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'Bad Girls' Star Spews RACIST HATE In Drunken Rant

5/13/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's the most disgusting hate-filled diatribe we've seen in a long time ... former "Bad Girls Club" star Christina Hopkins dropping the N-word 12 times in a rant aimed at an African-American woman.051211_christina_hopkins_v2_still

Hopkins was at a diner in Staten Island last month -- when she spouted off about an unnamed person ... saying, "If you're a black girl ... you should shut up because you're black ... you're a n**ger ... nobody likes you."

Hopkins continued to nonchalantly drop slur after vulgar slur while stuffing her face with Mexican food ... saying, "I've never met somebody who's so n**gerish."

Christina's female friend eggs her on as the reality star laughs ... and the two women then begin to chant the N-word in unison.

TMZ called Hopkins for comment ... who explained, "Some girls came up to me and said some racial remarks towards me [moments before] and this is what I said in retaliation."

She added, "I apologize if anyone was offended, it wasn't meant in a derogatory way."


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As a black person I refuse to let the word ****** offend me. Why give other people the power to offend you with a word. You could call me ****** to my face and I would not be offened. Take the power away from these people.....

1261 days ago


I think they are all and sad that , that is what is on t.v. now...stupid ignorant black, white, and mexican bitches, fighting and getting drunk...and getting stupid...who gives a ****...

1261 days ago


And this should end this nasty little person's time on tv. right?

1261 days ago


"Not meant in a derogatory way?" If it had been been derogatory way, how would have phrased it differently? What a f___ing b____h. And that is meant in a derrogatory way.

1261 days ago

Young L    

@ peach pie on page 8 by the way its spelled amendment.. i bet you are just as slow as the girls sitting around that table. Hold up hold up, now the girl taping it is semi smarter than the others. She realized how much money she was making every time that chick said the N word so ill give her a lil more props than the others. but she wack too

1261 days ago


Did Mel pay her to do this?

1261 days ago


HAHA Good for her! FREE Speach PUNKS

1261 days ago


Who the F are these people and why the F are they supposedly famous? What a sad state we are in. There was a time when you had to have talent to become a famous person in the entertainment business. Now you can be a drunken, made up hoe with a foul mouth. Just pathetic.

1261 days ago


Wait, u can't say ******? I thought it was ***got u couldn't say.

1261 days ago


THANK YOU for taking the time to type out what I was too upset to convey rationally.

As a caucasian woman in an interracial marriage, I'd like to speak for myself in correcting your remark that "Uh, everyone has these thoughts...if they say they don't then they are liars".

I've never once had a thought like that in my entire life. Not EVER. As Josh mentioned, your viewpoint says a lot about who you are, who you associate with, and that's about it. You don't speak for the values of the rest of us. Thank God for that.

1261 days ago


this must be another "STAH" from that HIGHEST RATED EVER MTV channel. They've got the most intelligent, dignified and classiest programs, EVAH!!!!

cough, cough.

1261 days ago


This is "racist," "vulgar,"etc., but Kanye West can
fantasize about mutilating White women and wins a Grammy?

All this "tolerance" and promotion of "multiculturalism"
is nothing but anti-White racism. And the Clintons, Gore, Bono,
et al., are as much anti-White racists as Rev. Wright and Obama.

1261 days ago


These reality stars have to realize that once they get on TV, they no longer have true friends. Everyone will turn the camera on them and turn them into make a buck. So if you do something like this one, you can kiss your a** goodbye.

1261 days ago


She is not only a dumbass but her good friend sold her out.Seems like all Dagos from Staten Island,Long Island and New Jersey are stupid like this anyway.

1261 days ago


Bill where are you from? I havent heard the word "honky" since the early 80's and I was born in 72. I am a black female and what she said doesnt bother me considering where she puts her mouth and face being that she is a lesbian. You can only expect that what comes out her mouth is the same thing that she puts in it.

1261 days ago
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