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Matthew Perry -- I'm 'Going Away' to Focus On Sobriety

5/12/2011 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Matthew Perry tells TMZ he's making plans to "go away for a month to focus on [his] sobriety" ... as a proactive measure in his battle with substance abuse.

Matthew Perry

The "Friends" star issued a statement to TMZ ... saying, "I’m making plans to go away for a month to focus on my sobriety and to continue my life in recovery. Please enjoy making fun of me on the world wide web.”

We're told Perry has not suffered any sort of relapse -- but has planned the trip as a proactive measure.

Perry has struggled with substance abuse in the past -- checking into rehab for a prescription pill addiction in 1997 and again in 2001.


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Good on him! At least he's doing something to make sure he doesn't relapse instead of relapsing over and over and claiming he wants to get better like most of the other one's out there who are lying through their teeth.
Well done! =D

1258 days ago


Good luck with your battle and very smart of you to announce it in advance so the media doesn't publish with lies. Good psych used in your line "Please enjoy making fun of me on the world wide web.” You are wise to the media games.

Hold your head high, don't worry about others, and get yourself to a great place in life. Only YOU can do it Mr. Perry !!!!

1258 days ago


I wanna be a celebrity so i can get on high on the best drugs with no legal downside to it. But in all seriousness its a damn shame that so many people watch these shows and want to be like these people. These celebrities live two lives: One smiling in front of the paparazzi, and then another one behind closed doors getting high and breaking all kinds of laws

1258 days ago


I hope he does, he almost hit me with his car 4 years ago in front of Universal.

1258 days ago


ok i know i'm a jerk for saying this...but...he is a "A list" celeb right?? worth way more than $100 million right?? and he does drugs right??

yeah ok...i'm going to stop playing this game...i'm a bad person.. ... .

good luck Mr. Perry i do enjoy Mr. Sunshine.. ... .

1258 days ago


I watched "Mr. Sunshine." How about you just go away period, you no-talent, full-of-yourself son of a b***h.

Nobody wants you on TV anymore. Just go away, stay away, and never, ever come back!


1258 days ago


Have a Good Stay Matthew

1258 days ago


if i were him i'd "focus" on rolling around in the huge pile of money I made from Friends, and to HELL WITH SOBRIETY!

1258 days ago


Shut up Kathy 17 minutes ago, just because he has money doesn't mean he has to be happy. He has addiction issues and he is treating it responsibly. Would you rather he relapses and has to go to jail or forced into rehab? How that make you happy?? Jerk!
I am happy that he is taking proactive measures to make sure he stays clean...Lilo can learn from him.

1258 days ago

two cents    

Did they cancel that stupid show "Mr Sunshine"? It looked so dumb. His face depresses me, he needs a facelift or something because that permanent frown makes me want to kill myself. lol

1258 days ago


Stop snaking cause you're fat too

1258 days ago


Good for him! :)

Kathy, you do realize that money doesn't buy happiness? And as Diddy used to say, "more money, more problems"...

1258 days ago


like most others here, i wish Mr. Perry nothing but success in his journey to find the peace in his life that all of us - rich, poor, or somewhere in between seek out for ourselves. Refreshing to see him be proactive about it, rather than reactive. Perhaps we haven't seen him much because of this struggle of his...and it's is beyond lame for the haters to be out on this. Develop some humanity and respect for others.

1258 days ago


Yeah, that's what everyone with money (or, whatever it is you want that they have) says- you don't need money (or whatever) to be happy - yeah, its alot easier to say when you have!!
and your not the have nots!! Hey, why don't you volunteer to change lives with someone that doesn't have for about a week, huh? Yeah, that would never happen.

1258 days ago


I'm going to the grocery store after work today and wanted to let TMZ know in case they want to talk about me while I'm there.

1258 days ago
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