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Arnold Dropped a Fortune On Baby Mama's Family

5/19/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Arnold Schwarzenegger singlehandedly financed a super-expensive coming-of-age birthday party for his baby mama's niece in 2001 ... and all of Arnold's kids were there -- including his love child.

TMZ has learned ... Mildred Patty Baena has a sister named Mirian who also worked as a housekeeper for Arnold and Maria Shriver for years.

When Mirian's daughter turned 15 -- Arnold shockingly agreed to pay for her "Quinceanera" ... a traditional Latina celebration. Sources tell us Arnold funded the entire event -- including limo service to and from the party venue, food, entertainment, decorations ... the works.

Arnold -- who brought his wife and their children to the celebration -- agreed to speak at the party ... and told the crowd he wanted to "take care" of the family because they had all been close for so many years.

Mildred Patty Baena was also in attendance along with her young love child ... and during the party, the little boy spent time playing with Arnold's other children.

TMZ spoke with one of the partygoers ... who tells us everyone thought it was "weird" that Arnold foot the bill ... but no one could have imagined what was really going on behind the scenes.


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Arnold knew he better pay or she will tell.

1254 days ago


it seems like arnold secretly loves his kid from that women. but he couldn't show public affection for him.
i think it pains him to know that his kid but cant realy do anything about him.. so he tries to make sure hes taken care of

1254 days ago


Great post Sammy,

Sammy 3 hours ago
I'm not sure what's worse: the fact that Arnie A-Hole was diddling the fat, ugly azz housekeeper, had an illegitimate kid with her and STILL kept her employed in the house, or the fact that he made Maria and the rest of the family attend a "Quinceanera" for these people.

Both are heinous crimes

1253 days ago


Re: "How could the maid screw Maria's husband and look Maria in the eyes when she came to work. This is lowest of low for a women to do to another women."

It's possible that she and Maria didn't have much contact. Usually they have an assistant who deals directly with all of the household help. I don't think Maria paid much attention to what was going on in her own home. If she did, then she was looking the other way, big time.

I really doubt Maria was going to parties at the maid's house. I don't see Maria in any of those pictures. This is all spin to make Arnold and Maria look like victims in an attempt to save their careers.

1253 days ago


Arnold is AUSTRIAN, people. Stop calling him German and learn a bit about Geography!

It makes Americans look uneducated and ignorant if we can't bother to learn a bit about the rest of the world. There IS one beyond US-borders.

1253 days ago


Just a note --

Yesterday the biggest (to date) immigration tractor-trailer bust with 500+ people paying $7k a head. Most of those human trafficking victims were from Guatemala.

Just sayin --

1253 days ago

Real n the field    

Ha Ha..Wow...this is way to much...Listen folks, and for those of you who are similiar to maria, listen up real well...One has to look at a Relationship i like a business agreement, because anything outside of it, will result in exactly what is going on now with arnold and maria.

Now either maria was dumb as a bat and didnt see any of this, or just plan tried to ignore it
because woman, of all people, has a very high level of intuition. (called "a woman's intuition")

when i am in a relationship, i am kind, sweet, and loving to my woman.
Now when people feel comfortable that there spouse is this way, they tend to play around and cheat.
Now when i got any indication of this, i did what the government do...spy on her ass!!
checked cell phone text messages, bugged my apartment, did covert surveillance , and found out just what
my intuition was telling me.." the whore aint no good"!!
busted so many women this way, that it aint even funny.
So being the business man that i am, i had to cut loose this "bad business investment", before it bankrupted me!!
Maria could have caught his no good *ss cheating a loooong time ago...
all she had to do was put a covert spy cam in her bedroom, and saw that scandalous *ss hater
of a maid climbing in her luxurious bed, screwing her no good hubbie.

But no, she ignored, and fought her "intuition", and decided to go with "trust".

well, ya know what i say about "trust"....screw it!!! it gets thrown out of court, the moment
"intuition" kicks in and tell me activate plan B "FOWTFIGO" (find out what the *uck is going on!)

1253 days ago


Not only did he foot the entire bill, but he had to nerve to attend the party with Maria and her 4 kids. I'm sure that was probably Arnold's idea to take the whole clan along. hideous.

1253 days ago


And nobody noticed the blond haired blue eyed kid in that mix?? Which one of these is not like the others??

1253 days ago


Poor Californian's - they probably paid again for illegal immigrants as always and sponsored this party with tax dollars.

1253 days ago


Arnold saw those 50DD breasts and just flipped.

1253 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

Quinceaneras are a stupid, outdated tradition. No girl is mature enough to be considered a WOMAN at 15!!! Stupid!!!

1253 days ago


White men beware... this is what happens when you involve yourself with a Latino woman!

1253 days ago


@ Styx . . . it's Latin Women my caucasian friend!

1253 days ago


@ Damon . . . there's no excuse for ignorance. My child is bi-cultured and bilingual both in Spanish and English with blonde curly hair yet always confused as being of Jewish decent. Publishing a photograph depicting children without parental consent is a violation of California privacy provisions of minors. @ Puckett . Who gave you birth? A roster or a hen? @ Lori . . . no such thing as a bastard. Everyone is accountable for their own ignorance. What's your excuse?

1253 days ago
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