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Willow Palin Busted for Speeding ... In an ESCALADE

5/14/2011 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sarah Palin's 16-year-old daughter Willow pulled a fast one last week -- because TMZ has learned she got a speeding ticket in Alaska ... for driving nearly 20 mph over the speed limit.

According to docs filed in Alaska -- Willow was pulled over last Thursday for driving 84 in a 65 ... in the Palin family's black Escalade.

According to the docs, she was issued a "minor offense" citation for $162 and let go without further incident.

Better luck next time.


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Great! Another spoiled, rich, entitled, mouthy 16-year old speeding like a demon on the roads. It sounds like a Nick Hogan in the works.

1169 days ago


I am willing to bet money that she was going faster than 84mph, which would have allowed the trooper to arrest her. But he chose to give her a break because Sarah Palin would have made his life miserable. Sarah has done before when she used her governor status to raiae hell for some people like her sister's ex husband.

1169 days ago


maybe she needs the car keys taken away------ just saying
if that was my kid she wouldn't have the car keys for a long time. How long has she had a license?

1169 days ago


Are the Palin's stupid? Why let their teenage, new driver drive a big truck like that? she's gonna kill someone!!! buy her a vw beetle

1169 days ago


The true issue should be that this BOAT of a car is twice as hard to stop and Willow is not that experienced a driver to STOP that behemoth of a vehicle.
Typical of a teen to do something stupid but in a monster car that could kill whomever she might hit.

1169 days ago

PRO US    

The usual delusional, left wing loony nutcase Palin haters are out in force today feeling justified and self righteous criticizing Sarah Palin and the facial structure and weight of her children all over the Willow Palin's speeding ticket in an Escalade. Some of you would have rather had her driving a foreign made car. How ridiculous is that?

It's a speeding ticket. It's wrong to speed and she got a ticket for it. She should learn a lesson from that and drive more responsibly. Over 100,000 people a day receive a speeding ticket in this country. That's over 41,000,0000 speeding tickets per year. Willow got 1 of those 41 million speeding tickets in an American made vehicle. Very big deal! That should be the end of the story.

1169 days ago


It's a lot better than the last time she made the news...she and her friends trashed the house of a part time resident to the tune of $30,000!!! Mama Palin footed the bill to keep her out of jail & the court system!

1169 days ago


Maybe she was rushing her sister to the hospital for another round of "medically necessary" implants/lipo/rhinoplasty/etc.

1169 days ago


Willow is hot I wish she went to my school.

1169 days ago


Leave it to a tool like PRO US to confuse mockery of a low class celebutard reality TV family with being unpatriotic. lol

1169 days ago


This one looks like trouble, in a good way.

1169 days ago



Yeah, it's sooo hard to step on the brake. LOL

At least she wasn't stoned at the time, like Al Gore's kid.

1169 days ago



ROFL. You should see the kids in our high school. I'm amazed their cars still run.

As for the entitled mantra, Track got a couple speeding tickets back before any of this spotlight junk started happening. It's called being young and having a lead foot.

1169 days ago


Yeah, I am sure no one here as ever sped before right? lol

1169 days ago


WTF are you people complaining about TMZ reporting on this?!?! They report on traffic offenses lots of times. And Willow has proven in the past to be an arrogant, pretentious bitch, just like the rest of the women in her family. At least, the cop didn't let her off the hook just because she's Palin's daughter! Some of you just want to ignore the bad things that these people do just because of their family's political affiliation and that's not right. The truth should always prevail over hypocrisy!!!

1169 days ago
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