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'Bad Girl' Star RIPS Ranting Castmate -- Kill Yourself!

5/14/2011 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Bad Girls Club" star Ashley Cheatham is FURIOUS at her castmate Christina Hopkins -- after the girl's disgusting racist rant went public Thursday -- telling her, "Do the world a favor and go kill yourself."


TMZ spoke with Cheatham -- Christina's roommate on Season 5 -- who tells us, "You've got to be a low scum of the earth b*tch to say such vile things about another race."

0513-christina-hopkins-sm-launch_v2Cheatham adds, "Being drunk is not an excuse to bring out your inner racism. It's disgusting and downright offensive ... Go get a f**king life. Better yet, do the world a favor and go kill yourself."

As we previously reported, Christina targeted an unidentified woman in a racist diatribe last month at a diner in Staten Island ... dropping the n-bomb 12 times in less than two minutes.


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Words can hurt people....alot of black people are still sensitive to the certian words because of the history behind them,....if europeans seemed more offended off of certian words then outta RESPECT! alot stuff would stop! white people know that words are offensive but instead make an excuse and sweep it up under the are we ever suppose to progress if people keep using freedom of speech as a excuse of racism

1260 days ago


Isn't Oprah -Queen of self esteem/respect/enlightenment, etc.- the owner of this Oxygen station? How the hell did this demeaning crap get by her?

1260 days ago

Henry johnson    

A lot of these comments are really funny.A white woman calls a black woman a ****** repeatedly and you people make light of it and instead lash out at her black cast-mate for telling her to go kill herself.I second that notion.And it's funny because I could never let myself become outraged by a comment made by a closet racist who is venting his racist views from behind a computer screen and does not have the balls to make these views known to a black man's face.Many of you are probably the typical coward who pass by a black man on the streets and flash that fake smile to disguise those cowardly racist views for fear of getting your ass kicked!!!!Grow some nuts,cowards.

1260 days ago

Henry johnson    

Now I see why it was mainly white people celebrating the death of Bin Laden and not many African Americans were seen in the crowds.Al Quaeda knows who their true enemies are and so does white people.It's sad that a black man had to be the one with the blood on his hands for killing Bin Laden.I hope that these terrorist groups understand that president Obama is just a pawn in this war on terror and is only doing the bidding of the white-powered establishment.Recognize who your real enemies are.BLACKS IN GENERAL HAVE NO REAL POWER IN THIS COUNTRY AND EVEN PRES.OBAMA'S POWER IS ONLY SYMBOLIC.With that said.I ave to repeat the words of the great Muhammad Ali when he protested being drafted for the vietnam war.Ali said"Aint no viet Cong ever called me a ******".How true were those words.I wish black servicemen can say the same thing about this war on terror and have the same sentiments as Muhammad Ali did back in the Vietnam war.I have never experienced racism at the hands of Arabs like I have with white people.If Al Quaeda only focused it's targets on those responsible for the upheavel in the Middle East,I wouldn't lose a minute of sleep for the casualties inflicted just like I didn't when 911 happened.Sounds really cold and hateful doesn't it?It really is.I'm the hate that hate produced!!!!

1260 days ago


In my opinion it's really not that serious. I'm probably one of the few black females who didn't get offended by this. Most people say something racist at some point, so why is it a problem now.

1260 days ago

Mrs. Mathers    

A lot of ppl r racist n its disgusting...people jus believe the stereotypes because the handfull of ppl they met did something dumb, I meet ignorant white, blacks, mexicans, asians n w/e else u wanna throw out there but u gotta take it case by case, there are amazing white, blacks, mexicans, asians etc so u racists can go kill urselves b/c ur poison isnt doing anyone any good

1260 days ago



1260 days ago


@elpablo the comment about the president are bogus bush wasn't fit to run this country and the reason we are in this state now, and as for your comment on Mike Epps he calls almost all women bitches so it doesn't makes him racist and I have many friends from all races that uses the n word to talk to each other whether they are black, white, asian, or whatever. Does it bother me that they say it not at all because I'm not one the was used then to make people feel like the were beneath white people but now everyone says it white people even say it when they are refering to another white friend racism still exist because people let it. This girl comment may have came from her heart and is freedom of speech but all I'm saying is don't apologize for something you say even if you are drunk because it only makes you more of an ******* and like people say alcohol brings out the true you.

1259 days ago


TMZ spoke with Cheatham -- Christina's roommate on Season 5 -- who tells us, "You've got to be a low s*** of the earth b*tch to say such vile things about another race."

I wonder if shes addressing this to Michael Epps as well

1259 days ago


The whole race thing was a scam that cost us most of our rights. Most are wise enough to know that all blood lines trace back to one race. So whats the point of dissing a race. Besides causing fear, and segregation.

1259 days ago


LMAO! The dirty pig-chick is calling another girl a dirty n-word while shoveling eggs into her mouth, mumbling with a full mouth and spraying food all over the place. Classy!

1259 days ago

Kimberly Wash     

She as many others have proven that ignorance and disrespect is more important than TRUTH & Love on this sad planet!

It is SICKING that the world has such a high level of INGORANCE, & LACK OF TRUE KNOWLEDGE, yet has the nerve to verbalize your stupidity towards Black MEN & at sometimes at Black WOMEN!

Here's my message to Dumb America & surrounding countries
(those that speak ignorance) ." YOU DON'T OWN **** AND WE AS A WHOLE ARE NOT GOING ANYWHERE!"

What you own is maybe a house, car, clothes on your back and that’s it. So please white & foreign people(those that speak ignorance)understand one thing look in the mirror and see the real issue is HOW YOU THINK! HOW YOU SPEAK!

1259 days ago


How is this even appropriate? Yes, that girl is a racist bastard, but to tell someone to go kill themselves as a defense? Both of those girls are idiots.

1259 days ago


@elpablo why do you think President Obama is a bad president would it be because he hasn't done a lot of the things he promised to do? Is it possible he hasn't kept his promises because they fight him every step of the way? Let's just take the health bill for instance, who is it that's fighting to keep it from happening could it be the rich that have health care? Try getting hurt or sick in this country (the richest country in the world) and see what kind of help you receive. I speak from experience a snapped achilles tendon and no health insurance (after losing my job and unable to get public assistance) meant no medical help until I got coverage 6 months later but by then the damage was done I now have a permanent limp. Thank all you fat cat political jacka##s who don't believe everyone deserves good health care.

1259 days ago


I was reading all the post and for some people to justify that young ladies comments about the N-word multiple times to Mike Epps' comment about calling that young lady who served him the court do***ents on stage a white B**ch. Someone please tell me how the N-word equates to being called a white B*&ch? Which word bother you people being called white or b*&ch? Or is it that a black man call a white women the B word?

1259 days ago
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