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'Men' a Go

Ashton to Make

Way Less than Charlie

5/13/2011 6:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ashton Kutcher has officially signed on to "Two and a Half Men" ... and TMZ has learned he'll be making more than half of Charlie Sheen's base salary ... but less than $900,000 an episode.

Ashton Kutcher
Sources tell TMZ, Charlie's base pay on the show was $1.25 million an episode.  We've learned Ashton will get more than half -- more than $625,000 -- but less than $900,000.

There are reports Charlie received upwards of $2 million an episode, but that includes his profit participation.

And TMZ has learned, CBS honcho Les Moonves has already signed off and he will announce the show is coming back for Season 9.

And sources say the remaining cast -- including Jon Cryer and Angus T. Jones -- will be coming back.

We're told Ashton spent time with creator and Executive Producer Chuck Lorre and the two got along great -- something that was essential for Lorre, who was at war with Charlie.

Ashton will NOT be playing the Charlie Harper character.   He'll be playing someone new, who comes into the "Men" Malibu house.


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Nope not gonna work. I watch reruns of 70's show, and believe me I'm so glad when his scenes are done. I'll watch the 1st show out of curiousity, but that's it. There is no replacing Charlie....Hugh would've been a great addition, but not a complete replacement. Put a fork in is done!!

1257 days ago


Did you hear that? Yep, that's Charlie's overgrown ego deflating. See Charlie, you ARE replaceable. So don't spend all your money on one whore or drug dealer, save some for the next few months. Good luck job hunting.

1257 days ago

pap rat    

THE DONALD as charie your fired and 2.5 yourt F`ed-AsHhead sucked for 70`s years and is to young to play DOA charie backup backlot Iwatched it less Now I watch it not the donald duck trump as charie your fired 2.5 he fell from a UFO wearing a CPO and is the soul fo charie come back 2-2.5 CBS on mondays is a no-show lack of interest your fired night gameover

1257 days ago


Actually the salary equals out considering Charlies overhead, crack, prostitutes, alimony, and children. I think Ashton did well for himself!

1257 days ago


Love the Kutch, but the writing will still stink-it's a one joke show-when all the good shows (Family Guy, etc) acknowledge the show is stupid, the rest of you should get it and stop watching so it goes off the air!!!

1257 days ago


Ashton reminds me of a little kid who is always posing for the camera like don't I look cute, how about this pose, and this look!

1257 days ago

pap rat    

DONALD the RED RUMP TRUMP as chjarie dah`2.5 yourt fired ash head is dead as a coke joke actor sucked since 1970

1257 days ago


Please write off Mr Sheen in a good drowning, not in the Pacific, but his own vomit.

1257 days ago



1257 days ago


excellent choice, love ashton

1257 days ago


Charlie woke up on bed with a girl (from old scene), then look into the mirror. His face was covered with red dots, unrecognisable face (fake actor). He ran down stairs screaming for his brother's name. Jake happened to be in the middle of the stairs, and Sheen trips and fails down and breaks his neck.
In the hospital, Sheen's mother came to visit him and introduce him to another younger brother Kutcher. Sheen instantly like this guy.
Waiting for Cryer to come.
Cryer was out of gas and calling Judy for help. Judy came in the middle of the road red mad. They started off yelling each other right away. They ended up having sex in the car.
Sheen girl friend came. Kutcher and the mother went outside, but the mother has to go to sell some real estate.
Sheen was told he will need a neck operation and need to sign a doctor release form and advise to write his will.
Sheen already had a will for Cryer, but was so mad that his brother didn't come, at the last minute, write a new one for Kutcher instead.
Sheen was in a real bad shape and could do anything to the girl, but she somehow turns on by his look (wacky and horny type of girls that Sheen often date).
That makes it real awkward for Sheen, and he has to find various excuse to refuse her. They ended up lying side by side.
Sheen woke up to the alarming sound of a nurse. He found out that Kutcher is half naked with his girl. Kutcher was short of words, trying to explain. Sheen was so mad that he lunged over to hit Kutcher, and break his neck again, and die (not showing explicitly).
Kutcher moved into the house, and instantly got stalked by the neighbour came back when she heard Sheen was hurt.

1257 days ago

Al Brown    

Cousin Oliver?

1257 days ago


For those saying Ashton won't fit into the role, hello, they said he's not replacing Charlie's character. They're writing a new character in for him.

1257 days ago


I KNEW they weren't going to give him that much money.
In fact, I think they're overpaying him as it is.
He should be in the $400-$500k range because you don't know if people will still watch after the first few episodes he's on.
I do think he will be able to handle what they give him. Thank god it's not a "Two Darrens" situation.
They could play off on the dumb guy he was in That 70s Show, but he might not like that.

1257 days ago


1 Season and Done!!!!! I can't believe they are paying him that much an episode. This guy can't carry a tv show or a movie. Stick to commercials.

1257 days ago
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