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Willow Palin Busted for Speeding ... In an ESCALADE

5/14/2011 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sarah Palin's 16-year-old daughter Willow pulled a fast one last week -- because TMZ has learned she got a speeding ticket in Alaska ... for driving nearly 20 mph over the speed limit.

According to docs filed in Alaska -- Willow was pulled over last Thursday for driving 84 in a 65 ... in the Palin family's black Escalade.

According to the docs, she was issued a "minor offense" citation for $162 and let go without further incident.

Better luck next time.


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PRO US    

hopee 16 minutes ago

lol what a stupid idiot. follow the ****ing rules bitch. your no ****ing celeb. not even bristol is a celeb. probably just in their dreams. lol im glad she got pulled over. learn your lesson you ugly whore. sarah palin is a horrible mother. one got knocked in her teens and the other is running around wild speeding down the street breaking the city rules. have got some really stupid daughters. you must be so proud. haha both bristol and willow are ****ing hideous. all palins just look disgusting. especially bristol. girl is ugly. even after the surgery. it just made her look even uglier. lol


Ya, I know what you mean. Like all the retards running around using swear words like "****ing" in almost every sentence that comes out of their mouths or that they type because they have no class. People just like you.


1225 days ago


Oh ok, I guess this is an important story....or something.

1225 days ago


Take the keys before she kills herself or someone else.

1225 days ago

PRO US    

dd 28 minutes ago

Take the keys before she kills herself or someone else.

That would be a good thing to do at least for awhile. She needs to learn that speeding is potentially dangerous. Maybe she could benefit from some lessons in prudent driving and be reminded how to set the "cruise control" to a speed at or below the speed limit while on the highway in her family's cars as well.

1225 days ago


New JAW meets the LAW.

1225 days ago


No, it's the other sister that has that.

1225 days ago


Is this news? No. How many teens speed and get tickets? Almost ALL of them. And how many parents can control that unless they are in the car at the time?? People are so ridiculous trying to say that Sarah's kid is out of control or that Sarah should watch them or that Sarah is somehow to blame for a teenager speeding in a car.
Now onto those losers who are attacking Willow's looks... What is wrong with you? You think it is right to pick on an underage teenage girl and tell her that she is ugly or overweight? 1.Do you think anyone had a choice in how they look? 2. Do you think that the anorexic models are the only ones that are pretty? Willow is gorgeous. That picture is old, and she looks great these days. Many men (and women) would die to date her. If I wasn't a world away, I'd be first in line to ask her out.

1225 days ago


What the ****. I was givin a ticket for
$700 and 2 points on my driving record
for speeding and I don't come from a
wealthy family. Where's the justice.
Oh yeah, did I mention I'm unemployed.

1225 days ago


She looks like a little valley meth head. Sarah has turned her birtch litter into a bunch of attention hungry flakes. She did this on purpose, of course, to get her box head in the news. She's plastic, she's a Palin. Cant wait for the books and the movie, when all the Palin's will suffer the bitter shame they deserve. I once supported Sarah and like 78% of Alaskans, never again. Could you imagine this goof running for president? Yeah right..By the way. we all know aksodchic is Willow, no doubt bout it.

1225 days ago


Where's the baby bumb?

1225 days ago


Looks like she's all methed out in that photo.

1225 days ago


Wow! It just amazes me how many liberals have perfect children! And of course they are all perfect themselves! Not one has ever gotten a speeding ticket...or had a teen daughter get pregnant or had a son get a girl pregnant. It amazes me every time, but I guess I am just going to have to come to terms with the fact that all liberals are so perfect. Wish they would let the rest of us mere humans in on the secret of how they do it day in and day out!

1225 days ago

Shanan Li    

Yea, who cares. Al Gore Jr., was pulled over high on drugs and speeding in a hybrid. Patrick Kennedy wrecked his car in DC while on drugs. Ted Kennedy killed a lady while drunk! So speeding is a little lame, but I am sure the left loons find this of interest.

1225 days ago


The anti Palin posters should live in poverty in third world would fit their intellectual level.

1225 days ago


84 in a 65 means she was really doing 90 but the cop was a nice guy.

1225 days ago
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