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Oksana Probably Won't Use Tapes Against Mel

5/12/2011 9:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The secret tapes that made Mel Gibson really famous in a bad way are about to become irrelevant.


Oksana Grigorieva's lawyer, Dan Horowitz, told the judge in the custody case this AM that he may not even introduce the racial and other tirades into evidence. 

It's not shocking that Horowitz is backing off the tapes.  A few weeks ago he told the judge Oksana would not be raising the domestic violence issue in the case.

The tapes could surface if Oksana files a civil lawsuit against Mel, but it's starting to look iffy at best that such a case would even be filed.  Oksana's damages would be limited, even if she won, so it may not be financially worth the trouble.


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Curious 32 minutes ago
Yes, yes, Mr. Mel has grey hair and wrinkles. So?

Miss Oksana's face is made of plastic and botox. So?

Looks are irrelevant when it comes to child custody.
Miss Oksana uses her children for money.
Mr. Mel doesn't.
Thanks Curious, I agree. Has nothing to do with what is going on. I also agree that looks are irrelevant.

@tmzg & puckett -- Make fun of posters all you want, you haven't changed our minds. And haven't you ever heard of people getting "scared white"? Something so horrific can happen to a person and make their hair turn white almost overnite. I stand by what I said. Yes, he's aging, so what? How soon your hair grays is also hereditary. I'm 3 yrs older than he is an nowhere near as gray and have less wrinkles. A lot is hereditary, but you want to squawk about his drinking and smoking....has nothing to do with the custody case and everything to do with you two trashing him repeatedly with the same ole, same ole.

1269 days ago


LMFAO @ TMZ's headline for Live today. Is Oxykaka trying to protect Mel?

That can really be serious with that question~~~

1269 days ago


Damn, where's my can of typo-be-gone.

Should read: They can't be serious with that question!!!!

1269 days ago


thinkingwoman -"You imply he doesn't care about his colleagues. Do you know him? Have you worked with him? Have you worked for him? Do you work in the industry? Do you have close friends or relatives who have or do?"


Oh please as if any of the "Team Mel" loonies who constantly defend him, and endlessly attack Oksana, have even seen Mel or Oksana in person let alone met them.

"Team Mel" - We're not attorneys at law with privileged information in this case, we just like to pretend we are on! lol

1269 days ago


irish -
I would like to believe your premise, but if that were the case, then why is Miss Oksana's legal team now attempting to have Attorney Kolodny disqualified from Mr. Mel's representation as the custody trial draws near?

This morning Judge Gordon ruled against the motio of conflict of interest and Miss Oksana is going to appeal his ruling.

If she simply wanted an end to "abuse" and for Mr. Mel to get therapy, why then is she pursuing this course of action?

1269 days ago


@Irish - If Ox were trying to "put this behind her" and "wrap it up" she wouldn't be trying to get his attorney off the case or subpoenaing Robyn and Hutton (according to Radar Online). She's on plan B. Except Dani blew it for her when she boasted about being with Mel on her blog and twitter. She was just supposed to be the "girl in the blurry telephoto lens pic" sent by Putz and Ox OR Gibson really does have pathetic taste in women. Time will tell which one it is...

1269 days ago


correcting myself -

1269 days ago


Curious 10 minutes ago
Alcamedes -
Thank you for the explanation. From the information available, Miss Oksana met with Attorney Anteau, Attorney Kolodny's partner, in November of 2008. It appears to have been a consultation only.

Since this meeting occured even before Lucia was conceived, I'm thinking whatever was said then has little relevance to the current litigation.

The Appelate courts I would believe would be seeing this more as a tactical advantage more then a violation after this long into a case that the issue has been raised.

It ought to be interesting to see how they percieve this.

1269 days ago


More than likely, Ole Greedy "CAN'T" use these recordings for obvious reasons. Team Greedy knows it's about time to "fold 'em" and attempting to remove a member of Mel Gibson's legal team at this late date is only a "stalling" tactic to prevent this lawsuit from reaching it conclusion. It would have been an absolute "hoot" for her so-called expert to testify concerning their "authenticity" considering his "questionable" professional credentials.

Team Mel knows she's "perjured" herself all over these proceedings and Timothy Dalton is probably "MADDER than H.E.L.L" that whatever legal do***ents she's submitted to Mel Gibson's legal team pertaining to their custody battle will be entered into evidence against her in Lucia custody proceedings and there's "NO GUARANTEE" they will remain hidden from public disclosure. I'm sure there are some pretty embarrassing aspects about their "private life" together that Timothy Dalton wouldn't want disclosed to the public. If they were to become public, her custody of Alexander may be in jeopardy. Karma is a "mutha" and she just may lose "BOTH" of her "meal tickets" and get deported to boot!!! Vengeance is a "two edged sword" that's going to leave Ole Greedy in much worse shape than she started out.

1269 days ago


@Sincerity - you always hit the nail on the head.

1269 days ago



Exactly, afraid of killing of the one goose thats still laying while going after the second one...LOL

1269 days ago


You are nothing if not consistent, Pucket.

I'm not sure where you are coming from with your "attorneys at law" comment. I countered your previous statement by providing a reasonable explanation why one would not expect any statement from Gibson. I have no doubt his attorneys have advised him to keep quiet. Would you expect a lawyer to advise taking to the airwaves with a "mea culpa" when involved in legal action? If you would, you might want to shop for a new lawyer.

Oh, by the way, I do have close associates who have worked with Mel.

1269 days ago


Alcmedes -
True, it will be very interesting.

Though I think we will have to allow time for the learned and distinguish court to stop laughing first. :)

1269 days ago


RE: "ketjo 31 minutes ago


Let me introduce you to Puckett....He's one of Lindsay Lohan's faithful five....He's a ant stirrer extraordinare !
Loves to stick his stick in and stir the hell out of the board ..but if you get him mad he will turn so nasty on you he makes Oxie's best trolls look like Sweet Mary Sunshines...

"Hello Puckett whats ya doing in my old playground ? aren't ya worried that someone might say something bad about you're gal while you're visiting over here......?

Better warn ya thou these gals are a different kind of fish then the ones you normally swim with , they are more like sharks then minnows and can and will tear you to shreds if you stir to hard......Happy Swimming and stirring......"

Thanks for the heads up. I think I've got Puckett's number. He never addresses direct questions or refutes. He's a little gnat or a fruit irritant, nothing more.

1269 days ago


Why else would you drop the abuse and forgo the tapes? Unless like Irish said, you were trying to extricate yourself from the case?
I just think she is not going for a civil suit, and is trying to get on a fair even playing field. Sans, dropping Mel's attorney for conflict of interest, due to that attorney being present for the deal that never happened. This is a custody and support case now, not a civil suit for the abuse. Maybe I am wrong.

1269 days ago
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