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Oxygen Network BANS 'Bad Girls Club' Star

5/13/2011 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former "Bad Girls Club" star Christina Hopkins has been BANNED from appearing on the Oxygen network EVER AGAIN following her vile, racist rant ... TMZ has confirmed.

A rep for Oxygen tells us, "Oxygen condemns those comments… she will never appear on Oxygen again."

TMZ broke the story ... Hopkins unleashed a disgusting, racist rant directed towards an African-American woman last month -- dropping the N-word 12 times in less than 90 seconds.

0513-christina-hopkins-sm-launch_v2Hopkins later apologized -- saying the rant "wasn't meant in a derogatory way."


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This is a prime example of why REALITY TV has ruined this country.Why people idolize these NO TALENT NOBODIES makes my head spin.

This is a disgusting, VIAL, horrendous excuse for a human being. To think that people think/talk like that is so DISTURBING.I hope AND PRAY that she is among the MINORITY.
Good for everyone who finally came to their senses and banned her for LIFE.
So for the "Powers That Be" can you extend this to ALL of the JOKE of reality TV?
And bring the TALENT BACK??? PLEASE???

1223 days ago


On the show she was a lesbian with a girlfriend

You figure someone who can be called a "lebo" "carpet muncher" etc would be more tolerant of those who are different than she is.

Hilarious! Glad the b*itch will never see the light of day again--at least on T.V.

Staten Island is very small. Stay tuned for the story about a group of angry black women confronting her racist lame arse

1223 days ago



She deserves it. She may find herself workuing at a fast food making minimum wage lol

1223 days ago


Well this loser's 15 minutes of fame just ended. What. An. Idiot.

If I were her, I'd be looking at my substance usage and noting that it just COMPLETEY SCREWED MY CAREER!

1223 days ago


Was her rant racist & her 'explanation' BS? Totally.
HOWEVER, how many black rappers/other black artists have been not only on OWN network but ON OPRAH, and they use the N-word constantly.
Double standard!!!!!! BULL****!!!!

1223 days ago


Why do you justify someone saying some so racist and vial, by showing another person who is racist and vial? It's still wrong. She is slime and so is anybody who feels this way, let alone talks this way. Most of the "reality" stars are not stars at all but lowlife ignorant bigotted excuses for humans. Why so many people watch this garbage amazes me. Trash TV at it's finest. I used to think Jerry Springer and Maura were awful shows, but they are the cream of the crop. Let her sink into oblivion

1223 days ago


Well, let’s see if the thesaurus will agree with her words:

Complimentary = admiring, kind, gracious, civil, approving;
NOPE, it certainly wasn’t this!!

Derogatory = disparaging, critical, insulting, offensive, deprecating, belittling;
YEP, definitely was this!!

A Bi+ch!!

1223 days ago


I can tell most of you people have no idea what netowrk this is. Oprah has the OWN network, this is Oxygen. Completely different people. I hghly doubt Oprah will have a show featuring girls who drink all night, fight, have sexc with god knows who and overall act like dirty bar trash. I'm actually surprised this show isnt on Mtv wth all their garbage too. So dont be hatin on Oprah for this mess of a show!

1223 days ago


Anyone who spews this HATE online or offline should be investigated for "hate crimes"

1223 days ago


I like the way Oxygen handles things. Unemployement cannot be collected by reality tv correct? Yay!

1223 days ago


One thing I havent seen mentioned here....

What are the odds that the chick with the camera is no longer her friend as of today? LOL

Girls today are such classless trash and you only have to blame the networks for allowing this type of trash to be front and center as a "role model" to other girls.

I find it ironic that Oxygen puts on this reality show about Bad Girls and yet is shocked to hear one of their highly scrutinized applicants goes on a rqacist tirade.

I mean, seriously Oxygen. You created the monster just like Frankenstein did. Prepare yourself for the torch wielding villagers!!

Its pretty simple, really. If you dont want the bad publicity, then dont put shows like this on the air. I know I would thank you.

1223 days ago


She needs someone to explain to her what a dictionary is and then she needs to look up the word derogatory.

1223 days ago


This is disgusting to hear someone talk like that... i don't care if you drunk or w.e the hell is wrong with her.. THAT IS WRONG. She wants to say it wasn't ment to be derogatory... how the hell did you mean it then you stupid gross woman. She's tanning so hard she looks like a pumpkin.. SLOW DOWN ON THE TANNING BEDS.
I just can't believe that people still think and act like that.. who the hell cares what color someones skin is. Fact is this woman is a skeez END OF STORY.

1223 days ago

get a life ho    

a porn tape starring her and a few bro's in now in line .,.,,lol

1223 days ago


“I hghly doubt Oprah will have a show featuring girls who drink all night, fight, have sexc with god knows who and overall act like dirty bar trash.”

You got that right!!!
Those tramps have no class a’tall!!

1223 days ago
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