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Arnold Speaks -- 'We Love Each Other Very Much'

5/11/2011 6:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Arnold Schwarzenegger made his first public statement on his separation from Maria Shriver last night -- where he said they still "both love each other very much."

Addressing the crowd at an Israeli Independence Day event in L.A., the former California governor said "I just talked to Maria an hour ago before I came here and we both were saying the same thing, we are amazed and extremely blessed to be surrounded by so many wonderful people."

He continued, "We both love each other very much, we are very fortunate we have four extraordinary children and we're taking it one day at a time."

The duo announced their split on Monday after 25 years of marriage.


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Hey Arnold .. if you really loved her that much .. then why all the womanizing?

1259 days ago


Thank God! Where there is love, there is hope. Don't give up on your marriage! God can heal all wounds. I hope you both stay together and let God guide you over this period. Hang in there!

1259 days ago




1259 days ago


Too bad Arnie
Sometimes ''love'' just doesn't cut it anymore.

1259 days ago


sounds like he should be in Washington, tells you what he thinks you want to hear.

1259 days ago


Good for them! I hope they can work this out. Everyone stumbles along the way. The answer to their problems is communication. Sounds like they got stuck in a rut. It happens. People trying to interfere (sources) should back off and let them see if they can fix their marriage. The answer isn't always divorce!

1259 days ago


I wonder why the Birthers haven't demanded he prove he's an American citizen. He can't even pronounce the state he governs.

1259 days ago


arnold has been cheating on all his gfs from day one. Nobody can prove he didnt do gay **** in the beginning to get started in "bodybuilding". Obviously he got addicted to porn and now needs to bang a different young whore once or twice a week and hasnt touched maria for years. Obviously they could have stayed together and he could have kept banging younger women to feel alive and give a meaning to his own existence. But She couldnt get it anymore.

When people are affraid of death they do everything to look younger. People who accept death do not. They know they re only a little part of something a lot bigger than themselves, and are able to focus on their offspring instead of themselves. People who accept death often had to live with older people, often their parents, while they were dying. I dont know if arnold has been present for his family members when they were close to dying. Arnold is typically the dude who's affraid of death and do not want to think about it. Hence the constant hyper activity.
Again just looking at him these last years, and judging by a laconic interview he did recently, dude isnt even happy, and wants to be young for ever. It's not like he's the first or only one. This is what happen when people in their 60s discover internet and are bored at home. Yes, arnold s. is a bored egocentrical and empty human like everyone else, only thing is that he has a lot of money. Do not care much about his kids or wife, and must have thought that money could provide for everything and could buy everything. Coming from a strict and boring family authentic demonstrations of love from his caregivers must not have been very common during his childhood and adolescence. Hence his inability to reproduce authentic and caring behaviors toward women and his children. You cannot teach what you didnt learn.

Clearely they re ****ting on everything they built, talk about good believers with a strong faith... More like rich people with no values other than money and domination. More like animals solely guided by their impulses than spiritual "humans" somehow. Imo maria was the typical good naive girl with a low self esteem and a not so good looking face and body -fat ugly looking broad when younger who did everything, plastic surgery, weight loss to keep her husband satisfied and being in touch with the modern view of the perfect wife- who fell for the manipulator. She took everything without saying a word for two decades every single day, but he pushed it too far. The interesting part is that she's from a family of cheaters, and ended with one of them, following subconscious patterns. Arnold had all the caracteristics of all the males in her own family, AND muscles. She thought she could never ever get better. That was the reason why she was so cool with everything he might have done. But at some point everyone starts crumbling when they get lied to so many times.
We do not know what she did for him, how important she was in his "success". Something tells me he would never have been close to where he went without her connexions.

All in all, poor kids. Because they re the ones doomed to reproduce what they ve been exposed to now.

Without a doubt most of his behaviors could be explained easily by a better understanding of his younger years in europe.

Arnold will end like a trainwreck with so much plastic surgery he ll be unrecognizable...

Charlie sheen, mickey rourke...and so many others. Same old story.

1259 days ago


He s obviously been cheating on her for years and she was able to deal with it, but he must have uped the egocentrical behaviors as he aged to the point she couldnt take it anymore. He must of have realy treated her like ****. People who cant deal with death often end doing inconceivably stupid stuff. At some point the character takes over the normal, functionning human personality. Another one who thought he was God himself and can't deal with the fact he's just another human like everyone else. This is why he wants to be adored, worshiped, seen. This is what makes him feel he's special, he's above the rest. People who understood they are nothing and that they simply had a lot of luck compared to others do not do this kind of stuff and often tend to do things which will help others, especially at the end of their life. Arnold S. is still self centered and not "happy" even after everything he s done in his life. Let's not forget most of what he's done is fake, including his family as we now all know it. These people never really found any solace in any kind of relationships they had with other human beings. In fact they feel better alone most of the time until they need their "fix" of massive attention. Extremistic individuals with no balance in their affects. I feel for his kids and i'm pretty sure we re going to hear a lot of nasty stuff from them about their "father". Arnold like everyone else will understand the concept of "you reap what you sow".

Somehow we all knew he wasnt an intelectual from day one. More like an impulsive guy with a lot of charisma and luck -if you call selling your ass to gay old men for money and sucess luck-. Just good at seducing people who could give him connexions to more power.

People with a lot of money and who suffer from "hypomania" always attempt to dodge death due to the incapacity of dealing with it since childhood. They think they re immortal, can't resist frustration especially when they re so filthy rich. Arnold just like any other man nowadays fell for the traps of the modern society and the results are always the same; when you murder your couple and family commiting adultery, you also murder the fate of your offspring and curse them because they will reproduce it once parents themselves.
Just another charlie sheen in the making.

The phenomenon is quite common with people who never were rich but got rich quickly. They cannot deal with it, it's too much.

Arnold has never been wise.. he s been effective at luring, fooling the right people with his character and muscles - and money-.
It was his strategy of survival, most would say it's the optimal strategy of survival. Let's see what his kids once grown up will think about it and how they turn out. Just by looking at some pictures and vids of them, they seem really depressed most of the time.

Father is "having fun", kids are getting destroyed for ever.

It has never ever been about "love" for him. He s always been a cold blooded individualistic bastard from day one.
He's going to have a hard time with retirement. Cause he litteraly lived for the attention. Hence the reason why he wants to act on screen again.
Obviously a family isnt enough for him to feel alive.

great read btw and right on target with the subject of this thread;

Natural selection and the elusiveness of happiness

1259 days ago


He wants to play around, but he also wants to stay married to a Kennedy--the only reason he was elected to Governor. To Maria--Lose the guy!!

1259 days ago


Two healthy egos are not a smooth marriage make as the old saying goes or something to that effect. Obviously both are incapable of subjugating themselves entirely to one another's interests without some conflict arising when the occasion presents itself to do so. Hopefully they both can work it out in the end. Marie might try to restoke her media personality to a level she was before marrying Arnold.

1259 days ago


he loves her so much he had to read how much he loves her from a piece of paper.

1259 days ago


STOP CHEATING, show her some respect and the four kids!

1259 days ago


Maria stood beside and defended him during the sexual groping allegations. She knew all along what he was doing, why didn't she support those women, i will tell you why, it was all about perception!!! She should be ashamed of herself and those women should refile their claim as well as other women! What a loser!

1259 days ago


Hey Arnold remember your famous quote: You came to America, you worked hard and made a lot of money and married a Kennedy. Now your a noboby you b*tched that you lost 200 mil while being Gov. of Califorina and Maria is leaving you. I guess everything you always wanted is working in the opposite order. There's an old saying "be careful for what you wish for you just might get" So now your a nobody actor trying to get back into movies. Your to old to be an action star I read that you are going to make a "Twins 2" you should have made that movie a long time ago. You found out how American Politics really work and you got burned. The people in Califorina are glad that your gone. Everyone wants you to fade away the terminator did in your last movie. So don't b*tch.

1259 days ago
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