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Oksana Probably Won't Use Tapes Against Mel

5/12/2011 9:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The secret tapes that made Mel Gibson really famous in a bad way are about to become irrelevant.


Oksana Grigorieva's lawyer, Dan Horowitz, told the judge in the custody case this AM that he may not even introduce the racial and other tirades into evidence. 

It's not shocking that Horowitz is backing off the tapes.  A few weeks ago he told the judge Oksana would not be raising the domestic violence issue in the case.

The tapes could surface if Oksana files a civil lawsuit against Mel, but it's starting to look iffy at best that such a case would even be filed.  Oksana's damages would be limited, even if she won, so it may not be financially worth the trouble.


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Fidel's niece    

"Abussed and beatten"
O$kanky does NOT call 911
or report the abuse,
instead weeks/months later
is "negotiating"/extorting.FAIL!

"Coflict of interest" attorney claim?
O$kanky does NOT see this as
a "problem" for over 6,7,8 months
and NOW she suddenly raises the issue?

O$kanky is NOT WINNING!

I love the smell of despair
in the morning!


1074 days ago


ketjo 18 minutes ago

Let me introduce you to Puckett....He's one of Lindsay Lohan's faithful five....He's a ant stirrer extraordinare !
Loves to stick his stick in and stir the hell out of the board ..but if you get him mad he will turn so nasty on you he makes Oxie's best trolls look like Sweet Mary Sunshines...

"Hello Puckett whats ya doing in my old playground ? aren't ya worried that someone might say something bad about you're gal while you're visiting over here......?

Better warn ya thou these gals are a different kind of fish then the ones you normally swim with , they are more like sharks then minnows and can and will tear you to shreds if you stir to hard......Happy Swimming and stirring......


Ketjo, Lindsay apologize? Oh Please...

She's a washed up celebrity with no career. She can do whatever the f*ck she wants. ;)

Her Q factor is already over 80% name recognition with the public and it's overwhelmingly negative. The time for her to rehabilitate her reputation for her careers sake was long ago.

That's what i was talking about when i said Americans are a forgiving people if you just cop to what you've done and say i'm sorry, i soooo f*cked up and regret it.

All you have to do is make it heartfelt and sincere sounding. It doesn't even matter what you've done to sully your reputation. You can survive it if you get out in front of it and eat some humble pie and own the situation.

NOT doing that will sink you for life with the public. I don't care if it's acting, politics, sports, or religion. If your a public figure and you don't cop to what you've done and accept responsibility for it and say your sorry, your finished with the American public. ;)

Unlike Lindsay Mel has investors with millions of dollars at stake to think about. It's because his personal life blew up in a big public sh*tfest that they are now in a very financially precarious situation. They hired Mel based on his reputation, and his reputation has totally gone to sh*t between the time they hired him and before the movie came out.

If Mel chooses not to settle this matter as soon as possible and rehabilitate his reputation, then he's f*cking a lot of people over for his own selfish egotistical reasons.

1074 days ago


lilac -
There are several reasons for dropping the issue and the recordings. They have to do with proper evidence, legal liaility and the credibility of the witness.

Beyond whether the recordings have been tampered with, there is also the problem - as Alcamedes pointed out - about the two party recording law in CA.

The photos of the "abuse" are also problematical especially in view of the pediatrician's declaration of neither Miss Oksana nor Lucia having any sign of injury the following day and the dentist's own flip-flopping statements.

Mr. Mel's West plea does not admit legal liability, so Miss Oksana would have to prove to the court that he "beat" her. Which means she would have to take the stand. Given her changing stories, her credibility as a witness is not all that convincing. That LA prosecutors even allowed Mr. Mel to take the West plea implies they weren't convinced of her stories either. She would essentially face perjury.

If she really just wanted to let it go, she would not continue court action for full custody and be happy to share Lucia with the girl's daddy while collecting $20,000/month in child support. Nor would she be trying to have Attorney Kolodny disqualified badly enough to appeal Judge Gordon's ruling against her motion.

Full custody = bigger paycheck.

1074 days ago


Lordly, I must be getting loopy , Puckett made a dam good rebuttal ...only problem is ...He ain't got that much to aplogize for...I don't like him never have but to make a public apologizy for begin a jerk..hell the line for that would stretch clean around the world if all the jerks out there had to make a public apoligy

1074 days ago


puckett -
You make some very good points about Mr. Mel's investors. It was not, however, Mr. Mel who caused the public media blitz. It was Miss Oksana who made an illegal recording and then allowed its release to the public without making any move to have it retracted. Indeed, she used the illegal recording to further fuel her circus.

Hm, I wonder if those investor's could sue her for loss of income? Certainly Mr. Mel could since those recordings that were in her possession when ROL published them directly caused him to lose the part in Hangover 2.
(No big loss, but it's the principle that counts.)

1074 days ago


EXACTLY, Curious!!!

The thing about Miss Oksana throughout recent years at least is that everything is about the money. She saw a pregnancy as her means to a retirement income.

She has been boxed in a corner legally and is trying a different approach. That is all this is. That, and the spin factor. How much nicer it makes her appear than taking another loss in court.

If anyone seriously thinks she is extending olive branches out of the goodness of her heart, I have a collection of $3 bills and a beautiful ocean front property in Arizona. I'll sell both for a good price.

1074 days ago


RE: The Beaver investors

It was Jodie Foster who fought for Mel's hiring in the film. There was concern he was not a sufficient draw. That is how she came to be cast as his wife. Originally she was to direct only.

I don't understand how he can be held accountable for recordings of private conversations mysteriously migrating from Oksana's iPhone to ROL.

Perhaps it is the iPhone's fault. After all, it has that funky battery . . .

1074 days ago


@ketjo & TTT59

At this point, Ole Greedy is "TOAST"!!! She's placed both Timothy Dalton and Alexander's heads on her "chopping block" and there's no way she can shield them except to "DROP THIS LAWSUIT". If Timothy Dalton is forced to testify against her in order to defend himself, he'll have little or no choice except to battle her for "FULL CUSTODY" of Alexander. Quite frankly, this would be a much more interesting case due to the ramifications of British law that governed their settlement provisions. I would imagine that Timothy Dalton would certainly have the "UPPER HAND" being the injured party due to her "breach of confidentiality". He seems like the type of fellow who "PLAYS FOR KEEPS".

1074 days ago


According to the Swedish Article the National Enquirer coming out tomorrow has huge spread of the ultra sexy Dani Karlsson and Mel together with a little tiny pic of the nasty old Ox frowning with jealousy over it in the corner. I don't usually buy that rag but tomorrow I sure will, just to have a smile.

There is your picture, Lori! Go ahead and make us laugh even harder with the Bitch Blaster stories.

And remember that there aren't photos of his the very beautiful 48? yr old he has been very involved with since he broke up with Ox. The one with class, natural good looks and as much money as he has. Ooo lala Ox, he's not coming back.

It's time for Ox to sing the worm song:

Nobody likes me, everybody hates me,
Guess I'll go eat worms,
Long, thin, slimy ones; Short, fat, juicy ones,
Itsy, bitsy, fuzzy wuzzy worms.

Down goes the first one, down goes the second one,
Oh how they wiggle and squirm.
Up comes the first one, up comes the second one,
Oh how they wiggle and squirm.

Have fun gobbling Ox! Gobling is what she's best at anyway (and that is practically a quote ;)

1074 days ago


Thinking Woman -
She may be thinking that these "olive branches" will improve her public image while at the same time allow her to duck the consequences of her actions, but I don't think the court will believe it.

She escaped the extortion charge by the skin of her teeth, but it can always be reopened again on a state or federal level. Certainly Detective Wagner was unhappy with the DA's decision. I don't know if it's being followed up behind the scenes, only time will tell us that.

But the civil and family court arenas? Miss Oksana is screwed.

Mr. Mel may not win full custody, family courts are big on co-parenting, but at least he'll get Lucia 50% of the time soon. Hopefully that will counteract Miss Oksana's toxity.

1074 days ago


Frieda -
LOL-ing at worm song!

1074 days ago

Fidel's niece    

ABC News Los Angeles

"Gordon rejected her motion saying Grigorieva
the case, which has been heard largely in
closed sessions, has already span 65 HEARINGS TO DATE


"Gordon agreed to a brief delay, but ordered
a proceeding scheduled for June 23 to remain
on calendar. The remaining issues, the judge says,


type in google
abc news los angeles oksana grigorieva may 12, 2011

Seems the judge HAD it
with O$kanky's bullsh*t!


1074 days ago


Fidels' Niecw -
Cool article, thank-you.
LOL, it does sound like Judge Gordon's legendary patience has finally worn thin.

Ira -
Miss Oksana is NOT making herself popular. Le Snicker

1074 days ago


@ puckett
"Think what you want but the reality in America is HE WILL NEVER AGAIN be as popular, and profitable as he could be, unless he get's out in front of this and puts the matter to rest publicly with a seemingly heartfelt apology to his fans, who should never have had to here about any of this, and they would have if he had shown better self control.

It doesn't matter if it started out a private matter. It went public and the only way he'll get the genie back in the bottle and move past it is to publicly own it and apologize for his behavior"

He owes no one anything. If he apologized for anything it should be to himself and his family for ever fooling with someone like Ox. I think she is a nut case.

What was he thinking? She isn't pretty, she looks like a rat, she isn't smart, she isn't talented, she isn't funny.

She ..IS... pathetic, conniving, vindictive, and hurtful.

In his defense, I don't think he would have ever thought she could stoop so low, or was such a gutter thing.

For that, he owes himself and his kids an apology.

1074 days ago


I really amazes me, that they call Mel a racist, because of that one crack about that old, ugly, money hungry ho' (who hit the jackpot, when, her tired old ass had that baby by Mel) may be raped by a black man, hey, look at the statistics and see what the % say! We all say things in heated arguments, don't we? Plus, this ho' was trying to push all the buttons, just happen to have a tape recorder & was egging Mel On! Also, Mel did 4 movies I think, with Danny Clover, who is black! I know, because they did Lethal Weapon something or other, in 1997-1999 (the date I owned Ron's Cafe on 340 E. 3rd St. Long Beach, 90802), right behind my restaurant in Long Beach, if, Mel was truely a racist, he would not have a black co-star as big as Danny Glover I would think. Also, the studio trucks gave out free foods to the public too (hurt my business too, ha, ha), plus, any foods that were left over, Mel had fed to the street people, I was there! He is a talented actor, director and has some flaws, as do we all!

1074 days ago
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