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Mom Who

Botoxed 8-Year-Old

Under Investigation

5/13/2011 6:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The woman who went on "Good Morning America" yesterday and ADMITTED to giving regular Botox injections to her 8-year-old daughter is now being investigated by Child Protective Services.

CPS in San Francisco says their phones rang off the hook yesterday after Kerry Campbell appeared on "GMA" -- and admitted she regularly administered the anti-wrinkle injections ... to give her daughter an edge in the world of child beauty pageants.

A rep for CPS claims, “It’s pretty unusual for a mom to be injecting an 8-year-old with Botox and certainly is grounds for investigation.”

The rep adds, "We need to sit down and talk with the mom, talk with the child, and see what's going on."

Kerry Campbell faces 4.3 billion years in prison ... or at least she should.


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That is sickening. This woman is a disgrace and an awful mother.

1261 days ago


Surprised they would even care in a crazy city like San Francisco. This is the city that promotes the idea of homosexual marriage, banning cir***cision, pretty much devoid of sanity in general, but they take a stand against this. Well, I guess they at least still have a pulse.

1261 days ago


anyone who could force that on their child is a MONSTER, plain and simple. I have a 4 year old son and could not imagine doing anything like that to him. She is leading her daughter right into a therapist chair in my opinion. These mothers who are so into the pageant circuit need mental help, what ever happened to letting children be children?? What in the world is wrong with playing outside and having fun with friends?? If the child does want to compete these organizations need to lay down some checks and balances to make sure the child is not hurt physically OR mentally. But what do they care its all money to them!

1261 days ago



1261 days ago


Did you see the fear in that kid's eyes in some of those pics? That lady needs to go to jail, so that it'll set an example to the rest of these low life's out there...

1261 days ago

Dirk Diggler    

I have a huge '****'

1261 days ago


What a sick, twisted woman! These little girls shouldn't be paraded around like peaces of meat so that mommy can live out her dreams.

Pageants should be banned.

1261 days ago


does she administer these herself or does she go to a Dr? If she goes to a Dr then he/she needs to be called in too. If she administers them herself then thats insane.

also - i dont think i have ever seen an 8 year with wrinkled skin - how much more supple can skin get?? her poor daughter. i wouldnt be surprised if this went on in Hollywood. I hear babies are injected with limp plumpers...

1261 days ago

northern gypsy    

if it's true...this one needs to have her daughter removed...
never have been a fan of (children) beauty pageants...
this little nugget of info only confirms my distane for these events !!!

1261 days ago


I don't know what is worse...the fact that she did this to a child or that fact that she did this for the child's beauty pageant "career"!!!! This woman is obviously vain, shallow, manipulative, greedy and obviously is more concerned with starting her daughter down a long road of unhappiness with herself and the way she looks. This woman is a disgrace to us mothers everywhere and I would love to know how long it takes before her ass is thrown in jail and the kid removed. What a stupid moronic B!!CH!!!!!!

1261 days ago


Nicole 11 minutes ago

That is sickening. This woman is a disgrace and an awful mother.

Well, we FINALLY found Nicoles "Moral Bottom" Took awhile there Nicole, what with all of the HoHan enabling you do. You actually can say "Wow, this is Effed up"??
Good to know you have some kind of measuring stick.

1261 days ago


This woman is suffering from "Ramseyitis", from which, there is no cure....

1261 days ago


I will say this. I have competed in child pageants for many years and this is totally 100% nuts. In my entire pageant career, none of us would have ever had this done (I competed in child pageants as a plus size kid so this you have to look perfect thing is total bs). This is the 1st (and hopefully) last time I ever hear of a mother doing this. I am so sick and tired of wack-job moms who make the rest of us pageant folk look bad. I don't know which pageants this kid enters but if promote botox for 8 years old, they should bad banned. Please try not to judge all of us pageant folk because of this psycho. Some of us really love doing this and have mothers who are completely sane.

1261 days ago

Charlie Sheen's Watch    

Blame the other, investigate her but also investigate the child pageants!

These events exploit children!

1261 days ago


Watch any episode of
Toddlers and Tiaras
The level of dysfunction and mental health issues are EPIC
These women will spend $3,000 on a bedazzled pagent dress but have no college fund for their daughters.
I think these pagents are awful and should be outlawed!

1261 days ago
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