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'Jersey Shore'

The Guidos Have Landed!!!!

5/13/2011 9:21 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Update: The female cast members have also landed ... and moments ago, cameras caught  Jwoww... Snooki... Deena... and Sammi joining the guys at their new Italian pad.

It finally happened ... The Situation ... Pauly D ... Ronnie ... and Vinny have touched down in Florence, Italy less than an hour ago -- and were greeted with a crazy fan crush!

The Italian paparazzi went crazy -- snapping photos of the boys as they unloaded their bags out of a taxi ... and took their stuff into the building where they will be living.

We're told the guys had to cover the cab themselves -- and had to huddle up before they could figure out how to pay the driver.

They're all yours, Italy.


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God help the good people of Italy. If anything will start a war between the US and Italy, this will be it. At least New Jersey will have time to remove the stink and stupidity left behind the last three years.I wonder if they will offend Italians enough to have them whacked. We can only hope.

1195 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Is there anyway they could squeeze in a few good looking women? The talent on this show is about a 1.5 to 2.......

1195 days ago

the truth    

i had found something out. not sure if its true but this guy does know the Jwoww family very well. he said her mom is or was in a mental institution and her father is all about himself. J Jwowwwoww is very selfish person.this man knows the family well so i do believe it . he also said Jwoww is not attractive at all in person.
I'm sick of people in other countries hating on Americans and we try to help them by adopting kids ETC...its about time America starts to worry about Americans cuz they dont care for us at all. the show should have stayed in America .the crew are Americans !they were not born or raised in Italy so I'm so sick of hearing OH I EAT ALOT BECAUSE I'M ITALIAN!! plzzz lots of people eat and love to cook.doesn't matter what nationality we are

1195 days ago


Can't wait for them to start brawling in the bars and get locked up!! Falling down drunk in the streets. Wonder how Italy will deal with this bunch of drunken losers.

1195 days ago


I love J-Wow, the rest of them totally suck. Glad Deena could finally afford some lip injections so she looks more like the inflatable pig she is. Deena we all knew those panties with skidmarks were yours! And Sammi, you're a coy, scheming bitch, the exact kind that gives women a bad name. Game-playing ****face.

1195 days ago

Throwback kid    

Does anyone know if Sammi sweetheart had sex with Arvin? That guy cracked me up, he was like Ronnie's evil Arab twin! He walked around the club like some kind of middle eastern terminater and all he kept saying was "I'm here to see Samantha-I'm here to see Samantha!" He made Ronnie sound smart!

1195 days ago


At least they are all out of the united states for the time being, so now italy can deal with them, and wow they are carrying their own bags, who would've thought! LOL Its ridiculous they are being famous for being drunks, talkin ****, getting into fights and causing drama, what is reality tv coming to?

1195 days ago


Talk bad about America will ya! We'll fix you Italians.

p.s. - We are revoking their passports so you have to keep them.

1195 days ago


Can't wait for this! C

1194 days ago


It was a fun show during the first season...the second season, mmmmm...OK...but come on, this show has run it's course and is old and tired now.

1194 days ago


GOOD!..o.k. now cancel their visas so they can't come back to the states. Italy can have 'em.

1194 days ago


Dear princeton, do you personally know any italian? I doubt, mr berlusconi is NOT representing the majority of italians and we are just waiting for the next elections, he has bought the majority of parliament as he is wealthy and politicians corrupted, but i would not tell that italians are like the american **** just landed in florence, will avoid downtown for a while.... You should get informed before to give air to your tonsils!

1194 days ago


Dear truth, i bet your name is truth as you are scared about it, italy is shaped as a boot to kick you ass out!

1194 days ago


What a joke these people are. Just 4 more drunk ho's

1194 days ago

Tony Ramirez    

please Italy keep them over there. they are such a waste of air, and an embarrassment to all Italians !!

1194 days ago
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