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'Bad Girl' Issues Apology Letter -- Odd Delivery

5/14/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former "Bad Girls Club" star Christina Hopkins is trying to pull the email equivalent of "Some of my closest friends are black!" ... by writing a letter apologizing for the racist rant TMZ posted on Friday ... and emailing it to an African American TMZ staffer she has never met or had any contact with before.

Hopkins says in the letter that she was "egged on by anger and alcohol" but says the takes full responsibility for her "inexcusable comments."

But rather than get in touch with our publicist -- or the TMZ tipline -- she somehow obtained the email of an African American staffer and emailed it to directly her.

Although she went out of her way to contact the staffer, she ended the email by asking for all further communication to go through her publicist.

Some friend.


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sick of it    


1262 days ago

e-media:an experiment in de-evolution    

The thing is, truth is spoken in anger and when under the influence of alcohol. She was both drunk and angry, so she reeeeeally spoke her mind. Racism is alive and well america! Don't let the smooth pres. fool ya.

1262 days ago

John Water    


I predict 100 replies of support for this girl from losers all across the nation. Let's see it, guys!

1262 days ago

Justsay Nohan    

Not helping, Christina. Just making things worse.

1262 days ago


I seem to remember TMZ calling someone a "Cracker" in a headline about a year or so yeah, F U TMZ.

The girl doesn't like Blacks....join the friggin' club. So what?

1262 days ago

tony gee    

What fans is she talking about? Electric fans or fabric fans? And of course, who is she?

1262 days ago


She did say she was sorry but did she say it to the young lady she was talking about? As a Priest I am compelled to ask G-d to forgive her, however I don't have her public affairs agents e-mail...

1262 days ago


Name calling is serious business! Make her stand in the nearest corner IMMEDIATELY!

1262 days ago


White Trash, like 90% of these reality show losers. When their 15 minutes is up they will go to jail or hell which ever one is closer.

1262 days ago


I don't believe she is really racist!! We all say things over the top sometimes that we don't really mean and would take back. I've probably hated on every race at one point when I'm drunk but don't really hate them. Settle down people....

1262 days ago


Too bad she didn't say she hated White people. She could have gotten an invitation to the White House.

1262 days ago


I've never said stuff like this when drunk. She has a chemical imbalance or what?

1262 days ago


Instead of just apologising why doesn't she enroll in some kind of therapy to figure out what drives her hatred of other people? With a better understanding of what creates those feelings of hate, and some education she would be better off in the long run.

1262 days ago


Claiming you were under the influence of alchol just makes you a drunk racist.

Go back to the trailer park you came from.

1262 days ago


Please let us know if your African-American staffer accepted her apology because the 2010 census says that there are 38.9 million African-Americans in the United States and she's got a lot of work ahead of her doing one at a time.

Please forgive the racist bitch.

1262 days ago
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