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Bethenny Frankel

Legitimizing Reality Shows?!?

5/11/2011 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bethenny Frankel from "Real Housewives" has this reality show stuff figured out -- because she's parlayed it into a $200 MILLION empire! Not laughing at reality shows NOW, are you?051011_TV_bethanny_still

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sick of it    


1261 days ago


To be fair, I don't think her reality show helped her at all. She said when she developed the idea for her ****tail brand, she took it to all the major distributors and none of them were interested. It wasn't until the drinks became popular and successful because they were needed, and good, that they changed their mind and offered to buy the line from her.
I'm happy for her though.
Work for 2 more years, then retire to someplace tropical.

1261 days ago


Betheny is a special person. She works very hard and desevres
respect. She is funny and has lived alot of life.
Not like some of the other housewives.

Good luck to her.

1261 days ago


What's wrong Jill? Wake up one morning and feel a Mack truck hit you in the face? All to Bethenny. And yes, the show opened the door for her. Everything else was her doing. She worked her tail off while the other yahoo's were too busy one-upping each other with their petty nonsense.

Flip side is that it's apparent at times how much of this has gotten to her head. We know making the NYTBSL is about as hard as getting an, "My Child Made The Grade" bumper sticker now-a-days, but that's OK. She took that Skinny Girl thing and unloaded it at the right time. Because, honestly, it's not going anywhere but out the door. Whoever bought it just threw 150 million out the window unless they can recoup it faster than you can say half-assed-Zima-product.

The only thing she needs to worry about is when the ****'s going to hit the fan. It's almost like she sold her soul to the Devil along the way. From middle-class to 200 million in a couple years. Married to arguably the nicest, not to mention extremely good looking, guy on the planet. And a precious little daughter. And in-laws that make Sunflowers cry they're so sweet (which she needs to really rethink the way she treats.) It's funny how she complains more and more about the smallest things now. Ya, it's all gone to her head in a not so flattering way. And I recall the moment it happened --

When putting the baby seat in the car for the first time - "Jesus, I can write a NYTBS but I can't work a baby seat". The way she said it was the same way Mike "The Situation" talks about how absolutely gorgeous and cool he is.

Anyway, all to her. And finally, Bethenny, please don't let us find out that while you're having sex you don't sit there and talk like a chatterbox about how "insaaannneee" your day was. I can picture you staring at the ceiling talking to yourself, about yourself, while he's doing his thing.

OH, ANOTHER thing. Lose that shrink. He's going to stretch that couch bill out until the Sun burns out. He's more like a psychic. Generalizing everything that you throw at him. And yes-manning you to death most of the time, throwing in the obvious criticisms when needed (doctor! doctor! I can't stop crying when I slam my foot in the wall! -- "Bethenny, I think you're holding on to Mommy resentment. The Wall is your mother, right? right?.)

Signing off.

Good Luck Bethanny!!! If you're ever in Toluca Lake I'll buy you a cup-ah-kahhfee at Priscilla's.

1261 days ago



1261 days ago


B*tchenny is her own biggest fan. She's been trolling the gossip sites for years defending herself thinking that nobody knows it's her. She's a head case with nothing to offer. Why anyone would turn to her for advice is completely absurd. She's a whiney, spoiled b*tch who would p*ss on her own grandmother for a dollar. Hopefully those millions are enough to put a muzzle on her and banish her to obscurity, but I doubt it. She wants her own talk show now. Anorexic yenta, even your own mother hates you!

1261 days ago


Still a no talent!

1261 days ago


I'm not surprised. A gullible, low-class, easily entertained society which has never read the Bible or any classic books and would rather read comics, the Enquire and other trash.

It has become important to watch human trash on the plain ol' s***bags of society can feel superior in some way.

1261 days ago


Rich or not imagine having to wake up next to that creep every morning? That voice alone is enough to make a man go limp. Her husband must be a real wimp loser.
Creep personified.

1261 days ago

Chef Jack Tripper    

The reality TV shows in China are much more interesting, They are about Chinese men and women working in factories working 36 hour days making 40 cents a day. I hear in the final season they take over the world and everyone in the US ends up working at Walmart.

1261 days ago


Don't love Bethenny but she is witty and smart.

Jill and LuAnn are mean and petty while Kelly is moderately retarded and can't string 2 sentences together.

1261 days ago


Why is everyone so pissed? Because she just made some big bucks? So what!! Bethenny actually made the Housewives show and without her it is boring as hell, she does have spunk and wit. She did, however, start to annoy me when I see that she has a nanny, an assistant,ect.. I hate that, take care of your own child, Kendra does!!

1261 days ago

Home Skillet    

Bethenny's great. She earned it. Now, she should enjoy it.

1261 days ago


Well I'd hardly call one resourceful, motivated, former reality TV star vindication of the format as a medium for success. I suspect it's more about the reality TV star being a successful person anyway rather than the format imparting success.

I think there is unwarranted snobbery though, in that because the medium often attracts those with a need for exposure and often amount to titillation at the strange, it's viewed as a lesser entertainment genre. When basically it's about entertainment, which is the same thing traditional shows do. Much of it is about as scripted.

Some of it is exploitative, (Repo Games reaffirmed the universe is basically absurd and pointless) and I don't think a lot of reality stars know what they are getting themselves into, but Bethenny Frankel was clearly not one of them. I also have a bit of a beef with promoting the idea of fame for the sake of fame. Not all reality shows do, obviously, because they cover people who actually do stuff (Deadliest Catch etc). But I think the idea of fame for the sake of fame can be corrosive because people could spend all their time trying to be famous rather than actually get good at useful things, which I think is probably better long term. That's not all reality TV and all reality TV stars though, I just find those specific aspects of it questionable.

1261 days ago


I am so happy for Bethenny. Good for her ! She made the H.W. of NY funny. The execs were smart to give her HER own show.

1261 days ago
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