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'Bad Girl' Star RIPS Ranting Castmate -- Kill Yourself!

5/14/2011 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Bad Girls Club" star Ashley Cheatham is FURIOUS at her castmate Christina Hopkins -- after the girl's disgusting racist rant went public Thursday -- telling her, "Do the world a favor and go kill yourself."


TMZ spoke with Cheatham -- Christina's roommate on Season 5 -- who tells us, "You've got to be a low scum of the earth b*tch to say such vile things about another race."

0513-christina-hopkins-sm-launch_v2Cheatham adds, "Being drunk is not an excuse to bring out your inner racism. It's disgusting and downright offensive ... Go get a f**king life. Better yet, do the world a favor and go kill yourself."

As we previously reported, Christina targeted an unidentified woman in a racist diatribe last month at a diner in Staten Island ... dropping the n-bomb 12 times in less than two minutes.


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I've never watched that show but they all seem like classy whores.

Hope TMZ doesn't delete this for saying "whore".

1258 days ago


Lots of people are racist. In fact I believe most people are and they just won't admit to themselves. Its just plain ole human nature.

1258 days ago


They both sound rude to me. Where do all those disgusting people come from? (And I include you, Puckett.)

1258 days ago


So what? This nobody says n*gger and you have 5 posts about it, Mike Epps calls a white woman a "white b*tch" and that only gets one post. BTW, do you guys plan on following up with that? I'm curious where the public condemnation and apology is? Oh wait, that probably won't happen because he truly is a n*gger.

1258 days ago

keeping it real    

Sometimes you just gotta get thing off your chest. People can say what ever they want! Freedom of Speech!

If she feels that way, let her! I'm sure

1258 days ago


What passes for 'culture' in the USA is at an all-time low...and sinking further every day. These two nitwits are just today's examples. Tomorrow, the assembly line will bring us another. And so it goes. Education is the only way out, people. Get some!

1258 days ago


she doesnt like black people...she said it and made herself clear. Am not a racist but stupid comments like this always wanna push me to become one. Its been 300years n yet they dont wanna see us shine. Most white people are racist period! Just a few of them are not. True! They still hating on obama even tho he has shown the world that he cares abt the safety of american. smh.... Scientics has proven it that Racism is a form of mental retardation...if this idiot wasnt caught on tape she would never apologise. idiots like this make america a bad place.. she needs to be taught a lesson

1258 days ago


@KEEP IT REAL...Somethings are left unsaid... if u feel like smashin ur mother instead of going to get help, u say keep it real and let the world know abt it right..? dummy ass bastard racists!

1258 days ago


@ blackboy, I don't think hating on Obama has anything to do with him being half black. It's more to do with him being an absolute horrible president who was never qualified for office in the first place and no, not because he is half black. It is extremely ignorant of you to say that "most" white people are racist. On the other hand, a case could be made that a lot (not most) of black people are overt reverse racist. There is a double standard in this country and it is simply unacceptable. Perfect example is Mike Epps racist and sexist comments calling a white woman a white b*tch. Where was the public condemnation to that? But if Michael Richards or Don Imus says anything negative about black people, they have to publicly apologize and go kiss Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton's a$$. B.S.! I feel sorry for people like you who are so ignorant and make such foolish comments.

1258 days ago



1258 days ago


I like how Christina claims to be a BAD GIRL and then acts surprised when she gets into physical altercations with other females. Not only does she act surprised but she rants about their race. She is stupid because though those black girls may have said something racist, she is the one who got caught on camera and I guarantee those friends she was laughing it up with won't take an @ss beating for her. I don't understand how people can be racist in this day and age. I may not like what one person does but that does not mean their whole race acts like that. Racist people are simple minded idiots who do nothing but make the world worse than it already is.

1258 days ago


Telling someone to kill themselves is soooo much better than simple name calling. Will she be banned from oprahs network too?

1258 days ago

Mark Proctor    

sick pups

1258 days ago


Too bad all racist don't go kill themselves and do the world a favor. Well, that's never going to happen.

1258 days ago

Terra Firma    

Doubt she was drunk. Sounds like she was just rambling from the heart.

1258 days ago
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