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Gene Simmons' Daughter


5/15/2011 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gene Simmons' 18-year-old daughter was in a NASTY four-car pile-up Thursday afternoon -- and TMZ has learned she was taken to the hospital in an ambulance to get checked out.

Sources close to the family tell us -- Sophie Simmons was sitting in infamous L.A. traffic when the car behind her failed to stop and plowed into her ... causing her to smash into the car in front of her. 

The accident caused a chain reaction that ended in a four-car wreck ... with Sophie right in the middle.

We're told Sophie was wearing her seat belt -- but the car's airbag didn't deploy -- and Sophie hit her head on the steering wheel.

She was taken to the hospital just to get checked out -- where she Tweeted a fun picture of her hospital bracelet and assured her fans that she was ok.

But her Dodge Charger wasn't as lucky ... we're told it's completely totaled.


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Agreed with those who said thankfully the smart car is gone. It would be a much different story if she still had that thing!

1255 days ago


Are her tits ok? Can we get an update?

1255 days ago



that's a good point if the charger she was in is totaled we can only imagine how badly damaged that toy car she has would be.

1255 days ago


She's 18? Alright Playboy sign her and Shannon up for a mother-daughter pictorial.

1255 days ago


Does she have a long tongue as well? Seems small to me.

1255 days ago



Not true about hitting her head = not wearing a seatbelt. My friend was also in a car accident and her head hit the steering wheel and her knees hit the dash. She also had bruising from the seatbelt. So I don't know how it happens but it does! Defective seatbelts?

1255 days ago


I totalled an SRT8 Charger a couple of years ago and the seatbelt snapped my shoulder pretty bad. It had to be put back together with plates and screws. The airbags did deploy though.

I was told by the insurance company as well as the dealership
that the car was designed to basically dissipate the impact which it did.

I'm glad she is okay. They seem to be a good family. Nothing is worse than seeing your child hurt.

1255 days ago


Hopefully she's okay.

1255 days ago


She has fans? Why on earth does she? She takes up space, and air for that matter, I never could understand the show at all. Seems it was just a bunch of rich egomaniacs, saying "look at us despite the fact that Daddy didn't marry Mommy we are sooooo normal." I can't stand the son thinking he is actually a talented musician, now that is sad.

1255 days ago


Mel on p. 2: "Um fans? why would she have fans?"

I imagine it's just because of the "reality show". When I heard this, I said "she's too young to drive!" and then I realized that the couple of episodes I saw were 5 years ago, when she was 13.... So if it's still going - that's longer than many regular tv shows! So I can see that other kids might get interested in her life.

The kids were quite nice, actually I liked the whole family. Dad's a bit over the top on some things, of course, but that's not too unusual.... They really seemed to be rather radically normal and nice to each other in a real way, not a fake-it-for-the-camera sort of way. Whole different feeling than that fakeroo trainwreck "Hogan Knows Best", which made me want to scream at the tv set whenever I channel-flipped on to it. With Hogan, kept thinking the kids' only chance would have been to be sent far far away to a boarding school so they could learn something and not get polluted by their dipstick parents total lack of common sense and ethics. But Gene Simmons' family was all right. Didn't make me feel like screaming at all. I even watched almost full episodes.

1255 days ago


Someone asked: "How could she possibly hit her head if she's wearing a seatbelt?"

Since her car was the filling in the sandwich - maybe the front end (and back end) were crumpled enough to shorten the distance between her and the steering wheel. Or maybe there was a problem with the seat belt.

Seat belts don't protect you against everything. They just reduce the odds of serious damage for certain kinds of collisions, because they slow you down relative to the suddenly stopped car. Less speed of impact (your body on hard parts of the car), less damage (to you). You don't end up smashing against the windshield quite so easily, for instance.

In this case, her car was stopped already, though, and was put in motion only by the impacts from behind and then from in front. So my guess would be parts of the car moved toward her.

Unless you're right and she wasn't wearing a seatbelt... Alternatively, she could have just had the seat belt on but not the shoulder belt (that would allow more motion toward the steering wheel), or hadn't adjusted it well enough.

1255 days ago


I'm sure Gene is sitting back trying to figure out how to put a Kiss logo on her and the car and how much money her can make off this.
Kiss is the biggest hack carnival clowna$$ side show rock ever had the misfortune of coming across.

They have to dress up like clowns because the music alone can't stand on it's own merits because it's crap.

1255 days ago



1255 days ago


Airbags only deploy when a vehicle is in motion.

1255 days ago


Fans?! What fans? Who IS she? The unknown daughter of someone who was relevant on the teen music scene 20 years ago.

1255 days ago
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