance in Texas last week -- calling her a "white b*tch" and telling her to "suck my d*ck."051011_mike_epps_v2_still

It all went down at the Verizon Theater in Grand Prairie ... while Mike was in the middle of his set, a process server approached the stage and served him with a lawsuit stemming from an altercation inside of a Detroit nightclub in December.

Mike looked down and said, "White b*tch just threw some papers up on the mother f*cking stage ... b*tch, f*ck you."

Mike then admitted participating in the nightclub brawl ... saying, "This is from when I whooped that n*gga's ass in Detroit."

Mike continued to berate the process server as she made her way towards the exit ... saying, "B*tch, I don't give a f*ck ... suck my d*ck."

As TMZ first reported, a photographer sued Epps, claiming the actor unleashed a "brutal beating" on him inside the Key Club in Detroit. The photog also claims members of Epps' entourage fired several gunshots at him outside the venue.


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I have never in my life had a white man call me a white bitch. :/ If it wasn't a racial comment then why the "white" in front of it? He clearly hates women with the way he talks, what a piece of rubbish this man is!

By the way that's not an invite for idiots to call me a white bitch. (I just know someone would stoop to that level)

1240 days ago


exactly Muppet:

I'm a white female...NEVER had anyone call me a white bitch. HAVE had men and women call me a bitch though. Adding in a color designation makes it racist...why else add it in there?

1240 days ago


if a white celeb called a woman a black bitch , it would be the end of his career .... really doubt that it will happen with the roles reversed,

1240 days ago



That's the ONLY reason he added the "white" in there. He was making a point. Sadly alot of people think "white" people should suck it up and take this kind of abuse because of racism years ago. How can we ever move forward if we constantly are looking back?? The idea is to learn from mistakes and carry on, not keep repeating them just in a different form. Some people will never learn I guess.

1240 days ago


Hey, "black ****head"!, You Been Served!!!! Good luck with all that!!!

1240 days ago

Ivana Tinkle    

If any "man" calls me a bitch, much less adding an unnecessary race reference with it, he'd have to get his nards removed from the toes of my shoes.
If he is that disrespectful of women, he doesn't need them anyway.
She didn't do anything other than put an envelope on the stage. He was so threatened by that he had to verbally cut her down in such a vicious manner. Sad.
I really feel sorry for his wife.

1240 days ago

pac from da lou    

Damn it's a racist thang huh? Black people been hated on for year-years and the only people who was screaming was who? THANK YOU!!!! The dude is a comedian so what the hell u expect, had it been me I would of roasted her ass, ya moma, yo ass, and anybody else who did some stupid **** like that. BET IT WONT HAPPEN NO MOE!!!! lol stupid ass!!!!!

1240 days ago


the most acceptable form of racism, from the most racist group

1240 days ago


Donna 43 minutes ago
Ok Adelle, you are obviously a dimwitt so let me slow this down for, I didn't go through slavery or a famine like your ancestors - the point was that racism is alive and well in this country. That is evident from your UNEDUCATED, stupid comments. I don't need you to play me a violin dumbass because unlike you I have a life, am educated and know that the past greatly effects what is going on today. So again, read a book, take a class, get hooked on phonics, do something to educate yourself instead of being just a dumb bimbo.

You're a dumb broad stuck in the past, that's really the only point you've made. It's only because of people/whiners like you that the past plays such a huge role in the present. Btw, if you want to carry on about how much more educated you are than me, please learn basic English. IE(" educated and know that the past greatly *affects..." not effects, **** for brains.) Oh such irony you would brag about your level of education, yet you fail to grasp even the simplest rules in the English language.LOL :D

1240 days ago

Ivana Tinkle    

@pac... k, he is supposedly a comedian - no humor was there- only insults. (actually even when he's trying to be funny, he sucks)
I doubt if they were roasting the server. A roast is a roast, not some guy in front of 15 people. Roasts have humor and a roastee. Do us a favor and actually watch a real roast, get a dictionary and get it through your ignorant head that insulting others doesn't fix the past.

1240 days ago

Gsharon 710    

White is a color, not a race.

1240 days ago


What a POS. Yeh take it out on a process server and caller her a white bitch. Where's AL Sharpton? Oh right he's only a black race baiter. I'm sure if some white perosn called a black woman a black bitch it'd get ghetto really quick with race cards comin out the ass.

1240 days ago


What a classless racist, SOB to call that woman a wh!+e b!+ch.

1240 days ago


Let's get something straight. Mike Epps is an amusing entertainer, but he definitely was NOT the star of "The Hangover".

Oh yeah, he's also racist s***.

1240 days ago


All you white people who cry racism make my laugh. How long have African Americans, Hispanics, Asian had to put up with racism in this country? Much more any white people ever has. So, Epps is a low life that cussed out a female process server. She did have some big balls serving him while on stage. If you're going to do a number on an ******* expect some sparks to fly. White people who cry the loudest about "white racism" I believe have a deep seeded disdain for black people.

1240 days ago
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