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Sheridan: Cherry Says Parker Was Gay to Marry Eva

5/14/2011 11:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nicollette Sheridan claims "Desperate Housewives" creator Marc Cherry committed the ultimate wedding faux pas -- claiming Tony Parker must have been into boys as he said "I do" to Eva.


TMZ obtained Nicollette's declaration in the brutal legal fight she's having with Cherry over her firing on the show.

In the declaration, Nicollette claims, "I was present at Eva Longoria's wedding to Tony Parker, when Mr. Cherry commented that 'Tony must like boys, because he is marrying this -- this little, small girl with no t*ts and -- that looks like a boy.'"

For the record, he couldn't be that gay because he divorced her. Kidding.


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PRO US    

@richard_nixon69: Hate much?

1256 days ago

who dat    

Of course he's gay. Was there ever any doubt? Nothing wrong with being gay. It's the guys who try and hide it with phony beard relationships that are annoying.

1256 days ago


I doubt cherry has a better looking woman lol..... But Eva does have a boring ass body, I never got what was the big deal about her, but that old balding man DOES NOT have any better lol!

1256 days ago


And may I add, you're no prize yourself, Mr. Cherry! For all your nasty remarks about Eva, she's still a thousand times more attractive than YOU! Your picture is actually repulsive to look at!

1256 days ago


Longoria has a flat chest and a mousey face.

1256 days ago


Sounds like a petty, malicious lie that Nicollette Sheridan is using to turn everyone against Marc Cherry. We don't even know if he really said that. She is really desperate. And, so is the attorney for even using that in a legal do***ent. But, why be surprised by anything?

1256 days ago


Eva is a beautiful woman. If there's any truth to these statements, then shame on Mr. Cherry because he's a PIG! Keep your nasty comments about how you think a woman ought to look to yourself, Cherry! By the way, did it ever occur to you that maybe Tony married Eva not for her looks but because he LOVED her? Yeah, guys like that DO still exist and they're more manly than YOU'll ever be!

1256 days ago


It sounds like EVA is my kind of girl. I like girls with small breasts. It funny too because I married a girl with 44DD's

1256 days ago

PRO US    

Nicollette claims Mr. Cherry commented that 'Tony must like boys, because he is marrying this -- this little, small girl with no t*ts and -- that looks like a boy.'

That's hilarious. When Nicollette first started doing movies in The Sure Thing, she had small breasts. Now older, Nicollette has breast implants and thinks she can freely repeat insulting remarks about Eva's small breasts?

1256 days ago


Doubtful that Cherry said this or even ever thought negatively of Eva since her beauty and popularity on the show made him money right from the beginning of the series.

On the other hand, Nicollette was already a has-been during season one.

1256 days ago


It's pretty obvious by his show that he hates women.

1256 days ago

george fudge!    

Wow, if they think sexy Eva Longoria looks like a boy, I would buy PlayGirl Mag if she poses in it! That producer needs his eyes checked.

1256 days ago


I have one word that describes Nicolette Sheridan - YUMMY!

1256 days ago


All the housewives are odd looking. Eva looks like a rodent, and have you ever seen her pics without a shovel of makeup? You wouldn't look at her twice on the street. Teri is looking more and more like Michael Jackson every day. Marcia looks like a department store mannequin with that waxy skin and fivehead. Felicity wisely played a tranny on film because she looks like a drag queen. But the men aren't much better -- that sloppy guy who plays Eva's hubby and that guy who plays Susan's hubby who cannot act at all.

1256 days ago


Hah you guys do realise Marc Cherry is openly gay right?

But really that just makes his behaviour so much worse. It's guys like that which give gay guys a bad name. Okay so he's not attracted to girls, but he has to go around slating them like that? How the hell can he pretend to know what's attractive to straight men? By comparing Eva to a boy, he is basically he is saying that he is attracted to her... right? -.-

It makes me uncomfortable that I love DH so much knowing this bastard created it, I guess you have to be a chauvinist pig to think about creating a show called "Desperate Housewives" though...

1256 days ago
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