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Gene Simmons' Daughter


5/15/2011 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gene Simmons' 18-year-old daughter was in a NASTY four-car pile-up Thursday afternoon -- and TMZ has learned she was taken to the hospital in an ambulance to get checked out.

Sources close to the family tell us -- Sophie Simmons was sitting in infamous L.A. traffic when the car behind her failed to stop and plowed into her ... causing her to smash into the car in front of her. 

The accident caused a chain reaction that ended in a four-car wreck ... with Sophie right in the middle.

We're told Sophie was wearing her seat belt -- but the car's airbag didn't deploy -- and Sophie hit her head on the steering wheel.

She was taken to the hospital just to get checked out -- where she Tweeted a fun picture of her hospital bracelet and assured her fans that she was ok.

But her Dodge Charger wasn't as lucky ... we're told it's completely totaled.


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I can't believe how grown up she is! I mean...I only watched her in the show, but it's crazy to see her at this age! Love her brother. He's hilarious! Glad she's okay! That seems to be one cool family!

1221 days ago


Like the kid, same for her Mom and Dad and brother. Never cared for KISS but dad's typical hard driving money making machine, at least with KISS stuff, which i would own if he gave it to me.

1221 days ago


Glad she is ok she seems to be a good kid. Feel better Sophie. Also airbags are meant to deploy if there is a front end collision and if she was rear ended and pushed into another car does that not constitute a front end collison? I do believe there is a certain MPH before the airbag deploys so if the car was not at that speed and it totalled the car what does that say about the Dodge Charger? Hmmmm.

1221 days ago


I, too, am glad to hear she was in a Charger instead of the tiny car she used to drive. She may have been seriously injured in the tiny car she had. Take care of yourself. You are your Mom and Dad's baby girl. Dad may buy you a tank to drive in the future.

I have enjoyed the Gene Simmons reality show because they are interesting, talented, and funny.

1221 days ago


Fun photo? Look at the size of her thumb. Poor thing :(

1221 days ago


"Lindsay 10 hours ago

I can't believe how grown up she is! I mean...I only watched her in the show, but it's crazy to see her at this age! Love her brother. He's hilarious! Glad she's okay! That seems to be one cool family!"

Her brother is a comic thief. He ripped off "Bleach." Google it.

1221 days ago


I feel for her. That happened to me. I had a tiny little car and got smashed by an old style pick up truck. My car looked like an accordion! LOL. Hope she's okay.

1221 days ago


Chrissie: Really? The teen music scene 20 years ago?? I can understand calling her the unknown daughter of....fill in the blank. But do you really expect us to think KISS is irrelevant when they are still selling out shows across the globe? I mean, I guess maybe the teens from 20 years ago might still be patronizing the band, but I doubt they are the only ones who help keep him in business. Just saying.

1221 days ago


It seems Chrysler's SRS (supp. restraint system) bags aren't designed to go off when getting rear-ended at a dead stop.

Dodge's website says: "Advanced Front Airbags are designed to provide additional protection by supplementing the seat belts in certain frontal collisions depending on the severity and type of collision. Advanced Front Airbags are not expected to reduce the risk of injury in rear, side, or rollover collisions."

1220 days ago


Anyone notice that Sophie's hospital wrist band has the name "Tweed" on it? TMZ sure that her name is "Simmons" as reported in the story?....just asking.

1220 days ago


FANS? What the heck, this girl is not famous. The average American does not care about her has been dad either. How funny for her to send a picture to her "fans".

1220 days ago


Sent a picture to her fans? What is that about. Is she famous and has fans because of her strange dad? Only in Hollywood.

1220 days ago


God is getting even for Daddy's misdeeds. She will be cursed by misfortune for the rest of her life. Gene has made certain that she will never participate in the joys of Heaven.

1220 days ago


I find that your article title is misleading. Makes it seem as if she was wasted (i.e. drunk) and the picture you dredged up misleads in the same way. That's not right. Shame on you.

1219 days ago


Glad to hear Sophie is OK! Too bad about her Charger, even though she was no doubt fully insured. I'll bet you anything her parents are happy as hell she wasn't driving that embarrassing POS plastic box 'Smart Car' she used on the show! Anyone in one of those is lucky to not end up in a wheel chair forever, if they even survive an accident. I like my name sake's show. But got tired of the 'Family Jewels' game a long time ago on his website.

1219 days ago
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