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Whitney Houston -- Banned From Prince Shows

5/10/2011 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Whitney Houston has lost her Prince privileges ... because sources tell TMZ the Purple One's people became so fed up with her erratic behavior and constant ticket demands ... that she is no longer allowed at his shows.

According to our Prince sources, Whitney attended several Prince concerts in the last few weeks and appeared to be "intoxicated" at each show -- though our sources never saw Whitney drink alcohol or take drugs. 

We're told Whitney was constantly badgering Prince's staff to let her up on the stage ... but Team Prince shot her down multiple times because P's people "didn't want her to embarrass herself."

Our sources say Whitney's erratic behavior, coupled with repeated and excessive ticket demands became too much for Prince -- and his team ultimately banned Houston from his concerts.

0509_sloppy_signs_videoAs TMZ first reported, Houston is receiving treatment in an out-patient rehab program for ongoing drug and alcohol problems.

Calls to Houston's people have not been returned.


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Good for Prince. I don't blame him one bit. Somebody has to keep this train wreck from embarrassing herself any more than she already has. Isn't it amazing that people on alcohol or drugs seem to have no idea how bad they are acting or how much they are embarrassing themselves. I give Prince credit for holding his ground and not letting her embarrass herself yet again. She looks like hell, sounds like hell and acts like an idiot. That poor daughter of hers will probably grow up to do exactly the same thing Whitney does. Drugs & Alcohol.

1270 days ago


Its so sad to see someone who had so much fall so hard to the grown. if this isnt an eye opener then im not sure what it. whittney been threw alot and turned to drugs every time. rather then getting help, the drugs only made her worse

whittney, look at your self and ask your self the nest time yu drink or take drugs... is this really what i want, i mean look at what your doing to your self and to your career

1270 days ago


Can you imagine how out of control you'd have to be to be banned from a Prince concert???

1270 days ago


Crack is whack!

1270 days ago


Thank U SandeeBee, she has the rep of being harder than Bobby ever was! I blame show biz how many lives has it ruined, then they turn their backs on the artist and get someone younger to start the whole ugly process over again.

1270 days ago


I was at the show last week where Chaka Khan AND Prince each independently INVITED Whitney up on stage and each handed her a microphone asking her to sing with them. And each gave praise after. In addition the crowd went nuts when she joined them. Ridiculous story.

1270 days ago


Prince has not banned Whitney from his concerts...all rumors. He has respect for Whitney, maybe he encouraged her to seek treatment since she did enter rehab just days after performing on stage with him...just a thought.

1270 days ago


@ psychosomatic that was last week. we don't know what happened after. that night. he is doing 21 shows. obviously something did happened prior to that night.

1270 days ago

Cleveland Gal    

It is real sad that Whitney and Bobby passed their drug problems onto their child, some people just should not have childrena and they are a perfect example of that. As for Whitney in this video I feel sorry for her, she is crying out for some attention from anyone and making a fool out of herself in the process. I think her career has been over for a very long time. Talent gone to waste.

1270 days ago


If you guys don't think her and her daughter are high, you're as delusional as Whitney.

1270 days ago


This is NOT true! Please don't believe that und read profesional articles! That makes me so angry! Why are you trying to kill her career?!

1270 days ago


Even Bobby Brown is shocked at Whitney being back on drugs. lol

I don't know who came up with this out-patient rehab crap but is just a waste of time. Whitney needs to be in a SERIOUS rehab facility for at least 90 days or more. Girl lost her voice to drugs so you know she's into them heavy duty and needs heavy duty treatment to get off of them.

Maybe Charlie "Crackhead" Sheen could teach Whitney how to "blink" her addiction to drugs away. lol. I wish her well though.

1269 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

are there like a herd of 'desperatly employment needing' pr agents who discovered whitney on the bottom of the grab basket, and want to make a dollar or two by dragging her asz back into the limelight?? dude. justin bieber is famous. that is a sign. LEAVE WHITNEY ALONE!!! :DD

1269 days ago


after watching the video it looks like they where just having fun and enjoying the music, its not like they were falling all over the place they didnt even have a drink in their hands come on stop judging people based on their past mistakes

1269 days ago

Yuk Suk Tu    

What's wrong with this video of Whitney and other person having fun at a concert? I'm not talking about her crack addiction. I'm talking about this video TMZ posted of Whitney having fun at a concert. What's so bad about that? I've been to roughly 75 concerts in my lifetime and that's exactly what I do when I see my favorite band or singer. Believe me, I don't just sit there quiet like. I sing and dance. TMZ, this is just unnecessary footage of her, in other words, just a low blow!

1269 days ago
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