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'Idol' Finalist Gets $61,000 Homecoming Bash

5/14/2011 2:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"American Idol" top three finalist Scotty McCreery is so beloved in his small hometown of Garner, NC -- the locals have dropped more than $61 THOUSAND to throw him a homecoming bash today!!!


We're told the town has already raised $45 thousand in CASH for the event ... and local companies have donated roughly 8 grand in services.

The event will include a traditional pork barbeque, local entertainment, crafts, a parade and a concert by the country crooner himself!

As a thank you for all the local love, Scotty is expected to take his acoustic guitar and sing a whopping SIX songs -- compared to the usual two or three he belts out on Idol.

Fun Fact: Census records show the total population of Garner is less than 30 thousand people -- and we're guessing every last one will be at the big party to support their hometown superstar.


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1255 days ago


I Scotty & Lauren but James is the better idol.

1255 days ago


Scotty is great! I love American Idol. These other people that make the mean comments about Scotty, American Idol and the judges have some serious issues going on!! They need to enjoy all the contestants and accept who finishes first, second and third. I have always watched American Idol and all of the contestants are winners. Scotty is so special and America loves him!!

1255 days ago


People better be careful how they speak ill of Scotty he's one of God's children. They better watch how they speak of any of God's children. And as far as money being raised and spent on his homecoming that's what you do when you have a tight knit community such as Garner you support those you love. I live in a small community in Eastern North Carolina and we always look after one another help those that are always in need for whatever reason. When Bertie County was devastated by the tornados in April, the county that I live in which is right over from Bertie had folks standing outside the walmarts the piggly wiggly anywhere they could get to get folks to donate what was needed for those families in Bertie. Surrounding churches were there to help donate items needed and time needed for clean up. So saying this I can understand why Garner would want to have such a nice homecoming for someone they love. Where we come from it's call love, compassion and love for one another. Not too many communities these days can say that. You go Scotty God is your armor you just keep staying faithful and pressing in and God will do great things for you.

1254 days ago


I can tell you what is wrong with all the haters. It's because this young man is so different. You can tell his parents raised him right.

1254 days ago


Hayley is the bomb! Scotty just messed up Kenny's song with that hillbilly twang, Stop it! Jennifer, after Beyonce's, (The Queen of Pop) video debut, you must be feeling like she is p---y and socks...both them motha suckas too big for you to handle :)

1254 days ago


In my opinion the finale will be between Haley (aka the screamer) and Lauren (the real singer and best one). Scotty sounds the same in each song and has bide his time. HOWEVER, Haley was disappointing when receiving her judges song in round three. Does America need an idol who forgets to buckle up in a moving car as a role model? Certainly not me.

1254 days ago


Good luck and great work SCOTTY. It is wonderful to watch you young people use your talents so wisely and work so hard to be the best and not give up. THE SHOES YOU ALL ARE TRYING TO FILL ARE BIG ONES. Again,best of luck.

1254 days ago

Dorothy Batton    

Call me old fashioned. But I know talent when I hear it. I'm proud of being 79 and soooo tired of the noise of this so call "Rock". It's not music, it's loud and just plain noise!

It's great to hear the melody put back into music. Thats what happens when Scotty sings.
I expect him to win, but no matter what, that young man is going places and not only for the old timers like us, but to all lovers of country music.

My thanks go out to him for being such a great example for the old and the young!!

1254 days ago


Scotty you are amazing and all I can say is many of us in Canada are with you all the way

1254 days ago


I read the comments above and they are so mean! Why even comment?
I love you Scotty(even if I don't REALLY know you)!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope you do great tomorrow! You definitely deserve to win!

1254 days ago

No one    

Scotty is the one who has the most and guess what folks it was hayley who had the 2nd least, there are site how the voted played out so if you want to me mad at anyone be mad at hayley and what people forget is counrty music has some of the best fans you will never find!!! SCOTTY don't listen to the hater you will go all the way and you will BE BIG in counrty Music GOD bless you!

1254 days ago


R ya crazy this is a popularity contest....stopped watching for 2 yrs and now I know why. The true artist that should still be here r gone and your left with these. Now when Pia left the person that should've of gone home was Haley and more then once, as with James too. Haley tries to sing like other artist instead of being herself. Lauren she two has climbed the steps but her voice is so much stronger and more solid and can out sing Haley because she did it last week on TV so, Scottie he was born to do country and what a down to earth person he is and he should take idol out of all three. Also what's up with letting family members perform with there child on TV, its sounds to me trying to score more point as fixing ratings to help favortism towards a contestant.
If this contest was real and not a popularity contest your top 3 would be drifferent and the real talent would of been on National TV tonight istead of a Karaoke contest that aired on Natioanl TV tonight.
I think this show has lost its America!!!!!!

OMG it reminds me of a pageant but fixed, its going backwards!!

Real Talent is on the VOICE...yes new show with real raw talent, my new idol show now :)

1254 days ago

Anyone with an ear     

You people that like scottie the body must not be listening to the sounds that are coming out of his mouth. If Simon were there he would laugh everytime the monotone COUNTRY karoake singer grabed his mike sideways and made me wanna change channels. He is only there because the voting is rigged to keep the ratings strong. Haley is the only artist left and should be fighting some real talent but all of the REAL Talent was 'voted' Off the show.

1254 days ago


James had over 30,000 people show up for his homecoming. Every single hotel was booked to the max. His homecoming brought $3 million dollars in revenue to the town of Santa Cruz, CA.

1253 days ago
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