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'Housewives' Teresa vs. Melissa

Who'd You Rather?

5/17/2011 3:00 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

With Danielle Staub off the show and stripping, table flipper extraordinaire Teresa Giudice's new enemy on "Real Housewives of New Jersey" is her real life sister-in-law -- and new cast member --  Melissa Gorga.

Question is ...


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Who would I rather what?????

I don't understand the question.

I do believe Teresa is proving herself to be an out of control trouble maker.

Who would I rather have as a friend? Melissa. She does not appear to go psycho for no reason like Teresa. She has been purposefully rude to her brother and Melissa and appears to have stabbed them in the back metaphorically. I refuse to have people like that in my life.

1194 days ago


they both look like those "ladies" on Rupaul's show.

1194 days ago


Anyone else ever notice that dumba.s.s Teresa the s.ka.nk always poses with her head tilted to one side? She thinks she looks cute. DUH. She's dumber than a box of rocks and just as nasty. I hope her and her pygmy thug of a husband get sent to prison for defrauding the bankruptcy court.

"Doing it" is probably the only thing Teresa is good at. She can't talk, can't think clearly and she's a p.i.s.s. poor parent.

1194 days ago


@ radicalred 5 minutes ago

Dude you are crazy . You don't follow the show because the tweeters have been using "TeamTeresa" and "TeamGuidice" and they even have twitter accounts.

You clearly have an axe to grind, kinda like Melissa and her drunk husband. Very wierd. Melissa clearly has been busting a nut to get her "story" out and it is going to blow up in her face...already has.

She misinterprets events and is pretty dim "work ethnic" anyone???

No wonder the parents like Teresa and her Joe better.

I doubt Melissa is even italian, her mom was clearly getting it on with the postman.

1194 days ago


Yet another case (the zillionth) where we need a "none of the above" choice.

1194 days ago

Grim Reaper    


I don't engage in sexual activities with Primates!!!

1194 days ago


While not great, at least Melissa appears to be a genuine female and not a tranny.

1194 days ago


Wow what trash Theresa's brother and sister in law are. That was the pot calling the kettle black, calling her garbage. Sorry your wrong about that Melissa and her husband are the garbage. You go Theresa they may have more money than you but the has no class. love you theresa.

1194 days ago



Melissa is nothing but a Teresa WANNA-BE!!!!...

1194 days ago

Mike L    

Really? Really?? REALLY??? The one in purple, without a shadow of a doubt. The other one looks like a tranny, and he/she is OLD. I know nothing about either one of them, and really don't care. I'd still take the one on the right (in purple).

1194 days ago

HI :)    

Melissa and her husband Joe are *******s! You better watch out Melissa, Teresa is going to beat you sorry ass. :)

1194 days ago


There needs to be a NEITHER button for us to choose from. Come on TMZ put one up.

1194 days ago


We have to give kudos to Teresa for staying in there and not running behind a Lawyer or hiding when she went broke - she picked up and got better - I don't agree with her tactics - but well, I am from Maryland and moved to the Virgin Islands 20 years ago!! I moved here to get away from people like her and Melissa who waste money on make-up artist, tacky cars and house's and someone who has a hairdresser's for a 2-4 year old!!

Anyway - Melissa is a "wanna-be famous" to me, her man has a napoleonic (sp?) complex (okay so does Joe G.) but he looks like a short little man whose ego is overheated with liqour. Also because he is short (with stubby hands - you know what that means:) he has to "puff up - bproof himself to compensate the 4 inches he is lacking in height.

Anyway Melissa is very pretty with great skin & hair; she looks like she is part of my family,and I am a beautiful Black American - can we say "sister" - her a** is flat, but hey she can do the Kim K and Coco thing - bump it up with silicone!!

1194 days ago


Teresa looks like an effin werewolf with that wild hairline...inbred, perhaps? However, both are gross and skanky!

1194 days ago


Teresa got a taste of her own medicine last night, she can't bully her brother, his wife, nor her family..LOVE IT, Teresa is a hot ghetto mess!

1194 days ago
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