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Charlie vs. Ashton

Who'd You Rather?

5/13/2011 6:15 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Here's fired "Two and a Half Men" star Charlie Sheen and newly hired "Two and a Half Men" star Ashton Kutcher.


Question is ...


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Jewel T    

I love this program with Charlie and Jon. It will not be the same. Kutcher is silly not funny. When I think of comedy duos I thing Abbot & Costello, Martin & Lewis, Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer. Nuff said!

1189 days ago

Big Man    

Charlie's the best ****in comedian on the planet, shame on Warner Bros for dumping him. To all you poofters who can't appreciate Charlies' talents, you can all go **** yourselves.
To all the women who bad mouth shows like Two and a Half Men why don't you switch the ****en tv off and let us men enjoy our shows or go watch something else like Desperate Housewives or some other bull**** show. So to all the doo-gooders here why don't you all **** yourselves you ****** up muppets.

1168 days ago


This isnt' even nice TMZ. I'd tear Ashton's ash up lol.

1166 days ago


The one that could never be replaced is Jon Cryer.

1143 days ago

Johnny Situation    

Hey, everybody knows Kelso is going to better

1118 days ago


Charlie is the master of master the serie will suck without him, he is the show, the best part is that he doesnt even have to act just has to be him self.

Making us vote like women wont vote for the talent of the show just how is more sexy or young.

1115 days ago


he will never be no charlie sheen

1108 days ago

Clifton Bobb    

2 1/2 MEN and pardon my French SUCKED........The only good part was when Jake farted. I'm no*****ching it again. Thnak GOD for re-runs. Have a nice day.

1074 days ago

Tiger Blood!!    

Just as I expected, Ashton did not stand out like Charlie did. No talent what so every, Chaim Levine had to jump the shark to make a decent show. I only saw it because I wanted to see how he would kill off Charlie, plus Jon Cryer had more lines then Ashton, the show will not get picked up for next Season. No talent Ashton had to take his cloths off, and Chaim Levine realized that Ashton has no talent, that he had to have major guest appearences, too many to count. GO Carlos Estevez!!!!

1073 days ago


why ashton? his acting, movies and shows suck. he's not funny. and above all he's not charlie sheen.

1070 days ago


All of the people who voted for Ashton...You're all idiots.

1068 days ago


Charlie hands down! Love that dude no matter what!!!! The show is nothing without him!!! Here's what I read that sums it up perfectly: "the new facebook is like the new Two and a Half Men, everybody hates it and the creators think its genius" nuff said

1063 days ago


fyi to all the commenter*****ing on women - i am one and also a die hard fan of the show and of all things Charlie...just sayin' i would watch Two and a Half Men (Charlie episodes only!!!!) over any desperate housewives or some such nonsense any day of the week

1063 days ago

Debbie Rieger    

Nothing against Ashton Kutcher - Charlie Sheen is just better in this sitcom. Sheen has a rapport with all of the other costars that just cannot be duplicated. It was much more funny, though it has it's few moments. John Cryer is just as gooe, but he and Sheen had that great brotherly antagonism. I just liked it better with Charlie.

1037 days ago
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