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Lohan Probation Report -- Lindsay's a Drug Addict

5/11/2011 11:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The L.A. County Probation Department believes Lindsay Lohan is a drug addict.


According to the probation report, Lindsay's probation officer wrote, "Substance abuse is the root of the defendant's problems." 
Judge Stephanie Sautner begged to differ this AM, saying she did not believe Lindsay's problem was drug related.

The Probation Report lists the drugs Lindsay has been taking:  Trazadone (for depression), Nexium (for heartburn), Yaz (birth control), Zoloft (anti-depressant), Doxycycline (antibiotic), Zyrtec (allergies) and Zythromax (antibiotic).

The Probation Report mentions Lindsay failed an alcohol test on February 8, 2011 -- this is about a month AFTER Lindsay left the Betty Ford Clinic.

As for that alleged attack at Betty Ford, the report also states that cops have interviews with restaurant employees, hotel employees, and nightclub employees saying that Lindsay was drinking that night.

And the Probation Report says Lindsay is a serial shoplifter:  "Defendant has been suspected of similar conduct in other jewelry stores ... As a result [the detective in the necklace case] recommends that the defendant ... be ordered to serve at least six months in county jail."


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Women take Yaz not only for BC but also for Migraine prevention. The antibiotic she is on could be for numerous conditions, not just STD's. Trazadone is commonly prescibed for sleep although it is an anti-depressent. Why do we care? Its so sad to see such a beautiful girl throw it all away! Like most adicts she will die before she gets the help she needs from the courts or treatment centers. Jails, institutions or death....she has already achieved 2 out of 3!

1258 days ago

Make it stop    

What's the point of the probation department wasting their time writing a report for this lowlife if the courts aren't going to listen to it. She's a drug addict!!! She's a thief!!!! PERIOD!

1257 days ago

Terra Firma    

I've taken Trazadone off 'n one for many years. I suffer occasionally from stress related insomnia. It's a very low level psych drug that can also help even out your moods. It is in no way habit forming and definitely not a narcotic.

1257 days ago


both those antibiotics are prescribed for respiratory infections as well as chlamydia and syphilis...

1257 days ago


"The Probation Report lists the drugs Lindsay has been taking: Trazadone (for depression), Nexium (for heartburn), Yaz (birth control), Zoloft (anti-depressant), Doxycycline (antibiotic), Zyrtec (allergies) and Zythromax (antibiotic)."

This is just WRONG. Whatever happened to patient privacy??? The whole world should not be privy to the medications you are taking, even if you have violated probation.

1257 days ago


umm...why is the girl on 2 different anti depressants and 2 different antibiotics? i've never heard of someone needing to be on 2 different antibiotics at the same time. and Doxycycline is commonly used for chlamydia...eww...just think about that one for a minute

1256 days ago


Am I missing something? She's on two antibiotics, one of which I know i've used in the past for acne, and two anti-depressants, which is often what people with problems with depression and anxiety are prescribed. She's not on adderall or anything f*cked up like that.

I think you're all being way too hard on her, you seem to hate her for the sake of hating. She's human, get the F over it, or have none of you ever done something you're not proud of?

1253 days ago
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