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Britney Spears -- Looking Tour Ready

5/15/2011 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With her tour set to start in a month, Britney Spears showed up to Wango Tango last night looking as good as she has in a long time.

Don't call it a comeback.


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Tony B    

★ ★ ★She looks beautiful!

Nice job Britney, love ya baby!!!

PSST! Hey thanx for being so nice to her, TMZ! Keep up the good work!

HI HARVEY!!!★ ★ ★

1255 days ago


Everyone knows she wouldn't make it to hollywood on American Idol. The only reason she's sold so much is because there are a lot of stupid humans across the globe. Teeny-boppers.

1255 days ago


gotta say after the last concert in vancouver where she left the stage for 45 minutes then at the end saying "way to smoke weed vancouver" left myself and many others wondering why we paid 150 bux. on another note tho no matter fame or fortune having any sort of mental health issues is a huge struggle and hard to deal with, i enjoy her music and think she looks very pretty but perhaps she should retire, move to an undisclosed location and enjoy her life and her children. she deserves that freedom.

1253 days ago


I have been a fan since the beginning and took friends and family to the concert. I do believe she loves her children and family so much,and that her mental physical effects are from the industry. I dontbknow that guy she is with she had bruises on her face...not bottom or plastic surgery he hurt her
I pray she does well but retires early to save herself a da Y at a time

1248 days ago


Has she grown back her real hair yet?

1242 days ago


To all you people saying she can't sing--she CAN sing. She just doesn't. Lipsyncing was acceptable when she was dancing non stop on stage, but she sang her slow songs live. Now she doesn't even sing those live, and she barely dances. She became a performer (not a singer--Britney has never just been a singer) because she has the X factor--the star quality--the girl was addictive to watch 10 years ago and that was what made her famous, not her voice. Her looks, her dancing, her marketing strategy, etc. Her shows were amazing and it didn't matter that she didn't sing live. The same cannot be said anymore for her shows, but they are still entertaining, even if she isn't what she used to be. Also...all you morons talking about how she "will never have a comeback" are clueless...the media promotes all of her albums since her breakdown as "comeback" albums but the fact is that this girl HAS NEVER had a problem selling records, even with the album that came out DURING her breakdown that she did zero promotion for (Blackout). All of her albums sell. All of her tours sell out. The Circus tour in 2009 was one of the highest grossing tours of the year. So stop saying she is a has been, she will never make a come back, etc. If you produce a successful album every 2 years that sells millions, it's not a comeback. The only thing she ever had to "come back" from was her personal life, and sadly, that seems to have been her real downfall. I agree, she looks sad all the time. She should retire and spend time with her family. She is rich--she doesn't need to work.

1238 days ago


britney spears owes ibrahim patel-ibraham patel- money for hairstyling, music video re-production and his share of the abortion money!! it is ibraham patel -ibrahim patel's- sperm right??

1206 days ago
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