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Botox Mom

Loses Custody of Daughter

5/16/2011 11:53 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The woman who admitted on national television that she injected Botox into her 8-year-old daughter ... has now lost custody of the girl. 

Child Protective Services in San Francisco launched an investigation last week after Kerry Campbell went on "Good Morning America" and told the world she gave her daughter Britney the anti-wrinkle injections herself ... to help her compete in beauty pageants. 

According to ABC News, Britney has been removed from the home by CPS and taken into their custody while an investigation is conducted.

Britney is reportedly "doing well."


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I WISH that people had to take a test to become a parent. This woman is a loon! What was her next step? Lipo to get rid of baby fat? I know it's a long shot but I hope that the kid gets taken away for good and placed in a home where the parents want to raise a happy healthy child.

1256 days ago


Just to cover some points that have been asked. This little girl's dad was a research scientist who died 4 years ago, was 83 years old. All I can say to that is WOW.

Also, back in March, Britney told a reporter from The Sun, that "I also want a boob and nose job soon, so that I can be a star."

Mom admitted in that interview that she buys the Botox online.

1256 days ago


Not sure which is more amazing. Giving her daughter Botox injections or telling the world about it. Duh.

1256 days ago


There has been problems with Botox, but even if there wasn't, no 8 year old girl in the world need it!!!! What 8 year old Girl has wrinkles? Unless she lost like 100 pounds, but then no Botox will over up all the stretched out Skin. Adults have DIED having that done, even by so called Professional!!!

No Pageant or anything else for that matter is worth putting a 8 year old Girl at risk of DEATH! If a 8 year old has a Wrinkle problem at that young of age, man she'll really be a mess at 18!!! It's so wrong on many levels. Come on, she's 8!!! I think these Pageants at such a young age, trying to make them a sex object is very wrong!!! You must be a sicko to even watch one of these things. No Botox, No Plastic Surgery on a daughter of mine until she's 18 and on her own, and even then I'd still be against it.

Some of these Women just go crazy. The Padget is more for them then their Daughter. Let the 8 year old grow up a little more. When a girl is 16 or so and want to do that, so be it, but 8, No way, and it has to be what the girl wants, not the mother. Even at 16+, No Botox, or Plastic Surgery or anything else like that. Light Makeup, a Classy Dress. Fine.

The few of you that think this is just fine for a 8 year old girl are SICKO's and I hope you don't have any kids.

1256 days ago

Jack DaCarup    

I can't believe she was arrested right after the interview. Now another kid has to suffer because of a nutjob mother.

1256 days ago


Bet the kid feels so much better now ! Rip her away from he family and throw her in a foster
home ! That 'll teach em.
That is the problem with the system it must have bodies to thrive and it wil get them any where it can .
Really is this the best they could come up with . Must have been a better way to solve the issues than this. Just too damn much government in peoples lives.

1256 days ago


Its ALWAYS a pageant mom who is fat, and obviously NEVER a popular girl in school because they weren't pretty. Now as adults they use their children to get back to their 'glory' days when no one liked them.

They have more money then sense and still look at the world through the eyes of their abused and picked on younger self.

Ad to that the fact that generally, whiole not ugly, tyhe kids thety are making up l;ike dolls, arent that "pretty" either. So they cake on more and more make up which to begin with they have NO CLUE how to put on themselves, let alone an 8yo. (her daughter looks like a hooker made up. Google her pics!) She then adds Botox to give her the edge.

Well, sadly Mommy Dumbest, your daughter doesn't have the looks to go far, so at one point does all this come crashing down on her poor little head? What will you have done to her self worth when she cannot win, even with all thsat she has done. In the childs mind, she will feel she isnt pretty and this will go on for life.

See what you did to your child??? The cycle will continue with your daughters daughter, too, until no one is left with a healthy outlook on life.

1256 days ago


And yet again, CPS was asleep on the job. What was there to investigate? Broad said she did it, should have been enough. My experience with CPS wasn't much better. Reported that a family member neglected her children and was on drugs, One of the children hadn't been in school for at least NINE MONTHS. When they finally went IN, they "gave the mother a chance to clean the place up and get the kid into school". They gave her an appointment to be drug tested, rather than sent right down there, she had THREE WEEKS to stop tweaking. Not only did she not conform in the three weeks they gave her, they dropped the ball and didn't re-evaluate at any point. Now she has taken one of the kids and run away to another state. Thanks again CPS for only going after the FAMOUS cases and letting others just fall by the wayside.

1256 days ago


Different Rules Apply 3 hours ago
Hopefully, it's not too late for this kid. I say beauty pageants for minors should be banned - they should have these kids compete in sports, or academics or art/music or something other than sexify them so young. Here we will condemn pedophilia, but allow our minor girls to be dressed as adult women in a sexual aspect and paraded around in a public environment. Ludicrous! Protect your children - don't exploit them.

Totally agree. Very sad that the creepy exploitation of little girls in the pageant world -- code name 'Pedophil' --

Frightening that the woman believed that poison was 'good' because it was for beauty.

How far are parents going to go --

Beggars make sure their children are suitably maimed to make money for the family, and

Beauties make sure their children are maimed to make money for the family.

Beauty or beggary -- happy to surgically enhance your babies.


1256 days ago


I take it the CPS arrived at the conclusion that educating the mother would not be enough to protect the girl. I had hoped it would - it seemed the mother acted out of pure stupidity, rather than from being mean-spirited - because taking the girl is a very big step. She could end up in bad foster care.

We'll have to hope there will be a good ending to this story, that Britney will grow up in a nice place where she can feel good about herself. At least the bad circle of body obsession and crazy "treatments" is broken.

1256 days ago


That Mom is an idiot.

1256 days ago


Pageant moms aren't all bad. Seriously though only the insane one's ever get coverage. This woman is disgusting and I really hope she hasn't hurt her child by doing this. I know she will have issues later on in life. However I was in pageants until miss teen california. I LOVED it. I had the choice even when I was younger and my mother NEVER forced me into it. I won almost every pageant I was ever in and I wasn't abused or forced to do ANYTHING. I had absolutely no negative effects because of this. Every dollar I won was saved for me when I turned 18 for schooling. I got actual modeling contracts through it and I did Mattel commercials through it. I knew Jon Bennett as well through the pageants. Her mother was one of the weird ones, competitive wise but she LOVED doing them to and was never FORCED to compete. I hate the way that pageant moms are portrayed on tv and the way people think about them now. When I did them it wasn't weird and I LOVED IT> This woman obviously has her own issues and passed them on to her child, but there is no need for botox in pageants and it wouldn't have given her an edge in ANY competition I was ever in.

1256 days ago


Shooting the kid with anti wrinkle stuff and named her "Britney" This kid is doomed!

1256 days ago


i don't see a problem with this. it's every girl's dream to win a beauty pageant and bag a millionaire husband.

give the lady a break. it's not like she gave her a boob job in the basement.

Are you trying to be funny, or a troll, or are you just ****ing stupid. The woman was injecting a substance that is poisonous if done incorrectly. All for what, a trophy you can buy yourself and a piece of paper saying "Your daughter is beautiful". Hey Lander, if u get kids or have little ones, would you let them drink a blue liquid they found under the sink because it looks like blueberry Kool-aid?

1256 days ago


@lander You dont see a problem with her giving botox shots to her 8 year old daughter???? First of all the daughter is 8 years old she's to young to know if there's a problem or not. Second like many parents who try to shape there young kids into Brittany spears wannabes and have them bring home the money on a silver plate so the parents wont have to, she probably spends her days eating plants and fish and dancing around all day as to playing with her friends and having fun like most other kids. Finally botox is only prescribed by a doctor which makes it ILLEGAL. Hope the mother goes to prison and all the other mothers doing stuff like this (if any) stop living there life through their children.

1256 days ago
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