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Kelsey Grammer Trying to Rip Custody From Camille

5/17/2011 12:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kelsey Grammer has just filed legal papers to get sole physical custody of the two children he had with his ex-wife Camille Grammer ... TMZ has learned.


Kelsey's lawyer filed the legal docs today in L.A. County Superior Court. 

Sources say Kelsey and Camille Grammer have been at war over the kids.  We're told the children have been having emotional difficulty dealing with Kelsey walking out and divorcing their mom.

Kelsey is asking for joint legal but sole physical custody, but it's not clear where he wants the kids to live.  Kelsey is currently in Chicago and the kids are in school in L.A.

Sources close to Camille are scoffing at Kelsey's move, saying she's been a full-time mother and he has been nothing but uncooperative in trying to work out a custody agreement.  She was willing to give him 50/50 custody, but now all bets are off.


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It's probably safe to say the kids don't want to live with their dad.

1258 days ago


Its amazing to see how people behave that have way too much
money and **** for brains. These two are perfect examples.

1258 days ago

norm p    

Wow. Jessica that sums up his freaky deviant life really well. What a great role model for his kids. He should have to register as a child molester and be banned from being in contact with any young children.

1258 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Of course. Because then he wouldn't have to pay the astronomical child support she'd soak him for. I still think she should have custody. He's a fly-by-night father.

1258 days ago


Kelsey raped his daughters babysitter and then paid handsomely to make her go away. Now he wants custody of their children, lol! He shouldn't be left alone with children. He should of also thought twice and kept his tiny weenie thing in his pants and not abandon them to get laid.

Right Wing racist pig. Above the law or common morality? I think not. Bad enough he thinks our President only got elected because he's black, he muses running for office! How's the Right Wing Network going? Heard it did as well as his last two sitcom bombs. The confused man is clearly using again or simply out of his mind. Yeah, that's all this country needs, a coked up alcoholic who fancy's underage sexual partners and wearing women's clothing. You can't make this stuff up. Word is there's a few tapes of Kelsey Grammer solo all prettied up in some woman's clothing, rear stuffed and tugging on a very small male organ.

Family man or confused freak? Freak it is!

1258 days ago


I have to side with Scotty and Kelsey here, just because you suck a few male organs doesn't mean you're homosexual, though the butt plug and getting strap-on pounded sure does. Scotty are you giving it to him right now or taking the wee one?

I'd rather have my children with 20 nannies instead of a known pedophile-drug addicted-alcoholic-cross dressing-republican-racist-sociopath-5 times married-who has abandoned wives and children in the past. He and his new alcoholic wife will not nor can make good parents. Any woman who drinks while pregnant and loses a baby because of it isn't someone who should be raising children. Sorry but it's the truth.

1258 days ago


I agree with Alli..... Camille is a full time mom......with FOUR nannies.

1258 days ago


Why do people keep calling Camille a bitch? Just curious. I've never heard anything bad about her. However, I've lost respect for Kelsey. Any man who takes up with another woman before he's even divorced is a s***bag. Camille is right to say that he abandoned his family!

I also don't blame her one bit for this custody thing. Shared 50/50 custody is already more than Kelsey deserves, so if it's not good enough for him, then let him have nothing at all! I don't think there's a mother on here who would honestly say that they would simply allow their ex-husband who cheated on them and rushed into marrying another woman would allow him to take their children away! Why does Kelsey want to take the kids away completely anyway? What has Camille done to deserve that? Seems to me more like Kelsey wants the kids full-time so his new wife can play mommy and he can pretend he has back the family he lost. Fight for your kids, Camille, and WIN!

1257 days ago


I think TV's "lovable Frazier" is a wicked man. He has been reading his own reviews in the press too long and refusing to look at his behavior. He is trading in Camille for a younger model, and thinks that he can treat his children like chattel as well. What a jerk. No amount of cheesy housewives episodes depicting Camille as a bitch can make this seem right. She's not any bitchier than any of those other spoiled babes. She deserves custody of her kids. Kelsey should be pilloried like Arnold but because his crimes are not as wildly outrageous he will get away with this with his public image untarnished.

1257 days ago


Always like Kelsey, I know he's had a tough life, but come on, give the woman a break, you have your 4th 20 year old wife, have kids with her and leave Camille alone.

Kelsey you are a disappointment and your children will remember this when you are old and alone.

1257 days ago


Listen I don't like Camille much either, but to take her kids away is a bit harsh. I think I heard her say after the divorce she is down to 2 or 3 nannies now. Let her keep the kids. Kelsey can make new ones with the new wife. How many ex wives has he had anyway. He's a great actor, but not a very good husband I guess? How sad for all his kids.....I hope he sees all of them regularly.

1257 days ago


There are two sides to every story. Why is everyone seeing Camille like such a victim? He never abandoned his family, if she had joined him in NY (like any supportive wife would do) things may have been different. She wanted freedom and the world to see the real Camille well we saw her alright! Kelsey is now in a loving and supportive marriage. His kids would really thrive from having an attentive parent instead of being cared for by a team of nannies 7 days a week while mommy is partying and spending the night at her boyfriends house. And yes, she cheated too!

1257 days ago


No official custody agreement has been worked out. Camille just says s he has sole custody to gain sympathy from others. She's never been a mom. Just ask her how many times she's taken the kids to school, had breakfast with them taken them to activities or classmates birthday parties. Kelsey was always involved in all aspects of his children's lives. Camille is holding them hostage because I looks goo to the outside world!

1257 days ago


Oh Jessica give it a freaking rest....Camille has sole custody because he WALKED away from his kids to shack up with his mistress. Their verbal agreement for the quickie divorce was 50/50 custody with Camille having physical custody.

Kelsey wants his young b!@#ch to be the kids mother, as though you can exchange one mother for another, because he is an azzhole.

He wants to take those kids then move them from their home where he can alienate them from her.

Say what you will but Camille wanted them to be a part of this dip**** life constantly but she has every right to fight for full custody of her kids.

Kelsey need to drop dead somewhere.

1257 days ago


what makes you kelsey, think that you are perfect? You are not inocent by any means. How about infidelity....huh? I think every one is running from pain. Children are NOT game pieces. I am tired of men thinking that they can just walk out of a marriage and remarry and think they are now the perfect parent.Wrong. I'm very disappointed in both of you and will not support any of either of your future projects. Love these kids.!!!

1256 days ago
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